Experience with daily naltrexone non TSM?

  1. Interested in this as well. I was taking it daily - then switched to TSM. I am only on TSM a month though and in the middle of an awful uptick. Not sure if it's just an extinction burst and would have happened anyway or the daily nal was helping kill the craviongs. But i am a binge drinker and binged in both cases. I'll keep going with TSM as I've been sick the last few weeks so it might be down to that and not getting to exercise etc to get a natural high. I know all the stats say TSM ismore successful but I may be the exception. My brother takes it daily for binge eating and is having great success so I wouldn't think I'm one of those people Naltrexone doesn't work for

  2. I’m trying to significantly cut back so I can get back to my moderation with my wife. Like two beers a night max. No more 5% ABV six packs and a shot of whisky.

  3. I take it every day. I seem to be stuck in a drink 2, open a third, dump the 3rd out. Way better than the 6 pack + that used to be my pattern, but then I drank less days. Now I have 2 a day. It's a deep seeded ritual for me to come home from work and have drinks. Even though I know physically that I won't get a buzz I feel like I have a little tiny buzz. I believe it's psychological.

  4. This is a dream. I’ve actually escalated drinking when I got on naltrexone and I think taking it daily is the right choice for me. Two beers, while still not a great habit, is a lot less likely to kill than a whole six pack a day.

  5. I take it daily (how my Dr prescribed but not bc of that, more bc I'm a daily drinker (usually) so TSM for me is ergo a daily pill. I do think the regularity has helped me cut down. It's an every day occurrence, drinking, vs a weekend or vacation bender type drinking, so maybe the dampening effect might be slower but more profound(?) Don't know but yes all Drs I've seen consider it a maintenance med, ie daily (in US btw.)

  6. This resonates with me. I started it taking it daily and definitely noticed a down tick in cravings. But then I read a lot about TSM and switched to trying to take it before drinking. Like I said I am having troubles staying compliant. So, it seems like taking it daily may be the best option for me. It is very easy for me to take it in mornings because I never want to drink in the morning but I find I keep making excuses to not take the pill a la TSM method.

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