This one gave me a good laugh 🤣

  1. Most kids of partners I know are underachievers or have behavioral problems because they weren’t there to actually raise their kids. They just threw money at them and thought they’d be alright.

  2. The younger partners I work with are very particular about taking time off to spend with their kids. As are my colleagues. I really think this generation of shitty parents is dying off. At least I hope it is. Boomers are most definitely the “me” generation they’ve buried being referred to as

  3. Little does she know, her kid is asking so that she can ensure that she doesn't end up at Deloitte like her mom.

  4. on the contrary, I'm guessing her kid sees how well it has worked out for her Mom, unlike most people who move through public accounting

  5. Imagine having the time to post something like this and to come up with it. I barely have the time to respond to text messages and this chick is posting science fiction novels on linked in while making probably 5 times as much as I do.

  6. Linkedin is by far the worst social media nowadays. This lots of fanfics (because I assume its a fanfica, otherwise it would just be sad) are unbelievable.

  7. Meh posting it is cringe, but I was the same way probably to my dad who was a lawyer when I was around that age. I don't doubt that a 11 YO would actually ask that.

  8. Do they really coast though? Partners work all the fucking time, it’s disgusting. Always working. And making stupid shit post like this. Plus the stress of getting the work done, pissed off clients, attrition, running a company. Not at all worth it IMO

  9. Meanwhile my auntie is talking about deloit like her daughter is working at a small accountancy practice with 2 people when I am myself an accounting graduate.

  10. Tell me you’ve never been to a pride event without telling me you’ve never been to a pride event. 😂😂

  11. LinkedIn is like one big stage play. Everyone playing the role to fit in the corporate world and appease this 1 of many personality of themselves. Soulless.

  12. A micro decision is when you have an immediate uncontrollable facial response to the entirely stupid thing your boss just said to the rest of the company that makes them feel like you don’t trust them. Be careful you don’t micro-resign.

  13. Like her daughter, there was a time I looked up to CPAs as people of honesty, integrity and rigorous thinking. Then I started working with them, and I worked hard to overlook their flaws and hypocrisy. I kept telling myself, 'This one's a bad egg who doesn't represent the profession... and so is that one... and that one...' Then I started having to deal with the CPA bodies, and the evidence became too overwhelming to deny. The problems are pervasive through the profession.

  14. I used to work at a software company. My kids loved coming into work and seeing what mommy the electrical engineer was up to. Taught them how to solder under the scope, a bit of programming, how to use a 3D Printer, etc. It was always a good time. They both decided they wanted to be robotics engineers around age 7 or 8. When I told them I decided I wanted to go into accounting and showed them a bit of what it entails, my now 12 year old daughter said, "Do you get to hang out with your friends, drink beer, and play video games all day?" When I said no she scrunched up her face and said, "Nah, I'll stick with engineering." It was never about the super fun, creative job Mommy had. It was about the super laid-back, goofy stuff that we did and the hooligan nerds I worked with.

  15. what a politically correct post and very fitting as it came from one of the big4s, which is all about being politically correct instead of actually doing anything right.

  16. what a politically correct post and very fitting as it came from one of the big4s, which is all about being politically correct instead of actually doing anything right.

  17. On the list of "stuff that never happened...." lolololol Is this lady's definition of "home" sleeping under her desk Costanza-style after 750 million hours of work? And since when does Delloitte value employees who are "kind, curious, compassionate, brave, honest, and fun"? She should have said, "just be Christian Bale from American Psycho". That'll get you far there. Even the partners' asses she is trying to kiss with this post know this is nonsense.

  18. Should have told her to get her M.Acc from a very good university and pass the CPA exam. The university reputation counts more these days. There are so many online universities that do not have proper accreditation (AACSB in the US likely same in Canada).

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