Do I have a problem with motivation?

  1. Dont let others decide your dreams for you. You dont have a problem if you follow your dreams and not what other people say. Who cares if it is dying? If you wanna do it, you can try to make it a hobby or youtube channel. The thing your feeling now is likely the "why are people not excited for me" when you should be thinking "what do I want to do".

  2. You might try seeing about getting enough education to become a lecturer or community college professor but realize that still may not be enough to cover all your bills depending on the availability/pay. As a former academic who is married to an academic, I can tell you that if you want to be a professor teaching is only a portion of what you would do as a professor. An immense amount of time is spent applying for grants, doing research geared towards grants, and trying to prove yourself constantly until you get tenure, assuming you even find a tenure track position to begin with. Even then tenure is no guarantee and I know plenty of people who went through the process and didn't make it to the end who were then too overqualified for other jobs and weren't strong enough to be poached by other universities.

  3. Yeah this is what I’m worried about. Getting into something I find out doesn’t pay the bills/I don’t want to do, and then being too late to the game. I know people switch careers later in life, but usually thats after having a previous career in order to fund the transition.

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