Had no idea Sturgeons could get this big.

  1. Ogopogo is a huge, snake-like, Canadian ´lake monster'. Most people think that it's a group of massive sturgeon surfacing at the same time.

  2. In case anyone else was slightly confused by this comment like I was, Ogopogo is a mythical creature like the Loch Ness monster.

  3. On that note google ''Michigan Dogman and the Beast of Bray Road'', you''ll end up down a rabbit hole that will have you saying, ''what in the...'

  4. I lived on a river in Florida where this was a thing. They were all small ones but a 2-3' hard fish smashing you in the face as youre driving a boat 30 mph is still deadly. I heard tales of boaters getting knocked out then run over by their own boat as it drove in circles.

  5. Jesus fuck. Imagine having a nice day on the boat with your family and a giant fucking fish comes out of nowhere and kills your daughter. That's awful.

  6. A lot of lake monsters can also be attributed to sturgeons since they have the potential to get so large and look so distinct from most fish you would see in a lake or river. A big sturgeon jumping out of the water on a misty morning could look a lot like what people assume the Loch Ness Monster or most other lake monsters to look like.

  7. In the second link they estimate the age of the fish? How do they? Carbon 14 like any inanimate object or is their another way of estimating animals age? Same for turtles

  8. I was gonna say, the Sturgeon in Lake Erie are monstrous. This thing is teeny tiny. I had no idea about the sturgeon throat slitting tho!

  9. I vaguely remember an episode where he covered sturgeon in the Pacific Northwest (USA). I think it was the Columbia river dividing Oregon and Washington. I lived in Vancouver at the time and never swam in that river again.

  10. Whenever I see something like this, my mind immediately starts imagining all the monstrosities that could be lurking in the depths of the ocean.

  11. Best part is: they get bigger than that. White Sturgeon (which is what that is) can get to about 20ft long, whereas Beluga Sturgeon can potentiallt reach 24.

  12. I’m seeing a lot of misinformation so ill share some of my knowledge on these fish. First of all it’s extremely illegal to catch to eat these fish and you can spend time and jail if you do, but on the other hand it’s extremely important to catch these fish in order to track there population as the are threatened species. The process of catching these monsters is absolutely spectacular as they fly out of the water when you pull them up the surface, it’s also fucking exhausting as these beasts can grow to be 13 feet long and over 1500 pounds, and boy do they fight. They also don’t have any teeth, as they are bottom feeder mainly feeding on dead salmon and other dead shit (think prehistoric catfish). The only dangerous about these guys are there scales which are essentially super sharp and hard bone. If your wondering how they are as close as they are in the video, that fishy is completely exhausted from its battle with fisherman (who is also exhausted, battles can take hours) that caught em.

  13. I used to raise Russian Sturgeon at a fish farm. We harvested them for caviar but we also smoked the meat and sold it. It's very tasty, almost like pork in texture. One time, we had a guy come to the farm and asked for a dead fish to use its hide for an archery bow.

  14. Not sure if you're talking about a particular species of sturgeon but you absolutely can catch and eat sturgeon. My buddy caught one out of Grizzly Island in California and we cooked it up. You do need a stamp/card/permit though.

  15. Yeah man sturgeon are wild. Can get up to 25 feet long and 3500 pounds! They're the largest fresh water fish and pretty much tied with great whites for the largest predatory fish

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  18. I used to raise Russian Sturgeon for caviar. They are bottom feeders with telescopic mouths and do not have teeth. There is no way they can bite anyone.

  19. This is in the Fraser River, BC. Illegal to catch and keep these endangered fish. Many charter boats however are involved in tracking and tagging programs that are meant to aid in research and conservation. It's pretty good actually, and these are hardy fish that aren't severely affected by the stress of being caught.

  20. Where I'm from it's illegal to catch one larger than a certain size, since they take so long to reach adulthood and an adult can reproduce thousands of young. I think 8 feet is the cutoff, but you can catch and release larger ones and I've seen a picture of a 16 footer.

  21. This one appears to be wild and not necessarily captured, and I agree that nobody other than scientists or conservationists should be messing with wild sturgeon (at the very least, not until their numbers rebound more).

  22. They live in freshwater too. In the ocean there’s plenty of whales and sharks to compete with but when it comes to lakes there’s nobody topping these fishes

  23. Did they catch it? Is it alive? Doesn't look alive. I mean definitely won't stay this still if it was alive :P

  24. some hundreds of years ago before the sturgens were overfished almost to extinction there were fishers who drowned because these guys could overturn the boats just passing by

  25. Growing up my dad and I would fish these on the Colombian river between Washington state and Oregon.

  26. Fish in general will just never stop growing as long as there is space for them to grow and enough food.

  27. They didn't, it appears to be "breathing" (is that what fish do with their gills?) and it's illegal to kill sturgeon in BC. They may be tagging it for science, but considering their business depends on these fish and their logo is on display, I highly doubt they're killing it.

  28. My dad caught an 8 foot sturgeon once. It was well oversized to keep so he let it go. I once caught a 5 1/2 foot one . At the time it was right within the limit of what you could keep , it took me a good half hour to reel that sucker in, I almost had to pass it off to someone else at the end . It’s of these were on the Columbia river on the Oregon/WA border

  29. Somebody didn't listen to Blathers saying how big they get! Jk....I think I've been playing too much ACNH

  30. I grew up on Lake Erie as a kid. One day, I found a dead sturgeon washed up on shore, and went and got my family. We actually all lined up side-by-side behind the sturgeon, and had someone take a picture. The dead sturgeon was longer than the seven of us together.

  31. Wauna Lake Lodge [in the Columbia River Gorge] has an old photo on the wall that shows a toddler straddling a sturgeon and the kids legs don't touch the ground. Legend? has it the sturgeon was on the dock for 12 hours and then came to life , flipped off the dock and disappeared

  32. The biggest fish I've ever seen in someones koi pond was a sturgeon. It made the blimp kois look like gold fish.

  33. I fish the Saint John river in New Brunswick and you can see these fish jumping straight out of the water trying to shake off the sea lice and it’s amazing to watch. They jump straight up and slap off the top of the water not as graceful as the bass that I see jumping but still fun to watch and I have never seen one this big

  34. They're native to my hometown. They're bottom feeders, along with a couple other fish in the area that people will fish for. If you're going for a smaller bottom feeder and get a snag while reeling in, there's a decent chance it's actually one of these. A lot of places are changing to require barbless hooks because sturgeon break off so many

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