Has anyone lost substantial amount of fat using ADF while building strength ? I am running 5x5. On week 4 now. Lifts are getting heavier and I am hungry but I also wanna cut 10 lbs or so. Will i lose strength and muscle fasting ?

  1. I think you’re okay to run SL 5x5 doing ADF, just make sure you listen to your body (without using it as an excuse). If you’re feeling fatigued going into a workout maybe use it as an opportunity to deload, or be super vigilant with your form and the second that fails you call your set.

  2. I wouldn't do adf with stronglifts5x5. Try omad instead. Good luck on the program, can get some series strength with it.

  3. Lurking around - is your recommendation based on needing fuel to follow this programme /any workout programme? I started Carolin Girvan last week (but was doing 18:6 instead of ADF). I want to ramp up my weight loss, but am not sure how working out on a fasting day would go - any suggestions?

  4. I tried to train 5x5 on eating days where possible. And if I had to train on fast days I would try to be very careful/conservative with my squats and try to avoid D/L days.

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