Bad ass mom saves daughter from crazy raccoon

  1. I can tell you from experience that shit hurt like hell. They bite super hard one and have crazy sharp teeth almost blinded my cat and bit me when I went to help him out. I shot it and took the head with me took the cat to the vet. I’ll never think they are cute again.

  2. Yeah they're one of the worst poultry killers ever. They don't even eat the bird, they just need a space large enough to reach those little ACTUAL hands in, they grab the bird, decapitate it, reach in and grab the crop and just eat that. Leave the whole rest of the decapitated bird there. Fucking hate them.

  3. I used to think they were cute, too. Not any more. They’re gross globs of fur and teeth. Not to mention entitled and rude! Always stealing your pets food and moving into the crawl space above the garage. Get a life, raccoon!!

  4. Fun fact: of all the people who have gotten rabies and not recieved a post-bite vaccination, there has been only one succeful treatment of rabies ever. That means there is a single sole survivor of rabies after becoming sumptomatic. This was accomplished by using a method called the Milwaukie protocol, which basically consisted of putting the patient into a pharmacological coma for two weeks and allowing the body to more effectively create the necessary antibodies.

  5. 10-40k? Damn!! That is a ton of money! I checked the rates for the shots in India where I live and it comes to less than 50 dollars in private hospitals .. plus it's free at govt hospitals... How is it so expensive in the US?

  6. It’s not 100% fatal actually. There are multiple survival cases from unvaccinated people surviving rabies.

  7. Adding to this, in the US, the health department will order the shots for you and administer them for free if you are low income. Don't let the price scare you away from seeking treatment. I had the shots last year from being bitten by an unknown dog.

  8. Momma bear instincts are the real deal. Unfortunately so are rabies shots which I highly, HIGHLY recommend after seeing this raccoon's aggressive behavior.

  9. But it's important to remember, those things are all skin. They can practicly turn around inside themselves. Unless you have a firm grip on a bone, like, say, the skull, it can turn and bite you.

  10. Rabies shots are not fun. I’ve given them a few times in my ER. It comes as two boxes that contains vials for immunoglobulin and the vaccine. You infiltrate the wound with immunoglobulin as much as you can with injections. If your fully infiltrated, the rest can go in a proximal intramuscular location like the deltoid or thigh. Lastly, you get the vaccination in the other arm/extremity.

  11. Gottdammit! I didn't realize that I had my volume ALLL THE WAY UP. My poor dog just ran into my fan darting outta here. 😂😔

  12. Yeah she needs to get Racoon-Fu Training, she should have stomped that things spine or beaten it it against the posts.

  13. Panic. More than likely, her motor skills had become degraded as a result of panic and adrenaline. Your arms and hands are the first things to go as your vision narrows.

  14. Remember when your child was screaming from being attacked by a raccoon so you grab the raccoon which started biting and clawing you? You don’t because it didn’t happen to you. Monday morning quarterbacking her actions is some Reddit keyboard warrior bullshit. Momma did just fine.

  15. That kid needs to learn getting inside means getting the fuck inside right now. Jesus, fucking slow motion over here.

  16. bats are the really scary ones, bite so small you most likely wont notice. If one is in your house its a good rule to just go and get shots and the bat tested.( most likely wouldve bit during sleep)

  17. Just throwing it away wasn’t smart, should’ve figured out a way to contain it and then go get tested for rabies

  18. I know this probably hurt a few people and wasn't a fun experience but I laughed a little bit watching this

  19. Sorry gang. I'm not reading through all the comments to verify but, I doubt I'm first to note that mom's got a set o' warlocks barely restrained by that tank top.

  20. Wow, this is surprising after seeing that guy on YouTube feeding about 50 raccoons hot dog sausages on his porch. I thought they were friendly.

  21. The problem with raccoons is the 80/20…..I’m pulling numbers out of my ass but I bet the 5-10% of the pop that get rabies pretty much encompass 90% of the attacks.

  22. Damn, I'm surprised she didn't start slamming that thing to the ground Loki-style by its hind legs. Or would that be Hulk-style?

  23. I’ve survived many street fights, but let tell you this.. if I throw a rock at a raccoon or a squirrel and they come chasing me; I’m screaming louder.

  24. I would've smashed that thing into a seizure, why just throw it? It might attack someone else or spread rabies but on the other hand rabies blood pooling around your doorstep might also cause issues.

  25. Once, when i was little, there was an emperor scorpion on my foot. I kicked it up over my head. My moms mom instincts kicked in, she ran an and grabbed and threw it in the bathtub

  26. My grandpa was 6 in 1907 and was bitten by a rabid dog. He had to go get 21 shots one a day in the stomach. It was still relatively a new vaccine for humans. I’m lucky to be here.

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