The Ultimate Alice In Chains Setlist. Most upvotes wins. Can be either era Layne Or William

  1. I’d put that somewhere in the middle or twords the end when the set list slows down and they need a banger. Once I hear that opening get goosebumps everytime so I know if I was in the crowd and heard it 40 mins in I’d be hyped.

  2. 1 them bones 2 dam that river 3 junkhead 4 rain when I die 5 we die young 6 bleed the freak 7 love hate love 8 grind 9 again 10 sludge factory 11 heaven beside you 12 would

  3. 1 Them Bones 2 Angry Chair 3 Man in the Box (Angry Chair transition in) 4 Rotten Apple 5 Love Hate Love 6 Rooster 7 Down in a Hole 8 Dam that River 9 Brother 10 Over now 11 Don’t Follow 12 Sea of Sorrow 13 No Excuses 14 Am I inside 15 Nutshell 16 Junkhead 17 Would ENCORE 18 I Stay Away (with a full orchestra) 19 Heaven Beside You 20 Killer is Me (Jerry’s moment to shine vocally) 21 Right Turn (in a perfect world, cornell and arm make an appearance)

  4. When I saw them, both times they started with them bones and I fucking loved it. But just to give a different possibility, I think that check my brain could be a very good opening song.

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