Well, I don't get yelled at anymore

  1. Or come flying out into the air when you flush! All those little poop particles landing on your tooth brush that is stored only a few feet away...

  2. Yeah I don’t understand how in the fuck some people normalized leaving any of the seats up. Stop being lazy and take the two seconds out of your day and put the lid up if you want to use it, and take two more seconds to close it.

  3. We only had to start doing it because one of our cats would drink out of it otherwise (specifically he would stand in it and then track toilet water around the house). In retrospect, it’s much nicer to do. Not every trip to the bathroom needs to be greeted by the open maw of a toilet.

  4. Same. Crap doesn't fall in, nasty stinks stay in there since no one cleans a toilet every usage, and no one accidently falls in if they don't wanna switch the light on at night because that's reasonable.

  5. I've never understood how this is a thing people argue over. I've always found it pretty natural to just always close it.

  6. It fixes everything. The wife has to lift a lid, the animals cant get in. Its a win win everytime I close both.

  7. Shouldn't everyone close the lid before even flushing? I feel like this fight over putting the lid down makes no sense.

  8. Oddly I dated a girl as a teen who's mom yelled at me for putting the lid down. Her rule was seat down, lid up. It was explained becuase she liked to just blindly plop down expecting the lid up. Was the weirdest rule to me, like the opposite of an asshole dude who won't put seats down. I always saw it as just hygienic to close the toilet when you aren't using it.

  9. Was years ago when I first read about that. The amount of literal shit that flies around the room when you flush with the toilet seat open is terrifying. I mean, it's not like chunks coming out, but it's still flying shit particles. Poo, clean, stand, close seat, flush. That's the order, no matter who you are.

  10. Yes, both for reducing spray and to avoid stuff falling in. (Our sink is the right slope that if something falls from the medicine cabinet it rides the sink and lands on the toilet lid).

  11. My wife grew up in a household where closing the lid before flushing was the norm. Then she went to college and joined a sorority with old plumbing where a closed lid was the way to communicate "shitter's clogged, don't use". Got confronted about her presumed digestive issues after walking out of the bathroom leaving yet another lid closed before the confusion was cleared up.

  12. This isn't really a good fit for the meme because yeah, this is the correct way to use a toilet. It's a hygiene thing, not a convenience thing.

  13. Yes, but even disregarding that, it still doesnt make sense to me. I havnt blindly just sat down anywhere. I always check prior to sitting on anything.

  14. I don't because if I did the cat would shit on the seat instead of in the toilet. Sadly my other cat didn't take to using the toilet and requires a litter box.

  15. And then open it again to check if you actually got everything? Or are you into smelly surprises?

  16. Growing up with two people, my mom and I (male) having IBS, putting both toilet seats down added extra time to our regular emergencies that would result in accidents.

  17. I started doing it a couple months ago. After 2 weeks my gf was bitching about it to me. Then I left both up, that lasted one bathroom trip. Now she doesn't complain about the lids being down at all. I wonder how her mind processed it or if it still bothers her. I'll ask her tomorrow. I actually started doing it to try to keep the flushing quieter as night. There was nothing petty about it honestly. I've also noticed it's just cleaner to leave em down when I flush and I like that.

  18. It’s so weird to me when some men find it to be revenge to close both seats. No, that’s the default position everyone returns it to…

  19. So you only do it because you think you're pulling one over on her? you dumb dirty fuck LOL, you're suppose to close both.

  20. Yeah and also it's not one upping the wife? Wife here, and I would much rather lift a lid than accidentally sit on a gross open toilet. Sounds like a win for both of them to me.

  21. That’s how your toilet should be anyway? No one wants to see your nasty toilet water or the seat your ass goes on when their washing their hands or whatever, not to mention all the shit particles after you flush….

  22. There's only one lid. The part underneath it is the seat. And that lid is there for a reason. It's supposed to be closed when not in use.

  23. I'm sure almost every woman that's ever existed would prefer having to open the lid than having to remember to check the seat is down every time, and the risks that come along with forgetting to check...

  24. How can you even approach a toilet and not see the position of the lid/seat well before you sit down?

  25. Closing both lids is the only sane course of action, I do not understand people who think the lid is a decorative piece of plastic instead of having a function

  26. Just sit down to pee. It’s relaxing, a nice little rest. Seat never needs to go up at all, no one ever pees on it. Honestly, total game changer for me.

  27. At home that is. Vastly superior. And the bathroom doesn't smell like piss because no matter how accurate (and short) you are there's a mist of piss that is hitting the floor.

  28. Op, this confession doesn't make you sound like a counter-culture badass that you imagine it to, it makes you sound like a twat over a toilet seat.

  29. Ah yes, doing the right thing out of pettiness. I hope you guys aren't going through anything, but I see no other good reason for someone to yell at a partner over something so trivial.

  30. As a man, I find leaving the seat up pretty gross. it kind of like leaving the "lid" off the toilet. How hard is it to put it down when you're done?

  31. I have always closed both lids, I can't imagine living with someone who would flush before closing both lids.

  32. Once again for the people in the back: Everyone is responsible for ensuring the equipment is configured properly for themselves prior to use.

  33. I have done that for decades. Growing up my friend's sister yelled at me for leaving the lid up because she thought it was gross. I did not really have an argument for that so I put the lid down. I don't have to worry about things falling in.

  34. I have slow close mechanisms on all the toilets in my house so all you have to do is slap at the lid to get it to close and it won’t slam home. This is important because I have dogs that would drink from the toilet rather than their fresh water bowl.

  35. I hate those slow close mechanisms. I never feel comfortable walking away until it's completely closed, so I just stand there for what feels like forever watching it slowly settle into place. It's not like slamming the lid is normally a problem either. I'm still always going to gently set it down properly. Now it's just irritating to do so.

  36. This is the proper compromise. Everyone has to move the lid if they want to use the toilet, so nobody has any room to complain.

  37. It's worth a few bucks for the slow fall toilet lids. I alway hated having to lower it slowly or let it clang. Now it's just a flick of the wrist and it will go down silently.

  38. If you are hell bent on not turning around to visually inspect a place that you are about to stick your naked ass, then you deserve whatever happens to you.

  39. Been doing this since childhood. Had to put past girlfriends on this practice, too. That way, everyone has to do something in order to do their business.

  40. It's not about being lazy, it's about not falling in if we happen to be not paying close enough attention at that moment. Falling into a toilet bare ass first sucks really bad.

  41. If your having trouble closing the lid, put food coloring in the bowl, hold a piece of paper above the bowl and flush. You’re spraying shit must all over the place when you flush with the lid open

  42. I close both lids all the time so I don’t accidentally drop stuff into the toilet. Note: I have dropped many things into the toilet, including a roll of toilet paper, so I’ve learned the hard way.

  43. That should never be an issue. Seriously. If it's up & she needs to pee, she can be a big girl, & put the seat down. If it's "OKAY" for you to have to lift the seat, its OKAY for her to have put it down. That's that old fashioned "girls should be treated differently" bullshit.

  44. The proper “etiquette” is to close the lid - it’s more sanitary on SO many levels. When I see a toilet lid UP when not in use, I cringe. The worst is when looking at real estate photos and the photo of the bathroom has a toilet lid up. Nasty.

  45. How is this an issue? Needing to open the seat is the same as needing to close the seat before siting... although maybe I'm wording this wrong.

  46. Close both especially when you shit as the flush will shoot poop particles all over your bathroom.

  47. I'm a woman and instinctually close both lids. Whenever I am drunk I get angry at myself for doing so because it takes longer to lift them up. It's even worse at night. So now I leave the seat up for myself lol

  48. The number of people pretending that they do this because of hygiene is very reddit. Nobody's disputing the point that it's better or even that you're supposed to do this in an abstract sense. Also though, we've all been in other people's homes. The toilet lid is virtually never down. The exception is when you're in someone's like guest bathroom that almost never gets used. Remarkable that so many people who do the correct, most hygienic thing that you virtually never run into in real life are here in this thread!

  49. As if men don’t shit also you should shit the top before you flush unless out like brushing our teeth with your own fecal waste

  50. What kind of sycophant doesn't close the lid anyway? Who wants to be able to see inside the toilet all the time? To risk dropping things in there? To risk getting the seat dirty?

  51. Thank god I'm gay and don't have to deal with this crap. A woman ever tells me to put the seat down, I will remind her that she has EYES and that she needs to LOOK before sitting. One time my step mom said she fell into the toilet because someone left it up. Dumb bitch that's what you get for not using your eyes.

  52. I mean that's what she wanted. The problem is sitting on it not seeing that there isn't a seat and almost falling in

  53. We always keep both closed. Stupid cats will sometimes drink from it even though they have multiple bowls of water that are changed constantly.

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