What is one Alice in Chains song that you feel is underrated?

  1. I think Again is the most underrated banger they have. Day after day I tried getting the song on this reddit playlist you all were making but for some reason I was downvoted for suggesting it day after day. What the fuck do people have against that song? Tell me!

  2. FOR REAL. The intro is such gold. I love how Sean’s yelling “I’m serious, there’s big money going on, big money!” then the riff just comes in out of nowhere slapping you in the face then it kicks into gear with Layne’s “WHY-Y-Y-Y are we here again?” It’s a super groovy track.

  3. Fear The Voices. No one really talks about it here. It was supposed to be on Facelift but got cut however my reason for finding it underrated is that it was the only Mike Starr song the band worked on and only Layne was really pushing for the song. Mike asked him to redo the vocals because he didn't like what Layne put down and Layne responded "fuck this" or something like that and they stopped working on the song only for the revisited song (I'm guessing they mastered whatever they had) to be released on the Music Bank comp album later in 1999

  4. I think that Over Now is one of the songs that connected to me most, and I never hear it mentioned. I love the MTV unplugged version the most.

  5. Honestly.. most of them lol. I'll name a few under the context of "what songs are good enough to be considered AIC mainstream hits, but are not":

  6. Almost anything off the Duvall albums. It seems like they’re always overlooked because of how good everything off the Staley albums are

  7. I'm not sure if it really qualifies as "underrated" (I think it's pretty well loved by others!) but the one that I always find myself more into, 20 years after initially, is Sickman.

  8. I don't hear enough talk about Right Turn. Chris Cornell singing with Layne Staley... imagine being in the studio, man. Chills

  9. Bleed the freak.. i know not that underrated but fuck it slaps hard and its not even in the top 5 most listened to songs…

  10. It defines the crescendo of the Dirt concept Layne created, it delivers the fear of being so lost in addiction and aware that it’s out of control and he is reconciling this and the psychedelic vibe is the perfect back drop🎼🎼🎼

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