Abandoned Subdivision Illinois

  1. i think there was quite a bit of construction that stopped 10+ years ago during the housing bust. they couldnt sell the houses so they just abandoned the properties. i dont know if this is related to that.

  2. Not sure about this particular place. There was an entire subdivision built that was a huge scam. The developer took peoples money. Built several houses extremely half assed and then skipped the country.

  3. Yearly Property Taxes after 10 years are worth more than the house is worth. Welcome to Illinois

  4. Banks probably took it, and rather than let people live in it they most likely want someone to buy it for 8.5 million or watch it rot.

  5. I don’t know where this particular subdivision is but there were quite a few by my home that were abandoned due to poisonous water containing lead arsenic and chromium. Along with no easy access to school districts or other issues

  6. I don't know the specifics for this picture, but in general there were tons of developers that were over leveraged and went bankrupt. The banks then owned the land and vacant houses to these developments. The banks did a terrible job handling the liquidation process so houses like these sat vacant for years and by the time they got around to selling them they were destroyed from squatters and trespassing. For the past 10 years after lots of these developers went bankrupt, there has been a shortage of developers. Therefore there is a shortage of new housing that is causing rent and home prices to skyrocket.

  7. I mean, insofar as it's abandoned. These are mid-00s McMansions, and the Fallout timeline diverged in the 50s. The aesthetic is completely different.

  8. One reason Illinois has “crazy” taxes is because we have a constitutionally mandated flat income tax rate from the Reagan era! So really our taxes are only high because we’re forced to keep them low

  9. These houses are a pain in the ass to sell. Normally, the developers go bankrupt, it gets tossed around in court for a while and everything gets in bad shape. Then, if a new developer wants to finish the project, they might have to tear some of the houses down. They can't be sold individually because of court and bankruptcy bullshit on the whole development.

  10. And a builder told me that, anyone who wants and has the means to build a house this size wants it 100% customized so it’s their house, i.e., they won’t buy someone else’s dream house even if it’s pretty close to their own dream house. So these behemoths just sit and rot.

  11. I dated a girl that lived in a house like this. It was foreclosed on and her and some friends got the power turned on and lived there for free for like 2 years. Really interesting.

  12. I seriously wanna know where these are. It's fascinating to think they haven't already been bulldozed cuz some one just wants the land.

  13. In my area of America we have a few abandoned subdivisions with houses about this nice.. problem was they were selling each house for $2+ million each. That was years ago now they're going for over $10 million.. of course nobody is buying and they just sit there but the people in my town are stupid and "know what they got"

  14. It’s so sad to see stuff like this during a housing shortage. Local authorities should assume stewardship of houses like this, bring them up to code, then create some sort of occupancy or ownership program. Such of a waste!!

  15. Looking to pick me up a couple Mcmansions. Anyone where to look. The trap house markets Looking like it's up and coming lmao

  16. its sad that you see things like this, a strip of several vacant houses that just sit thre for years, and then on the next road over they will have brand new houses being built. i see the same in my area much more with commercial property, many old buildings that have been sitting for 5 - 10 years and they build new buildings in the same area, what a waste.

  17. Squatting time. This next year or two is gonna find a HUGE rise in squatters for all theses empty houses and apartment complexes just laying around literally everywhere.

  18. They are probably condemnable with leaky roofs, mold, bug/rodent infestation. The houses look nice from the outside but I’m sure they are dilapidated on the inside.

  19. If I’m a developer, I’m scooping that entire development up (within a reasonable price), knocking down the decaying houses and building new places within that community. With the streets already laid out, that’s a perfect money making opportunity

  20. I remember that little slice of my past, nice old rompin ground for me and the boys, we did some dumbass shit but man was it fun, granted the folks around that area are not the biggest fans of us haha!

  21. This seriously pisses me off and breaks my heart at the same time. I have been homeless at one point of my life. Why is ‘this’ even allowed? Especially when we have areas like this?!

  22. I live 40 minutes away from a really upscale housing project that never got finished because the owners were convicted of fraud. There's been about 10 2-3 story houses sitting in a valley by the lake completely abandoned for 10+ years. I've always wanted to check them out but I don't want be murdered by hobos

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