I'm blown away with the video! Can anyone help me by telling how to pull of this effect, would love to recreate something like this. Thank you in advance!

  1. One thing that would make it a little easier. Is that you can camera track the ground and buildings, and make flat comps of the animations and drop them in.

  2. Rotobrush can do most of the work for you in these shots. I doubt a lot of cleaning had to be done. Maybe in the first shot, but the running shot you only have to take care of the feet.

  3. Rotobrush would 100% get this right. The contrast between the dude and the background is pretty good.

  4. If my lazy ass was asked to do it, I would make sure the actor is dressed in dark clothes, so that I can use luma key instead of rotobrush.

  5. Rotobrush is good for garbage mattes, then you can use combinations of luma keys, chroma keys, or even difference keys sometimes to get you better edges.

  6. Create edit with footage. Then each shot - Solve 3D camera within AE. Then create animations as flat comps, put above shot in 3d space, parent to null that maps to the plane you want artwork to sit on. Adjust as needed. Then see what you need to rotoscope out so that it sits behind the actor.

  7. Rotoscoping a moving shot with someone running is slightly triggering for a lot of us. Reminds me of back in the day when I had to rotoscope cats for two straight weeks because their fur was reflecting too much green screen.

  8. I think you should also consider Mocha, it can help you track surfaces and stick precomps to them and it can also help you to mask moving objects.

  9. Tracking, rotoscopy, and a lot of match moving (or shape animation over the objects in background including the shapes on floor)

  10. I've a brief idea of using equaliser 3d but don't have that much of experience using 3d softwares like maya or blender. So, I'm not sure I can pull it of that way or not🥲 but any useful vids regarding animated texture!

  11. In After Effects you would just do a 3D camera track for each shot. Make your animated graphic elements as precomps that you stick to those surfaces in 3D space. Then either key out or roto your character so that the graphics appear under them. You could also do some parts using 2D tracking and warping with corner pints and the like, but it depends on the individual shot. Mocha is included with AE and has a great planar tracker.

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