Want someone to help me for gym

  1. What's your goals? The simplest thing to do is follow a basic workout plan and there's plenty of them on Reddit. If you are interested in gaining muscle then try Starting Strength for a month because it introduces you to the fundamental compound lifts. Then after you can switch plans to something that aligns to your goals. The things to consider are frequency of time in the gym, results you want (more strength, aesthetics, combo of the two, losing weight, ect).

  2. I'll make this really easy. Just download Stronglifts 5x5 and start now. You can build a good physical base in roughly a year. Put 100% of your energy into proper form. No need to make it complicated.

  3. I'm definitely not experienced but I would say I am a bit down the journey, but along with the advice thats you get. It would be great to have a gym buddy to encourage you and guide you. I'll prolly be continuing my workouts this fall in either the Vista gym or the sdfc so you are free to join

  4. when i started working out i would pull out my phone all the time to check my form. if you have any questions while working out, just ask someone at the gym, most people are pretty friendly

  5. Starting strength or Stronglifts 5x5 would be a good place to start, I recommend just getting the basic compound movements down first and try not to change or add to much to those programs. Many people change or stop programs before they see results.

  6. For foundational lifts to get into the groove, Jeff Nippard and Jeremy Ethier have some solid videos. AthleanX also has some decent videos, you just have to sort some of them since he does backtrack on some of his stuff as the years go by. Once you get into the big lifts and weight, Alan Thrall is a great YT’er to watch.

  7. I'm not sure what campus you are going to, but if you don't mind driving you can go to campus in downtown. That's were I went, lots of students there that are majoring in exercise science. They might be in need of clients or maybe they'll do it for free for experience. Good luck

  8. It’s completely dependent upon what your goals are long term and what training protocol fits you best. Since you’re a newbie lifter I recommend a push pull legs or an upper lower split depending on how many days a week you can train. Rest days, diet, sleep hygiene, and proper form are important for optimal growth and minimized risk of injury. My recommendation is look at Jeff Nippard’s novice ppl. It’s important to find a training protocol and diet that you can sustain if it’s unrealistic you will not stick to it. Feel free to private message me for more in depth training advice.

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