A mob in India beats a husband for kissing his wife during a Hindu mass bathing festival

  1. Because as a culture they're not used to seeing displays of affection to their spouses, let alone publicly. This is because they're mostly stuck in loveless arranged marriages

  2. Most have a religious implication. Second is cultural implications... But eliminating the insanity (and hypocrisy in this case (violence is acceptable but kissing is not?). 3rd are political implications.

  3. That's Modi's India, they started with their cow vigilantes and are now already at the point of locking up and deporting Muslims who have been born in India from 2 Indian parents...

  4. You can’t answer it here bc the mods go sikko mode and delete critics about their shitty culture but you can google the main problem of these folks :)

  5. Damn that's why I haven't been getting laid, nothing to do with my looks and personality ofc, I am just not wearing the right color.

  6. The fk? I know plenty of Indians. Never heard of a red t shirt rule. Maybe you’re hanging out with some weirdo aunties.

  7. What is wrong with these ppl they have a hive mentality one person stings a person and the rest swarm but for fucking what. They’re bad bc they didn’t get a kiss in that dirty ass water like why are they paying another man that much attention to where u want to inflict pain for no reason.

  8. Hopefully karma exists and this group will be the only ones on the next overcrowded bus over there that plummets off a mountain because culture first, laws and thinking second.

  9. main reason I never want to go to a country that doesn't allow open display of affection in public. I'm open minded to other people's culture but not when it intrudes on mine .

  10. I think it’s cause he was the only one who has a wife apparently; as they have a problem with males out numbering females; while this is true about males out numbering females by a significant margin im just joking about the why all religions have there so called ethics and moral’s

  11. A handful of parts of Asia have this problem of men significantly outnumbering women after so many decades/centuries of favoring male heirs. Everyone is blaming religion (Hinduism? It’s actually one of the least sexist/violent religions I know of.), but the problem is more cultural. It’s actually quite fortunate that European nations didn’t fall into the same pit. Nearly every country out there had an obsession with male heirs.

  12. This is what religion does to people. 🤦🏻‍♂️ it’s so sad to see people behave this way because of something they believe in.

  13. I went to Bangalore for a wedding and had the most amazing time. I surprisingly didn’t get stared at, harassed, or anything. I’m a young woman

  14. The first person to beat is a hindu brahmin, you can see the sacred thread under the vest. They wear it show others that they are superior caste.

  15. The problem is religion. Full stop. Don’t hate folks for believing what they’re raised to believe, thinking the thoughts their parents taught them. You do it, I do it. Right or (usually) wrong. Gotta teach, Break away from old superstitions and thoughts of God or Gods determining the course of human life and behavior. When we were new we needed those kinds of structures to validate ourselves and protect the “tribe” (our group) but that was then, this is now. People calling these people names and running off at the mouth about an entire culture is just as disgusting as being assaulted for offending an imaginary friend by kissing your SO.

  16. Public displays of affection are considered unacceptable but joining a mob beating someone is more than acceptable it’s encouraged. Make it make sense.

  17. Takes bath in polluted, sewer run off water for cleansing of sins Beats people, which is clearly not good, for non violent actions Religion is stupid

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