Just started my summer job

  1. It’s like prison rules. Look for the biggest meanest guy there and tell him the most racist/sexist joke. That’ll show them

  2. You mean like how Trump a bloated piece of shit? For some reason, I think his co-workers would somehow find that offensive and not funny.

  3. Holy shit I just started a job where my trainer dropped the n-word on the first day. Really blows my mind how people just... Think this is okay

  4. just kicked a dude out of my store for trying to start a "white power " chant. the old biker dudes was waiting in line and saw a dude walk in wearing a trump hat, old biker turns around and says

  5. Give it some time, then put this person in their place. It's fun watching the horror as they realize they just put their own job on the line.

  6. I had a coworker who worked for the company for 35 years say “n-rig” straight to our new boss. The new boss just happened to be a black man and my coworker had the balls to contest how racist the phrase was after saying it. The professionalism shown by my boss was something to behold

  7. Yeah on the internet you can curate your community to avoid these people, in the real world these people are all over and can't be escaped

  8. It is the exact same. Just because people filter themselves better irl doesn't mean they aren't still having racist thoughts.

  9. So about a year ago I was walking down a city street smoking a joint. While waiting to cross the street, a black man came up to me (a white guy) and said, "Damn n-word (with an -a, not an -er), you're smoking that chronic!" I laughed, offered him a hit (he declined), and we went our separate ways.

  10. I’m curious what industry and/or region you’re in that this has been the norm at every job? I don’t remember ever hearing racist or sexist jokes at work in any job (might’ve been some I don’t remember but it wasn’t part of the culture like OP says about his new job)

  11. No I worked a job in high school but it was mostly with other kids my age. I’m back home from college for the summer rn

  12. Racist and sexist jokes are fine, provided they are actually jokes. The point of these jokes is to reinforce the idea that unironically holding racist and sexist views is bad. If the jokes are frank opinions, they cease to be jokes.

  13. The “point” of them is that, but the reality of it is that people use them as an excuse to share their terrible worldviews with a veil of plausible deniability, so you can never just call them out because they can always say “it’s just a joke.”

  14. The problem is that serious racists use that as a smokescreen. They always try to pass it off as just being edgy, but they're just trying to feel you out. They'll keep pushing it a little further each time until you call them out, and then it's all "It's just a joke, bro! Gosh!"

  15. I've almost never heard a racist joke done ironically, or out of a constructive attitude. It's always just reinforcing negative stereotypes and broadcasting to others that it's ok to say those jokes. I don't see how joking about Jews being killed or women being objects reinforces moral views. There's a big difference between dark humor and just straight racism/misogyny.

  16. thought you were circle jerking for a second because that's a fucking horrible take jesus christ

  17. You endorse racism and sexism by treating them as valid ways to express oneself, including through humor.

  18. In person it is very easy to tell who is actually racist/sexist and who is not. Online however, people project onto the text they read and that's where a lot of problems stem from in my opinion.

  19. My coworker the other day said this women in our company makes a bad boss so I said "ya I agree, women really shouldn't be allowed to hold supervisor jobs". People need to be able to distinguish what's said for effect and what's a view someone actually holds.

  20. Tell me you never worked in a corporate environment without telling me you never worked in a corporate environment

  21. Bruh, that means it's a huge problem not that OP should accept it. "This is awful," uhh r u stupid everywhere is awful. Yes, that's the point

  22. Or literally any blue collar job lol. If OP doesn’t want to hear these types of jokes, they need to find a corporate job at a Fortune 500 company.

  23. Your right it is teenage material. However, yes, other people will think your a dick when you make crude jokes. Welcome to the world.

  24. A crude joke is a couple using sandwiches as a euphemism and the guy in the bunk below complaining that they're spilling mayonnaise all over him. There's a pretty notable difference between that and comparing women to screen doors.

  25. Idk how it is elsewhere, but here in the UK if you are working any kind of labour job and your boss is 50 years old or more then he's usually the one telling the racist/sexist jokes.

  26. My previous work site supervisor would be held in the same regard but more for the lack of supervising and reprimanded underperformance. To those of us with even a smidgen of work ethic and made sure at least a bare minimum was accomplished that aligned with assigned duties "might be" meeting expectations. People literally found sleeping on the job, neglecting vulnerable adults in other ways against the law? Still meeting expectations. Bring concerns to supervisor's attention of tasks not getting done and the above VA neglect? "Well if it bothers you you better pick up the slack." And getting reprimanded for reporting the neglect?

  27. We talking joke racism or actual racism here? There's a big difference Edit:this was asked by a black dude so y'all snowflakes can eat shit Edit2: y'all are a bunch of hypocrites...I was downvoted to hell until I did the first edit....reverse racism is still racism

  28. I think making a joke about how we didn’t get blown up when a Muslim family walked in and left is pretty racist imo

  29. It’s the Spanish housekeeping staff where I’m at. They hate other races, even other Spanish-speaking people who come from different areas.

  30. Yeah "one of us" is a bad thing when the "us" they're talking about is the worst kind of lowest common denominator bigot

  31. Someone from corporate came down to meet with me few days after I got hired. They acted a lot differently while she was here lmao

  32. The black guys at my work fire jokes at me about white stereotypes and I fire them right back at them and funny black stereotypes. We have fun because we know neither one of us is serious and we're all friends.

  33. Oh no not the jokes. Deadly, murderous harmful jokes. As a racist rapist, I must confess, everytime I hear a racist and sexist joke, my leery eyes fall upon the proud black woman in the back of the room and when the night is over, strengthened by the power of the joke, I leap upon the woman a perform our unholy union. Yes my friends, do not underestimate the power of a sexist and racist joke. The vile words which turn even the most respectable person into a raging incellious white supremacist demon.

  34. Normalization of bigotry in language leads to emboldening of actions. As people spread hateful ideas in what seem like insensitive jokes, it becomes easier to dismiss the concerns of those who those jokes target. If people already think their feelings are not worth concerning themselves with, why would their safety and happiness be a concern either?

  35. What race is the supervisor. Just start saying racist jokes about the supervisor's origins. Tell them till racist jokes aren't allowed anymore.

  36. Or, maybe just maybe, you get singled out as the one person telling the jokes to be an asshole and not actually joking and then everyone hates you

  37. Ive kind of wondered why I tend to gravitate towards non-white people, but then I realized I just tend to avoid anyone that uses racial slurs or jokes. Not the kind of energy that should be welcomed.

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