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  2. Omg if you check the corner by the fridge near the end you can see the mouse freaking out just about to bolt but then decides not to at some point

  3. My mother was so scared of them she used boil a pot of water to throw on them and made me and my little brother keep track of it’s every move.

  4. It’s all a part of the plan, the pop exploding is to scare the mouse out, while the delicious soda treat on the floor keeps it in place long enough to catch and befriend.

  5. They are never gonna be able to clean all that up. Ten years from now someone’s gonna repaint the ceiling or whatever and find sticky shit still in the corners. As a homeowner this is my nightmare.

  6. One time before work, I pulled some leftover fried rice out of the fridge to pack for lunch. I bobbled the container and instinctively kicked a foot out to catch it because I’m an idiot. Fried rice FLEW everywhere, including under the fridge. I was late to work because it took forever to clean it all up. For years after, I’d find random pieces of shriveled rice or peas/carrots in tiny crevices of the kitchen. We’ve since moved so the petrified rice clumps are now my old landlord’s problem, but it was such a pain in the ass.

  7. I had this happen to me once a couple months ago. Luckily it was a can instead of a bottle, and it was Coke, so I could easily see where it got. But it got everywhere.

  8. Bruh we had a mouse in our house today one of the cats brought it in and after a whole bunch of trying to catch it it went under the treadmill and we looked and looked couldn't see it so I suggested turning it on for a second to double check because I thought it might have gotten Inbetween the belt there was a little space we couldn't see so we turned it on and this awful sound like bones and guts getting crushed sounded we then turned it off I had an existential crisis and a heart attack at the same time and the end

  9. I fucking love how he is not bothered by the chaos and holds his position! You can see he flinches a bit but remembers who is the true enemy and why he is there and just goes back to his designated position. LOVE IT!

  10. Fucking shitty TikTok clip cutters again! Why do we put up with this! Clips purposely cut off right when action starts.

  11. Anyone gonna talk about how the bottle flew near-perfectly through the gap between red broom's arms and the broom handle?

  12. That there is a Rocket Propelled Soda (RPS). Used to test fire those as a truck unloader when damaged freight came in. Good times. Good, sweet, sticky, filthy times.

  13. The scream got me good. I had tears rolling down my eyes and snot coming out of my nose from laughing so hard. Shut up and take my updoot.

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