Acamprosate working great

  1. How did you get prescribed? Phyciatists who see me just want to prescribe me addictive med for anxiety attacks which I can't take because addiction and anti depressants which don't help.

  2. Acamprosate is not prescribed often enough even though it is FDA-approved for heavy drinking. It seems doctors are not very experienced with it. It tends to work best to maintain sobriety as opposed to drink reduction but it can be prescribed for reduction as well. It has its own set of side effects as well -- mainly gastrointestinal but can also worsen depression. As a side note, gabapentin helps people reduce drinking and also works for anxiety as a non-addictive medication as compared to benzodiazepines.

  3. I’m taking acamprosate too and it’s working well. I also decided to go to AA and the combo is a solid one, neither would be sufficient on its own.

  4. Interesting take I have only ever taken Naltrexone and it works somewhat well but I understand what you are saying. Are you able to get acomprostqte through a quick teledoc appointment as easily as you can het Naltrexone? Does it just kill cravings but still feel normal if you have a couple drinks on it socially?

  5. I got it through my tele doc. But I think I got lucky getting her. She really seems to care about addicts/addiction without the judgmental rigamarole and respects that medication can be a powerful and helpful tool.

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