The effects of the drug Flakka. It's the new generation of bath salts.

  1. some want greater highs after a while. i know people hate calling marijuana a gateway drug, but it definately is. Had many friends who started on weed and got on heavier shit. hell, back when i was a teen i would smoke heavily, and the high felt a lot tamer then it use too. Barely felt like a drug after a while. i could definately see someone wanting to reach a greater high by trying something different

  2. There's some evil people that do terrible things to even their own children. Those kinds of traumas can break people and sometimes you just can't put them back together

  3. Same reason people can't just be happy without weed or alcohol. "They're not addicting." Is a lie, peer pressure usually makes you try it, and either social groups or depression and anxiety usually keeps you using.

  4. Marijuana tends to just elevate whatever your current scenario is. If you're homeless or if you live in squalor you sometimes want to dissociate. You want to get out of your body/reality. PCP, meth, flakka, herion, etc are all strong enough to rip you out of your current reality.

  5. I've heard people say that the first dose of heroin feels better than sex. I hate the feeling of marijuana and love the feeling of sex, so it kind of makes sense to me why some people would be drawn to it. Not that I would ever try any of that shit.

  6. I don’t understand how people take drugs like this in the first place. This shit don’t even look fun it just looks painful.

  7. Maybe has a decent job with drug screening, and designer drugs do not show up in piss tests. I remember when the whole K2 craze was around before it got shut down. There was a lot of manufacturing/chemical plant workers in my area going apeshit on it. Well as it turns out it was way more of a dangerous high in a osha work environment. It’s why it got stomped out pretty fast by the DEA. Only bad thing about weed is the tests screw over most potential workers that just wanna relax after a hard days work without drinking.

  8. Behavior like this usually comes after doing the same drug for days on end without sleep. Idk about flakka specifically though

  9. Because this is not the original flakka, flakka is A-PVP and it hasn't been on the market for long. What's being sold as flakka is A-PHP, A-PIHP, A-D2PV, etc. All of which have a similar kind of effects but some being more likely to induce psychosis or anxiety.

  10. if you look close his calves are seizing. I think part of this is a reaction to pain from severe leg cramps.part of it at least lol

  11. Exactly. He's dehydrated and high as fuck. Needs to drink like 2 liters of water maybe some sodium. Every time he moves he's cramping up in different spots.

  12. It’s addiction, he’s not doing it because it’s fun, he’s doing it because he needs to feed a hunger he can’t quench. Drugs seem fun when you’re on weed & a few others, but you never get the same high, so you chase higher and higher doses, more potent drugs. That’s how you end up like this poor fella

  13. I always see people on Reddit especially acting like prisons are just overflowing with non violent drug users — that is clearly not true at all.

  14. People have to want help to accept it. If you force them into treatment they will only stay sober until they're free again. It sucks but it's the truth

  15. You act like people in prison can’t get their hands on drugs. Also he needs professional help, prison rarely if at all helps addicts.

  16. Rhode Island has one of the best approaches to this. They DO arrest these people, but, instead of trying to punish them with years in prison, they're offered a drug treatment program WHILE IN PRISON AND AFTERWARDS. So, when they get out, they can still continue the treatment and avoid using.

  17. So like, what are the after effects? Because I can’t fathom someone just bouncing back like normal after all that

  18. Another brick in the wall just started playing in my playlist when I clicked this video and it fits so perfectly ✌

  19. Is that an overdose on that shit? Has he took too much? Why take it if this is the effect? What is the buzz supposed to be like? I’m from the uk and the nearest drug that makes people like that is spice .

  20. That first part was amazing because it seemed his body was affected by gravity by a right-angle and not straight down. How weird.

  21. I saw this guy in Austin doing some stupid shit like that Cameron & 183 where people usually beg they have a little narrow curb to walk on. This guy was trying to get his legs broken.

  22. You sure it's flakka? Maybe the king of the cosmos gave him the katamari and he is just trying to collect enough materials to recreate the stars

  23. Jesus...this is the worst Charlie horse ever recorded in history. That leg just won't stop pointing and the screams oh God!

  24. I'd love to hear an interview with someone who describes what they were experiencing during a freakout like we're seeing here in this video.

  25. Anyone saying they’d help the man obviously hasn’t dealt with someone on drugs like this. You wanna get your face bitten off by some ravage man go ahead. I’ll call someone else to deal with it and be on my way.

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