Dr just prescribed me Naltrexone, looking for input from experience with it.

  1. I was drinking about the same amount as you the last 3 or so years as well. Naltrexone is great if you just make yourself one promise that no matter what you will take it 1 hour before you drink. I even got a little pill holder for my Keychain and keep a couple Naltrexone pills in it just in case. I never got any side effects other than fatigue. Many people cut the pill in half for the first few times to get used to it. Don't take it in the morning if you are an evening drinker as most of it will have left your system by them.

  2. So what if you really feel like you need a drink but don't want to consume at all, would you still take it and abstain or have some alcohol behind it? My Dr kind of told me it would kill the cravings without the need to drink.

  3. How long did the fatigue last? I’ve had a hard time getting started because it’s been summer and I see neighbors or someone every night and I literally want to fall asleep after taking.

  4. There is a posted study on the sub that found that nal taken daily, regardless of drinking, reduces craving for about the first 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, u probably want to take it only when drinking via TSM.

  5. Did getting the shot make you tired? It’s been hard for me to take the pill because I literally fall asleep immediately… so I wonder if I could tolerate the shot?

  6. He prescribed the oral version of it so I'm not sure what the differences might be for half life. I'm pretty sensitive to any drugs, even caffeine gives me panic attacks. What do you mean it turns off that part of your brain? Would you care to elaborate?

  7. If you go to this pages about section and click on find a provider, I for a Telehealth doc through there that had me prescribed in an hour on a Sunday. No insurance. $150 for the phone call and the nal was about $23usd at my local pharmacy.

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