My parents dog who i got to see over the holidays

  1. My moms 1st dog was like that. Not this big but a sizable dog. We would always say he think he is a lap dog because he was just jump up like this.

  2. people seem to be very curious about his poop. is honeslty nothing special, he poops the same as a regular dog, hes just built large. hes on a raw fed diet so his body uses a lot of what he eats so theres not much waste. he also doesnt need to eat too much now because like most big dogs hes quite slow and has energy in short bursts. we have a Staffordshire bull terrior that keeps him on his toes and mothers him.

  3. OP says the dog is raw fed so the poop is probably relatively manageable. If you feed your pets food like kibble, there is more unuseable material in it so the poops are bigger and smellier. Better food = smaller, less stinky poop

  4. its a fluid build up, he only sleeps on hard floor because its cool, we've tried many different beds but none are as good as the floor

  5. Pretty normal in Mastiff's or any other large breed. My mastiff has them too because he can't (won't?) slowly get down on the floor and instead just plops down all at once.

  6. dogue de bordeaux, we have had others of the same breed but they were all smaller, he's just exceptional it seems

  7. I remember my parents telling me a story of how they wanted either a Newfoundland or a saint Bernard, until they went to a friends house with a couple of newfies and there were slobber marks on the ceiling lol

  8. I don’t know this dog but I love him. However, I bet you could bottle those farts and sell them to the military.

  9. Lmfao is that you? you have the look of "Im loving the shit out of this but i might leave with one just...shift a bit..."

  10. 100% accurate. the cuddles are so nice but they can only last for so long before my limbs lose all feeling

  11. i could, my arm under him was slowly getting crushed, i moved it just after the picture was taken

  12. Absolute unit does not need to mean clinically obese but ok. That dog has no waist. He should have a defined waist and be lean. He will live longer if he's kept at a lighter weight.

  13. hate to be a Reddit hater but that dog is def on the obese side, you should be able to feel ribs easily and he should have a curve to the stomach, regardless of the breed.

  14. This brings a traumatic experience of my to mind. Once me and my boyfriend decided to have sex at my house since my parents are away. We were doing foreplay on for a good 15 minutes.. I was giving him head while he was lying down with his eyes closed. Then all of sudden, my 6.5 ft tall, 290 lbs Great Dane came over and stuck his penis in my anus from behind. It was the one of the worse experience ever. My Great Dane started humping me and I was just yelling. My BF was just sitting there shocked. He tried to move the dog but the dog would not bulge. Suddenly I felt a sticky warm fluid in my anus. My Great Dane finally came off and I realized he just finished breeding with me. I sat there shocke crying and my boyfriend just hugged me. I was so disgusted. I thought I could be pregnant and I was so scared. What if my babies had dog heads and human bodies? How would i explain that to my parents?

  15. fluid where he insists on sleeping on the cooler hard floor than the soft beds provided or soft cool gel beds for him.

  16. My dog had the elbow condition. They took a sample and tested it and put her on inflammation meds and so far it has reduced in size and pressure

  17. Few years back, went to a Bob Dylan concert at an outdoor venue in central Massachusetts. Before concert, before the audience arrived, he was seen taking his two mastiffs for a walk in the park away from the tour buses. Big dogs. Smaller Dylan.

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