I am really really struggling to clean my apartment

  1. Put on good, upbeat music. Start with the smaller, easy jobs so you can knock them out and feel like you've accomplished something. Reward yourself with a nap or downtime for every 2-3 things you do, but set an alarm to motivate yourself to get back up and knock out another task.

  2. My best advice would be doing some rather than everything at once. Like you see some trash, pick a bag and throw it in. Do whats on your mind. If your able to, ensure cleaning the bedroom and making the bed. As one who is depressed, cleaning the bed defently can have a say on your energy. Dont force yourself. Exept with dirty plates. What I tend to do is at least rinse of them if I let them wait for the cleaning.

  3. Thank you so much. The bed sounds like a good place to start for sure, a nicely made bed definitely makes a difference in the room

  4. Yes, turning off the phone is such a great suggestion! I’ll check out that sub, sounds really helpful. Thank you for your comment

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