Go marry ur mama “mamas boy”

  1. Man I'm the first to call troll, usually, but I actually believe this one could be real. Guys like this definitely exist. I sometimes worry my older friend's son will end up in this situation, tbh... She can be a little smothering and quick to take offense.

  2. It's not a troll because there aren't people irl like that, it's a troll because there aren't people irl who do this ish and then have enough doubt/self-reflection to ask AITA for advice.

  3. Copied verbatim from oop's comments: "It is a special day for my mom as well. I want her to feel involved and special, she deserves it after all the sacrifices."

  4. I say this as someone who was incredibly close to my mother and also planned a wedding. But what the fuck. Do open seating. Tell your mother calling your fiancée’s dress slutty isn’t cool. And have mom be more involved in decisions that are less important like the menu at the cocktail hour.

  5. Yeah, this woman will DEFINITELY show up at her son's wedding, in a wedding dress. His reaction will be to tell his fiancée that "it's a special day for her (mom), can you (fiancée) please wear a different dress, that maybe doesn't look so much like a wedding dress? I don't want to hurt my mom's feelings."

  6. I am a massive turd who would pretend to agree about the dress. I would buy a cheap, conservative dress and present it to them for approval. I would pretend I was going to wear it the entire time. Then I’d walk down the aisle in the sluttiest, most sheer dress I could find—just for spite. And I’d smile really big at future MIL as soon as I got up there.

  7. It makes my heart break that these mothers don't care about the fact that they abuse their sons and rob them of a chance at a real relationship just because they don't know how to be alone with themselves. I'm in my mid-30s and starting to see some friends/classmates/coworkers start to be this way with their own kids and it's just sickening. It's abuse! We have to start shaming the mothers of the mama's boys just as heavily as their sons because this shit has to stop.

  8. I don't think shaming them would work, that may have the opposite results. We need to find a healthy way to make them see that it's not healthy to be this clingy and making their children so dependent on them.

  9. Yes but at some point a normal adult male will take a good look at his life and realize his mother has become way too big a part of it. He’s allowed her to control his life, no respect for that. My only sympathy is for the poor girl who might be getting married to this shlub.

  10. While it could be a troll I have met guys who think their mother should be worshipped because she has struggled in life. Lots of people go through difficult periods in life! They don’t usually expect to be treated like gods because of it!

  11. What he isn’t mature enough to understand is that he’s not being asked to. Telling mom it’s not appropriate to make comments about the wedding dress isn’t tossing her aside. The argument about her side being larger is easily solved by not doing that while his side/her side thing. I can understand his feelings of being protective of your mother but seriously he needs to set some boundaries that both he and his fiancée are comfortable with.

  12. If some guy I happened to be dating ever made the statement, “my mom is my queen,” I would be gone instantly. That’s a sea of red flags and a creepy, problem-filled future that would haunt my dreams. I’m so glad I’m married to a man whose mother is hands-off and drama free.

  13. Run girl! OOP's mum sounds like the kind of MIL who will want to be in the delivery room when her grandchild is born next.

  14. Another one. UGH what's with this over abundance of this batch of mamas boys. These Oedipus complexes are ridiculous. His mom is his "Queen"?! Marry your mom dude since she carries your balls on her keychain. I couldn't marry a man like that. Hope fiance leaves him. He's a little B.

  15. Dear op, it is your's and your wife's wedding. Not your mother's. Your mother can give input. If it is acted on is none of her business. That is actual neutrality.

  16. She needs to run. This man will never be a good partner because he doesn’t understand that his mother deserving his love doesn’t mean she deserves to abuse people or trample their boundaries.

  17. Uuuggghhhh. I’m having flashbacks to my ex having his mom in his phone as ‘Sweet Sweet Mom’ while ignoring the fact that she turned a blind eye to his dad beating the shit out of him for 18 years.

  18. My mom is my hero too, and I can't imagine allowing this kind of boundary stomping from her (if she was a boundary stomper, which she's not). This is super duper unhealthy.

  19. Now I know its been deleted and is probably a troll, but is it just me or did OOP sound completely uninvolved in the whole wedding planning process?

  20. I feel like “my mom is A queen” would’ve been a lot less cringe than “my queen,” I literally physically reacted to reading that 💀 also, lmaoooo she mad her family small?? Really?!?! 😂 OP fiancé needs to just let him go.

  21. These people make it hard for me to convey I have mommy issue not from my mother wishing she could be my husband but actually because she left me….

  22. Ew ew ew ew. I don’t even know where to start. “My queen”? Really? And every comment reply just makes it seem like mom is allowed to have her opinions and thoughts but fiancée is not and needs to defer to mom. This marriage will be a nightmare and I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like if they have kids. Runnnn girl!

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