Rate my Albedo

  1. These are the best stats I've ever seen on him. You seriously have the ideal Albedo build. Congrats! How much damage does his blossom do without buffs?

  2. His E talent is currently at level 8 and deals around 24k per transient blossom on enemies below 50% hp. I've seen him hit 32k with Zhongli shred but most of the time it is around 27k on Inazuma mobs. I don't have Gorou so never tried with him.

  3. How can you even get a geo goblet at all with the correct set and then proceed to roll only crit stats. This must’ve cost a lot of resin refreshes

  4. This is on a C0 Albedo lol. I rarely do resin refreshes. He's also level 89 so I can save hero's wits on getting him to level 90 while I use him to earn exp in the overworld. 😅

  5. Bro it’s literally luck to get that goblet and his artifacts lmao, you could spend literally thousands and still not get that artifact, or just use one fragile resin and get it. Good artifacts doesn’t equal whale 💀

  6. I started farming since 2.3 launched but I was switching back and forth with the Momiji domain with some runs on the talent domains from Mondstadt and Inazuma.

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