Affiliate courses

  1. If you are new, then you might consider buying one, they will summarize many things about affiliate marketing for you, information that might take months for you to gather online for free.

  2. Yeah I was planning to buy one, but a proper course, not some "here's how I went from a 9-5 job to be a millionaire". i was more looking into professional courses like coursera or udemy

  3. There are some great leaders in the industry that really do offer great content. The trick is finding the right one that works for you.

  4. Thanks, that's an interesting clarification. I wasn't aware that's how the industry work. How do you know before buying if a course is from an industry leader? What tools do I have to analyse that?

  5. I am reading a book from someone who is an affiliate marketer and does not make money selling courses. It is all affiliate marketing.

  6. Well if you are new, you are a child. Yeah some people has experienced. But how you know that. It's quite impossible to figure out. So what you can do? This is the most common question. I suggest you do not buy any courses if you are new. Wait and watch. Evaluate the statistics. Check out all the comment what people say after buying their courses.

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