How much is required for an extinction session

  1. Just a guess but rather than just a few sips, maybe a bit more, taken slowly ... making sure the brain senses the session is a total turn off, without you slipping down the slope of course. You can be the judge, everyone is different.

  2. Extinction is the work of months, if not years. I think it is different for everyone. Not sure about the sips. If that is your usual method of consumption, should work?

  3. One small slip like that isn't going to be much of an issue. Just set a timer and stick to the protocol from here on out. No need to redose over that short a period unless your doctor says otherwise. Per original guidance from CThree's doctors, you're covered for about 11 hours after the hour wait. Some docs will have you redose sooner though, it seems especially if you're a day-drinker.

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