Freezing on fasted nights?

  1. I sometimes take a hot bath after work on fast days. I really helps me to warm up and stay warm until bedtime so I can get to sleep. I fast 3 days per week, non consecutive. I am usually pretty cold one or two out of those days.

  2. I was reading recently that when the body isn’t consuming calories it diverts energy to functions other than heating the body.

  3. I walk 20min to go and 20min to come back from work and not only cold in the evening but usually cold all day. Well I am in Switzerland and it's winter

  4. Depends. Last fall I made it a point to walk 3 times a day. Didn’t freeze. Now I don’t due to circumstance. I freeze.

  5. try taking a kelp supplement that helps regulate thyroid function at the end of your feed days. Should help with the cold. I like to pair this with marshmallow root which helps with digestion especially if your eating plenty of high fiber foods within a short window. Nature's Way is my go to brand for those. If you wanna double down like me I'd tend to drink warm water throughout the day coupled with green tea which helps with the minor heartburns, digestion and being bloated from eating within a short window, and obv it keeps you warm in general. Don't know what your routine is but I do 40:8 but my day to day typically typically makes me do 42:6 and adding those two helped out a lot.

  6. Thank you! I actually have marshmallow root from that brand to help with my Painful Bladder Syndrome. I will try that! My windows are longer as I work in the fitness industry and am very very active. I typically go with a rolling 36-38hr fast with around a 10 hour window (not eating the whole time lol) but I allow myself 12 just in case I’m so busy that day I can’t fit all the food in, but I’m usually satisfied before then and try to close before 7pm (will be hard tonight with Super Bowl haha!)

  7. Yes! I partly attribute this to drinking a lot of cold water so recently started drinking room temp water and it has helped a lot!

  8. Only normal if you are sedentary. You may need to get a little more active. I'm only freezing on days I am sedentary. I do notice a stark contrast compared to if I exercise.

  9. I am a group fitness instructor so I workout 2 hours most days and walk the dog for an hour so activity is NOT my problem 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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