AITD for treating women like creatures that need to be caught instead of, y'know, talking to them

  1. Liiiiterally just came from there to make sure it had gotten posted here. This is so fucking creepy what the fuck is wrong with these guys???

  2. I’m surprised there’s not many “ESH but the girls” verdicts. All of those guys are AH with OOP as their master AH.

  3. The fact he calls the factfile a "Pokedex" is also very disturbing now I never watched Pokemon I preferred Digimon because the characters mature and develop and the creatures are more impressive I feel but I know the setup to Pokemon where trainers capture and train monsters or creatures that stay in balls until they're summoned and called upon to fight each other which earns the trainer of the winning monster points or even awards so he's essentially already thinking of women as pets to be trained

  4. There was another one recently about an Instagram account and ‘shipping’ their classmates. This is either fiction or really messed up school children - the sad part is that I can actually see kids doing this dumb shit. I’m lumping all of these ‘kids’ from middle school to college into the same group since they seem to have the same maturity level.

  5. He's made spreadsheet that helps to manipulate those girls and sleep with them giving them a false impression of a genuine relationship whereas all it promotes is fraud and also other possible crimes with sensitive information like that. That's what narcisst do to lure their victims : Mirroring.

  6. I love how he tries to argue that it's not to sleep with them, just to "impress them", as if impressing them wasn't ONLY to get in their pants...

  7. Ugh something very similar happened to me and other girls when I was at undergrad. It feels so dehumanizing for guys to do shit like this.

  8. Same, guys at our college started a ho book of which girls would put out and how good they were in bed ect.

  9. He gives himself and his true feelings away when he says some other guy was “simping” by telling her about all this. Does anyone use that word other than this type of guy?

  10. And when I called OOP out for his behavior not too long ago, he literally lead with that word. But after a bit more back and forth, he backed down just a minute ago.

  11. This vaguely reminds me of the "Hoe Union" post from a few weeks ago. I wonder if this is a poorly attempted gender flip of that.

  12. It feels like this would inevitably blow up in people's faces. Do they not think the woman isn't going to freak out when the guy mysteriously knows all kinds of detail about her without her ever having told them?

  13. Exactly! We aren’t stupid. I’d be extremely suspicious if some guy knew all about me, like my fav color and what drink I prefer at Starbucks, for example. I would assume I had a stalker and act accordingly. This guy is trying to defend himself in the comments and it’s just so disgusting. He really doesn’t get it, or he does and doesn’t care.

  14. I keep a list of my family and friends favorites. Like favorite candy, candle scent (for ppl I buy candles for), how they like their coffee. I do it bc I want to get them things I know they like for their birthdays & holidays. The difference is I’m not trying to fain interest in them to get laid and spreading the information around to other people so they can do the same.

  15. Well, yeah. That's called being a thoughtful person who considers other people and goes out of their way to do small kindnesses. In Yiddish, that would be known as a "mensch."

  16. They really don't see us as people. Reddit has helped me to realize this. It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out (I'm in my 30s ffs) Suddenly all my relationships make so much sense.

  17. Holy crap this is so creepy. It would be one thing if he kept his own notes because of bad memory, but to turn this into a game and sharing it with a bunch of other guys is just a whole new level of ick.

  18. Yeah this almost feels like a creative exercise or roleplay of someone pitching a romcom plot's just too gimmicky to be real life.

  19. I have a shittastic memory for things like favorite movies or foods and stuff, so I can see keeping a private list of things like that for people I know as a personal private memory aid. But keeping it exclusively about certain girls and sharing it with forty guys? That's not a memory aid; that's a predatory hint book.

  20. I suspect (or maybe hope) this isn't real, but if it was then it would still be really shitty even if it's not just for hookups. That's not the only issue here. The issue for me is a bunch of men sharing data on women because apparently they think getting to know women is a difficult chore and women's personalities are both just some sappy, trivial thing and also annoying obstacles that makes them harder to get. Why does it seem like so many men are incapable of liking women as people? Why do they always chase after some kind of cheat to 'win' a woman instead of just, you know, being compatible?

  21. This is literally serial killer type of shit. I refuse to believe that anyone is this fucking clueless. Then again, we ARE talking about frat boys here...

  22. Sounds like a live action adaptation of the classic "My girlfriend advanced faster in Stardew Valley than I but then I found out she used the wiki sometimes so I told her she isn't that good and hasn't achieved anything in the game and says I'm an AH but fake gamer girls, am I right???" argument.

  23. It can’t be true. Because there’s no chance some hair brained sitcom style plan is going to work right? It says that a woman likes, I dno denim, and the guy keeps talking about denim & then she’ll sleep with him. I highly doubt it

  24. (looks left at my wall scrolls from middle school, and right at my anime figurines, and in front of me, a computer full of jrpgs)

  25. Is this the “shipping” troll from yesterday? I swear it’s like some 13 y/o saw The Social Network for the first time and got inspired

  26. LMAO before I even saw the full title I imagined some weirdo going around throwing plastic pokeballs at random women.

  27. the cherry on top is that even if he does delete this list, others might still be able to access it. i know for a fact that on google docs (immensely popular and pretty good for collaborative documents) you can copy a deleted document if you had access to it.

  28. Meanwhile women here had to create a group to warn each other about dangerous guys lingering on dating apps/other places to avoid them, we’re living in two different worlds!

  29. Lol everyone is giving OOP a hard time for this, but the truth is literally EVERYONE does dumb, stupid shit in college. We're not perfect, and EVERYONE fucks up in college.

  30. But you do not seem to realize that using this spreadsheet to bag women or impress them IS nefarious AND scumbaggy. Part of dating is getting to know a person and the skillset used to learn things about them.

  31. Lmao. So I am reading that a lot of people have spreadsheets but theirs are ok cuz....y'all are too funny. If you care enough about someone you will take them to heart.

  32. It's funny all the people saying that taking a girl on a good date where you both enjoy it is "tricking" them into "giving up" sex as though women have no agency.

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