Absolute Unit of a Pinecone I Found

  1. I was going to ask if it was from California. We have big pine cones here. Also, the bark of the trees, with the really long pine cones, smells like vanilla.

  2. They sell those in home hardware in Canada for $10 each with a sharpened dowel in them as decoration for Christmas. I just got 2 lol. Stupidest thing I've purchased but I like biodegradable decorations.

  3. Pinecones are kind of like fruit on other trees. They're full of little seeds. The seeds can grow new trees and birds with beaks made for getting into the cone like to eat them too!

  4. Yeah these pine cones sprout some absolute units. The California pine trees these things make are enormous. Camped around them a lot as a kid

  5. You are totally right! I looked it up. Had no idea what type this was. I was just in awe when I found it. This was found pretty far north in Cali so at the top of its range from what the map shows.

  6. I'm a secondary art teacher. My teaching partner has 15-20 of these that she got from a tree that grew in her neighbours front yard. The city made them chop it down cause they would grow that size on the tree and then eventually FALL DOWN! They're heavy and spiky. Could easily have killed someone if it feel on them. We use them once every other year now to do sketching. They're crazy!!

  7. I didn’t even think about that. What a day ruiner this bad boy would be. It is hefty just picking it up. However, I feel a few more dangerous trees would keep people on their toes and off their phones.

  8. Bananas vary GREATLY in size, so for scale you should use a dollar or something that is typically the same size. I can’t tell how big it is.

  9. Looks like a Coulter Pine cone! They produce the largest pine cones of any pine tree, absolutely wild. Mount San Jacinto State Park, right by Palm Springs, has a ton of them, if you're keen on seeing them in the wild!

  10. Kick it down the street until it inevitably goes just far enough off to the side that it isn’t worth going out of your way to continue kicking it and continue going with your head hung in shame because you just kicked your only friend into the grass that you know for a fact dogs poop in and the owners dont clean it up

  11. You shouldn’t do this, BUT if you put the pine one up your butt and get an X-ray of it in the emergency room, you could get extra Reddit karma.

  12. I was going to call shenanigans, thinking it was just a small banana, but then I realised there were more photos and you are correct that is a large pinecone

  13. The tree you found that under isn’t one you would want to park under. Or stand under in a wind storm, or ever.

  14. What’s the thing next to the pinecone in the last photo. I understand the banana and hand comparison but what is that thing

  15. Check out Tobin Mitnik on IG, at @jewslovetrees. He has a great “casual pinecone reviews” that involve Coulter pine cones! Also, just, good wholesome hilarious content.

  16. A kid in my botany class asked if spruce trees made pine cones. Swear the teacher was that disappointed footballer meme in the flesh.

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