46m Need advice for 18f

  1. You said you have a wife. Thats what makes this fucked up and frankly if she thinks youre married and hitting on her why would she trust you at all? A guy who will cheat on his wife is probabky going to cheat on his gf too.

  2. She just got out of a bad relationship. You think it’s best for her to be with a married man now, whether or not you have an open marriage? Some people need alone time before moving on with someone else anyway, she just broke up with him

  3. So you were still married and she just had broken up with a guy for cheating on her. But you suggested something that would be at the minimum emotional cheating on your wife. And you don’t understand why the 18 year likely is avoiding you?

  4. You’re wrong because I explained to her that my wife told me to find a girlfriend. So she wouldn’t think of it as cheating. She said she was sorry about what she said.

  5. Not gonna lie, at 18 (I’m now 25F and I’d still be a little weirded out) if a 46 YO man who openly claimed he had a wife hit on me at work I’d be a bit creeped out. She doesn’t know your situation with your wife and just by admitting you have a wife but to be there flirting with me would immediately put you in the slightly red flag / creepy category.

  6. She didn’t have exactly a negative reaction more like a she didn’t know what to say reaction. Shocked I’d say. She also had a friend co worker there who it seemed like she was talking to about the situation. But I agree I did go too strongly and I should’ve just said hey maybe we can chat more I like talking to you and gave her my social media or phone number. If I see her again I’ll apologize

  7. I kinda learned the hard way that putting someone on the spot while they're at work usually ruffles feathers. Most girls aren't prepared to get hit on by someone their dad's age, so absent any really clear signal from her, it's best to let this sleeping dog lie for a while.

  8. Personally it doesn’t bother me that she’s young; what is an issue is the fact she’s at work. So many women (and a few men) complain about their friendliness being taken as interest (especially in a customer-service job). I never ask out or hit on a woman at work unless I’ve known her for a while and it’s 100 percent clear she’s interesting in seeing me outside her job. Like it has to be so obvious even the most socially inept person could tell.

  9. I kinda think so too. I guess I won’t know until I see her again. And if I don’t and she left that job then I’ll take it pretty personally lol.

  10. As a divorced man who fell for a younger woman I met at her job (63m/44f) and it led to one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.... my understanding is women get hit on all the time in the workplace and most hate it. Unless of course you happen to be exactly the kind of man they want. In this case she only dated much younger men. This sugar daddy type didn't stand a chance in hell. Given the interactions you had, you weren't wrong to take your shot - I probably would have too. But at this point I wouldn't mention it if you saw her again, let her make the next move.

  11. Even when I was 18-20 I grew tired of how flaky most girls are at that age. Many years later, though I last was with a girl 19-21, my preference is for 25+.

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