Run for cover

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  2. This is the aspect of climate change no one wants to address, there are margins of error, there are safe limits, there are fudge factors that make our engineering exploits on earth safe and reliable.

  3. This needs to be said: If you are ever in a situation like this evacuate immediately you have no way of assessing how bad a catastrophic failure can be.

  4. This was my first thought. I was waiting for an even more catastrophic failure to happen. When that woman got her kid, I was like, don’t go that way! But I am glad this was the extent of the incident.

  5. Was gonna say, if I’ve learned anything watching videos about structure collapses it’s “if bits of the ceiling are coming down, the rest of the building is next.” I was mentally standing at the door screaming “GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE BUILDING GO GO GO GO GO GET OUT!”

  6. he came out from the side with that smile and I immediately assumed he shoved a bunch of TP in the store toilets and jammed up those pipes lol

  7. One time, very hard winds made the plstic-like transparent part of the ceiling in my school go flying. My reaction was the same as that kid so I can understand him lol

  8. Looks more like they need to exit a different way, not go shopping again. She looks like she wants to go hastily. It's water taking down what I assume is drywall, the roof isn't collapsing. I mean yeah get outta there but the damage is mostly done already.

  9. I kinda just realised how stupid we are as a species now, even though the roof above the people watching isnt going to fall, they just saw it and decided to stand under another section. I would also do this, why?

  10. I know nothing about safety regulations or anything like that, but wouldn't the risk of electrocution be significant enough to not, say, let your child go walking through the puddle?

  11. Hahaha roof just fell in and wee dude walks out laughing like someone just hit him with a water balloon Australians don’t give a fuck

  12. I love how casually the kid in the grey shirt walks out with all the chaos going on, this is usually me in chaotic situations, remain calm, don’t rush, it’ll probably be the cause of my demise one day but I feel like remaining calm gives you more time to assess what’s going on and spot potential hazards too.

  13. Actually had this happen in my old house, but for another reason. The upstairs hot water pipe Burst and proceeded to flood the entirety of upstairs, a few hours later the floor collapsed and ground floor and 1st floor became one.

  14. How? I can see it's in Australia (pretty sure coles is only Australian but I could be wrong) is this from cyclone Seth or is the supermarket just poorly made?

  15. This happened on a super market near where I used to live a looooong time ago, but almost all the roof collapse, a bunch of ppl got hurt like 5 died I think and it was a really high ceiling so you can imagine the damage, I can't even imagine the amount of products that got ruined too

  16. I live on the border of NSW/Victoria, we had the same storm. Wasn’t anywhere near as bad, but the skies were full of lightning and it pissed down for about four days straight

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