Hoping to start TSM

  1. So, I went to my GP, too, who had no idea about my drinking either. She was very kind and understanding. Truth is that the pandemic has set a lot of people on unhealthy paths and I think the doctors are seeing a lot of people with similar concerns.

  2. Wow this was extremely helpful. I’m close in age (33f) so I’m hoping my college years and 20’s haven’t done too much damage to my liver but either way, like you said, I hate my relationship with alcohol and need it to change.

  3. Thank you for these links I’m going to look into them tonight! What I saw yesterday was like $125 for telemedicine because it doesn’t take insurance. But then apparently my insurance would cover the cost of the actual prescription. Does that sound right? I’ll definitely need to do some more research to make sure I’m clear on all of my options.

  4. It’s a hard decision to know whether to raise TSM or just naltrexone. If they know about TSM then you are blessed. If they don’t they should still give you a script with a “once a day” instruction.

  5. Always be honest with your practitioners. A good one will not judge. They are sympathetic and see it as a condition. Mine has always been mindful, even though I was afraid to tell her at first.

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