AITA for taking away my daughters bedroom and giving it to my son?

  1. You're absolutely the AH. I promise, it wouldn't kill your wife to keep the baby for a couple hours for you to spend time with Harper. You just don't want to anymore. You wanted a new baby with your new wife so bad you got a sperm donor and have now taken away the quality time that harper had come to rely on AND have exiled her to the far side of the house away from your NEW family. Its no wonder she's decided to leave and not talk to you. You've made her feel like she doesn't belong. She only had YOU and you've taken everything from her that had come to be her normal. Don't be surprised when she never contacts you again. This is what you've earned. A lifetime of her despising you and her brother. Congratulations

  2. YTA - you’ve basically shut your daughter out with little to no communication with her. You’re setting her up for a life of resentment against you & her newly born brother.

  3. YTA, so your family doesn't mesh with your wife, that's a flag that can be forgiven however your wife took the new baby and left as a punishment because she is not good with having a home that is closer to your family, letting Harper choose her own bedroom and you spending 1 day a week with your daughter, this is a parade of red flags. Your wife was probably SUPER thrilled when your daughter left. I'm not saying that your daughter should get her entire way, but instead of making her feel included in her family expanding, you basically put her to the side. As a father, YOU will teach your daughter her worth, you will also teach her how men should treat her, and right now you are fostering abandonment issues and feeling thay she isn't good enough. You sound irritated that your family loves her so much and possibly not this new child, well you have a wife that doesn't get on with your family so don't hold your breath that your family will be allowed to have much to do with this new baby and if your marriage ends, ya best prepare for the "its not your baby" argument to be brought up in custody arrangements. Your wife is showing you she has the shiny new toy and she isn't afraid to dangle it over your head.

  4. YTA your daughter is less important than 15 extra steps. At least now she knows you don't prioritize her and made the choice to leave instead of putting up with it. What a mature kid

  5. I'm so sorry this has happened to you. Harper has no idea how lucky she is to live in a big home. Your family is VERY controlling. The list of conditions is controlling. Moving close to them?.?? WTF!!

  6. YTA. You're showing your daughter that your son is more important. A baby, who should sleep in your room when he is so young, doesn't need a master bedroom.

  7. Dude. Newborn babies should be in a crib or bassinet in YOUR ROOM anyway! Thats at least how my midwives told me to do it, to have baby in their own bed but in my room so we could just get up and grab them to feed/soothe, etc. My kid didn’t get their own room til they were like 2 (that was mostly due to space but still).

  8. YTA. Is it really gonna kill you and/or Nina to walk an extra dozen steps to get to your son in the middle of the night?

  9. YTA and unless you realise it and stop making excuses for your APPALING behaviour to your daughter I doubt you will see here again! It sounds like she has got the love and support she needs and deserves

  10. YTA. You and your wife are lazy. All you had to do was cross a hallway to take care of your baby and everything would have been fine. Instead you took a 14yr old's bedroom away to give to a baby when there was no actual need. That's so cruel. You suck.

  11. I'm curious which items your wife found unreasonable? I can maybe understand picking the bedroom she wants (most kids want the biggest or the nicest, etc) but the others seem like things you do when you have a blended family.

  12. What is the square footage on your fucking house? You can’t walk 20 steps? YTA, and I’ll be surprised if Harper ever speaks to you again after she’s 18.

  13. Is your house really so big that your daughter has to move out of HER room so you don't have to take an extra 20 steps? She probably already feels outcasted by you guys because of this new baby and now you're making her probably feel worse. If it really is such a big deal to you then maybe you should move yourselves into one of the smaller bedrooms for yourselves so you're closer to the baby. YTA.

  14. “It was very hard for Nina and I to go to the other side of the house”….literally, what are you even talking about? You are complaining about walking to a room in your own house?

  15. Why didn’t your wife and family get along? Did they see how she treated your daughter? It doesn’t make sense for your brother make these requirements unless your wife has a history of mistreating your daughter.

  16. YTA... Your daughter is 14 you should be lucky she still wants to spend time with you cuz there's some kids that don't want nothing to do with their parents at that age and you didn't even bother to explain to her why she needed to move from her room and that why the baby needed that room and her room is like her safe space in her space and you kind of just kicked her out of it and also red flag your new wife doesn't like your family that seems kind of messed up and it's really understandable while your daughter has some resentment towards you so try your best to fix it before it gets worse and she cuts you off

  17. YTA you have basically pushed your own daughter away, you say you have 2 bedrooms on either side of the house so YOU should have packed up and moved your bedroom rather than your daughter, a new baby is alot of change for a child thats only 14 as it is and not only did you take away your father and daughter time with her which is 2 days a week you have also pushed her out of her own bedroom for this new baby I personally think she acted very rational I would have acted worse, have you even asked your daughter how she feels about the whole situation or just pushed her out completely and the fact you say you haven't seen her in 3 days either, SHES YOUR DAUGHTER!! go and get her and talk to her!

  18. YTA - please try to understand how your daughter os feeling. Our master is on a different floor than our kiddo’s room - we waited to move him down there, we got a baby monitor, and sometimes one of us would camp out down there in the next room or in his room. Your infant son does NOT need to take a master bedroom away from a teenager! She will cherish and use that bathroom in a way a child simply will not.

  19. Yta, couldn’t just walked. But no you decided to take away your daughters room, and now you lose her probably forever.

  20. YTA - “Hey, let’s shake up your entire life because we decided this situation we created is inconvenient for us now.”

  21. YTA How about you go move into one of the other rooms and put the baby in the other - at least until the baby sleeps through the night? You just don't want to be bothered do you?

  22. YTA. And to be honest, I find it pretty weird that your family sided with her so easy, it seems like there's more stuff going on and OP isn't telling

  23. YTA, OP couldn't walk across the hallway? Not to mention Harper already doesn't have her mother in her life and now her only parent in her life is making her feel like she's being replaced with a little sibling. As someone that does have a little siblings that doesn't have the same mother as me, when they are put down as the priority instead of yourself it hurts. Makes you feel horrible like you aren't being paid attention to. The fact that your daughter didn't even mention anything about leaving signals that you fucked up. There is most definitely more that you are leaving out of the story.

  24. She was probably afraid of being pushed aside when the new baby came and that's what you did. You pushed her aside, out of her own bedroom. YTA, and an oblivious one at that.

  25. This girl has already been abandoned by her mom, and now by her dad. I hope she can get help emotionally because she's going to need it. Before she starts looking for that love in all the wrong places. It sounds like her uncle can give that stability to her.

  26. YTA for not thinking through a resolution that wouldn't hurt your daughter or thinking of your daughter's feelings before just making a decision. I think you should have sat with your daughter and asked her what she needed. Ignoring her feelings and not making time for her is not the route to go.

  27. Yta, ofcourse you are there's no way you won't be. Look everything has changed for your daughter you don't spend time with her now. You have basically told her she doesn't matter. You have your real family now and your new wife and son take priority over the old daughter. You know what you could have done you could have sat down your daughter and said for a little while after the birth we can't have our days together as wife will be healing and I can't leave her alone for 2 days without help or you could have I don't know KEPT those days and got a family member to help or a baby sitter. There are so many better options. If upu don't fix this soon there's only a few years till she turns 18 and decides to leave you permanently in her rear view mirror If you care about your daughter take the nessersary steps to keep her in your life

  28. So your solution to your daughter feeling abandoned and replaced by her new half brother is to kick her out of her room? It's no question who you favor. YTA. Let her be with her uncle. You made your choice and so did she.

  29. So why can't you exactly spend time with your daughter and why can't you walk the extra steps to the nursery? You have completely abandoned your daughter and now are kicking her out of HER ROOM. Your wife is completely capable, barring some medical issues, of taking care of an infant alone while YOU spend time with YOUR daughter. YOU are creating a wedge between yourself, your daughter, and your son. Quit being a selfish asshole and be a parent to BOTH of your kids. Spend time with your daughter and spend time with both of them. DO NOT kick her out of HER room, be the adult and walk the extra steps at night. Your family is right you are THE AH and I hope you can get this fixed before you do irreparable damage.

  30. YTA.... there's more to this than you are letting on. Clearly something is going on between your wife and daughter, and you aren't giving your daughter enough attention. A baby doesn't need a master bedroom, you can walk a few extra feet to the babies room.

  31. YTA. No baby needs a master bedroom. If you really can’t have Mark in your room, you and your wife could have moved to the two bedrooms on the other side of your house with Mark.

  32. Of course OP can’t walk further, he has a son!! His son is more important than his daughter. YTA, now. Edit to add Your wife would understand if you were to schedule time 8 hours just with Harper. Call your family and ask for help, too.

  33. YTA. Not because you found another partner or have had another child. But because you haven’t addressed your current daughters mental health needs during this time.

  34. Your wife is trying to alienate you from your daughter. That's why she doesn't agree with the conditions. I also bet that she told you that Marc needed the masterbedroom.

  35. Looks like you might have realized YTA. What you did shows your Daughter she means very little to you.

  36. YTA. Unless you live in an actual mansion, you’re both lazy and favoring your son over your daughter. This is a MAJOR adjustment for her at a vulnerable time in her life. She probably feels like she’s losing you, and you made it infinitely worse with this.

  37. YTA - you decided to have another child. You decided you needed to sleep closer to him. You could have taken one of the smaller rooms until the baby was fine at night on his own. You chose not to do that.

  38. YTA: she's 14 and you did not even discuss this with her before kicking her out of her room. I am guessing she feels like you've just pushed her aside for the new baby.

  39. YTA. you are more than capable of taking your daughter out for a few hours a week. You don't respect her time or feelings and just expect her to go along with things. You didn't even ask her how she felt about moving from a room she's had for YEARS. which you are only asking for your convenience. Don't move the baby if traveling across the house is too much for you. I'm so glad she has family she feels safe enough to live with and I hope you get your head out of your ass and stop treating your daughter so disrespectfully.

  40. Both of you are AH, even if your hallway is half a mile long. Get an electronic nanny and freaking bicycle with Electronic motor built-in or tricycle.

  41. Yes you are TA before your son you spent time with her and she was happy but after your son she got her time with you taken away as well as her room and it’s not fair to her. If anything you and your wife should have moved to the smaller rooms across the hall until Mark was old enough for you to not have to make special trips.

  42. Regardless of how well you think you’ve handled the arrival of new baby, Harper feels replaced. Every time you put his needs before hers, whether legitimate or not, she sees as another example of you loving him more than her. She needs to hear you tell her how important she is, how much you love her and then back it up with action. New additions are difficult in the best of family situations, yours is more complicated than that. Please talk with her and take some one on one time with her. And just listen to what she has to say. YTA

  43. You are the complete asshole. She is your daughter, not a pet from a previous relationship. There’s no god sense to you moving her room period, the reason you gave is completely bogus, and she’s right to be angry with you over it. Get your crap together.

  44. Ginormous big time AH. You and your wife should have taken the other bedroom by your son’s not kicked your daughter, who is already feeling unloved and neglected, out of her own room.

  45. YTA. she probably already feels abandoned by her mother and as a young teen has no clue what to do with such big feelings. now she has to “share you” and she probably feels like you put her on the other side of the house. baby aside, bedrooms for teen girls are their safe spots. let her cool off at your brothers.

  46. YTA. You failed completely to see it from your daughter's perspective. No wonder she reacted the way she did

  47. YTA. Getting into a new relationship and deciding to start a new family doesn’t mean you get to start treating your already existing daughter differently. I bet she’ll remember this and not want to speak to you when she’s older

  48. Unpopular opinion but NTA - it’s not like he’s kicking her out of the house. She’s just getting a new bedroom. We are in the process of moving our two year old to a different bedroom so that her little brother can have the nursery - she understands she’s no longer the only child & is perfectly happy moving to another room for him. If a two year old can understand that then a teenager should get it too. Sounds to me like this girl has been spoiled by dad & family as the only child & 1st grandchild & is just struggling with the adjustment.

  49. YTA you’re all butt hurt because just like you’ve replaced her with your new family she’s replaced you with the family that still does consider her needs and shows her affection. It hurts knowing you’ve been replaced OP doesn’t it? Imagine you are a 14 year old with one parent. Then said parent gets married and has a baby and all the sudden you don’t matter. All the sudden the one parent you’ve gad doesn’t want to spend time with you. Your safe haven is your bedroom and now that’s been ripped away too. How would you feel? You better get down on your knees and beg her for forgiveness or I have a feeling she will never let you in again. Either that or enjoy knowing you’re a fucked up individual who broke her heart and karma will come back around to you. Your choice I guess but I’m siding with Harper on this one.

  50. Infants should be sleeping in the parents room, for a ton of reasons, its best for their health, and the new moms. Why couldn't you just put a bassinet or crib in your room?

  51. It seems like your wife is making a issue between your kids oh I can’t get rid of his previous family so I’m gonna consume all his time with the newborn

  52. YTA. Why are you even posting? Your daughter gave you what you wanted. A new family. No time for her no room for her and now you don’t even have to see or hear from her. It’s a win for you. Old family out new family in. Thank goodness her uncle loves her because dad you just showed her you don’t.

  53. At no point in Nina’s pregnancy did you ever think that you’d need a nursery? Seriously? Or was your hope that you could keep Mark in your room until Harper left for college and then just move her stuff while she was gone?

  54. YTA. It's amazing to me that you cant see how you are obliterating any chance to have a relationship with your daughter. Not only have you been cutting down the time you spent alone with your daughter, but you are quite literally making her move out of her bedroom, likely her safe space, for the new baby. I understand that you're now a father to a newborn and that takes work, but the sacrifices you are making are at the expense of your daughter.

  55. YTA. I bet OP only cares he has a son now, and never cared for his daughter. Doesn’t even care enough to try to get her back. Stepmom clearly doesn’t care about her either. The girl is better off with her uncle, where she obviously feels safer and loved.

  56. YTA no doubt. Your daughter is a teenager who should have the bigger room at that age. You basically stopped caring for the relationship of your teenager when she needs you, in favor of your newborn. I get you need to manage time with both, but you showed favoritism right there.

  57. You have just replaced your 14 year old daughter with this baby that you barely even know yet in order to connect to your new wife who's not your daughter's mother. In doing so you threw away your first child. Enjoy your life without your daughter. You're a huge AH.

  58. Holy shit! How can you be this fucking blind?!? First you tell the poor girl that you can't spend time with her any more, then you take her bedroom & give it to the Golden child! I'm glad that she has family that actually give a fuck about her, because clearly your priorities have changed & she's not one of them. Oh, & in case it wasn't abundantly clear, 10000% YTA.

  59. YTA. I applaud your brother. I would have done the same and dared on of my siblings to come at me. How can you really think any of this was ok. I am glad she called someone instead of just running away. Seems to me your family sees what tools your wife and you are. It’s also apparent how much of the story is missing if your own brother didn’t even reach out to you to say wtf…..

  60. YTA You took away the two designated days from your daughter. Your wife is more than capable of handling a newborn alone for a couple hours. Then you take away her bedroom because you can’t walk down the hallway? Your daughter gave no fight no anything she is done with you yes she’s a child but she’s a human being with real feelings. You literally told her she’s not worth your time or space.

  61. YTA Move to the other side of the house with your son and wife? Don’t make her give up her bedroom. And your wife can handle at least once a week daddy daughter days. And maybe you can handle a day with your son & daughter so your wife can go out

  62. Yeah you can't go take the extra steps to the other side of the house for mysterious "reasons" you're the asshole and you fully well know it.

  63. YTA. Is your wife totally inept that she can’t be alone with her baby for not even a day? This is horrible. I’m glad your daughter left

  64. YTA, you can’t even be bothered to talk to her about her moving rooms let alone spend time with her. I understand why she and you family would react that way.

  65. YTA. As soon as I read the title I went, “Yeah, no doubt about it” and then once I read the entire post I went, “HE ABSOLUTELY IS, NO CONTEST!” Dude, you’re showing that you favor your son more than your daughter by doing this. Clearly she feels so neglected by you and you taking away her master suite to give it to an infant was the last straw. Why should she lose her bedroom to her baby brother? Most of the time when a woman says, “Fine” she isn’t. You’re ruining your relationship with your daughter and you don’t seem to see any problem here if you think your family is only taking her side because she is the first grandchild in the family.

  66. To save physically walking 15-20 steps to your son, you've effectively made it so you and your daughter will emotionally never be within walking distance of each other.

  67. Definitely YTA. What really irks me is what you stated about not being to spend time together with your daughter because of the baby. You took away your attention, you took away her room, and wifey gets her way. She is your daughter, dammit. Treat her like you love her. Kudos to your family members for giving you hell. What a horrible father.

  68. YTA!!!! I tried hard not to judge and to see your side but I can’t. You are not giving the whole story. Especially if your brother feels the need to make one of his requirements that you live closer so that they can make sure your daughter is being treated right? What the actual F have you been doing to her? From what I can see from what you have said your daughter has gotten one horrible parent fail after another. First her mom seems to have abandoned her then her dad marries a witch and his new precious baby boy is all you care about now. You are lying to yourself if you truly do think the problems didn’t start until your wife got pregnant. That’s a fantasy and you know it. I bet it got worse after she got pregnant, but there is no way it just magically started there. So now at current count daughter was supposed to get a new mom who should have given her what her own mom did not give her but step mom turns out to be Lady Tremaine (Cinderella’s step mom), her dad doesn’t have her back or seem to even try to find a way to work with both, and then to top it off you kick her out of her room because your new son matters more. I truly don’t know how your daughter can forgive you and I’m basing that on only knowing a small peace of the puzzle. I’m sure way more has been done to your daughter that you did nothing to protect her from. I’m even willing to bet there are things your wife had done that your daughter does not feel safe telling you because she knows you won’t have her back. I almost forgot the next piece, you isolated your daughter by moving her from her friends and the extended family she has known her whole life because the person in your bed doesn’t like your family. How did you not see these red flags? How could you care so little about your daughter that you would do all of this to her? She had no choice in the actions you take and it seems to me that all of your choices result in actively showing your daughter that you no longer want her because now you have a newer shinier family. Plus this one comes with a son and I’m willing to bet your daughter has been made to feel like less because now you have a son and that’s really what you wanted. Bet she feels like she was nothing but the warm up child that prepared you for the son you really wanted. I don’t know if your relationship is truly repairable, but if it is you need do some serious soul searching and make major changes. Or like my dad and I you will have no relationship with your daughter. My own dad did the same thing you did. He choose his shiny new family and threw me and my sister away. I haven’t spoken to him in about 12 years and I don’t regret it. I have no desire to see or speak to him again and he has made zero effort to even build a bridge in our relationship. He didn’t want me anymore once he had a son. Even if the son was a step. Don’t be him. Do better. This is your last chance to fix the relationship with the daughter you have. If your wife is really going to play the victim here than you really need to rethink that relationship. I’m still feeling very ragey about this whole situation. I just want to hug your daughter and tell her none of this is her fault. I’m also still very worried about your brothers condition that they need to be able to make sure she’s being treated right. Either your hiding something or your wife did things you don’t know about. If it’s the first repent and fix it if you can. If it’s the latter get to the bottom of it and fix it. Your daughter was very brave standing up to you and getting herself out of what was clearly a toxic situation. Make sure she knows that.

  69. Since No one else mentioned it, I’m questioning your wife. First, she didn’t encourage one on one time with your daughter. She can easily handle a few hours alone for you guy to go to dinner. Then she makes you feel bad that you want to do everything possible to save the relationship with your daughter? Also the room, so not only is she dealing with a new family member, you took her safe space away, the one thing in the house she could call her own. You guys could’ve had the baby in your room or moved rooms for the time being, but once again, you only thought of your own comfort.

  70. NTA and YTA. Firstly sorry for my bad English. I believe that you shouldn't have told your daughter to change rooms and just live with the problem for the time being. But in my opinion the other side has too much overreacted. I mean all this thing was because she didn't want to change rooms? Yes it is a little bit serious after all she is gonna live in that room for years. But it's not THAT serious to make those conditions and stuff.

  71. This definitely seems like a troll to me. But i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and pretend this story isn’t ridiculously cut and dry: OP, YTA. So is your wife. Have the baby in your room. I’ve learned that first time parents (to a baby) always think they need a nursery. they never do. It will be more convenient and mentally safer for the baby to be in a closer proximity to anyway. Trust me, lugging across the house to the other master bedroom multiple times in the middle of the night becomes a real pain in the ass much quicker than you think. And why is taking your child’s bedroom—her sense of identity and security in her own home—even on the table? And without even showing her consideration? Without even showing that you deeply understand that these times have been hard, assuring her you will always love her, but maybe as a temporary measure, we can experiment with a new rooming situation? But no, you essentially just told her to leave and go upstairs. This is deeply upsetting as a mother of 3. Do better. And yes even though I said it already, YOURE THE ASSHOLE.

  72. YTA! You quit doing your one on one with daughter in favor of new son and wife. Didn't even try to compromise . Next you kicked your daughter out of HER room to give to your new son because both your wife and you are too lazy. If you're that worried about him then get a bassinet and have him sleep in your room.

  73. YTA. You’re favoring your son and wife over your daughter. Guaranteed she sees this as you slowly putting your “new family” over her regardless if that’s your intentions or not. Apologize (many times over) to her and either put the baby in a different bedroom or wait to move him until he can sleep longer through the night. Stop using your son and wife as an excuse for not being able to spend time with her. You need to reanalyze your priorities ASAP. You can have more than one child and still let them both know they’re loved. Also, if this is how you’re going to treat her just know when she’s 18 she won’t want anything to do with any of you and it looks like the rest of your family will support her choice.

  74. You just told her to pack her stuff? Knowing full well she’s already struggling with the situation? How emotionally repressed are you? Have you no empathy? What? you can only focus on one child at a time? And quite clearly you have married a person who doesn’t care one bit about your child! None of you have made any effort to reassure or include this poor child in your new life and you’re just expecting her, a teenager, to have enough emotional maturity to deal with everything all by herself? I’m so glad she has other family that care for her! Because you have failed her as a parent. YTA

  75. YTA. I believe there's a lot more to this story than you're letting on because I'm not buying that a 14 year old would calmly comply with such a request unless she was already at the end of her rope.

  76. The fact that you even have the audacity to make an excuse or rationalize your actions is unreal.. you should be ashamed of yourself for even posting this cause you already knew you were TA

  77. YTA. Buddy you blew this. When you started cutting back your time with your daughter and she got resentful you should have gone to family therapy. Instead you just expected her to accept all the changes without any kind of pushback. Really you should have had some family therapy when you got remarried. I bet Harper had issues with that and you ignored it. Go talk to her. Set up family therapy and try to work through it. Do not force her to do anything. Do not try to force her to accept the baby. Good luck.

  78. NTA However did you sit down with your daughter and discussed this? Explaining that a screaming baby will wake up everyone. It could have been handled better.

  79. Your update confirms that your wife was the problem from the beginning, she created a wedge between you and your family by having you move away and it sounds like she was trying to do the same to your daughter, Don’t let have her way, you and your daughter were a team well before she came along.

  80. "ok I get it, I'm an AH". Yeah, and with a statement like that, you sound like you don't actually give a f**k you're the AH. Just a disgruntled teenager that goes "okay, I get it, i get it. I messed up the laundry. I'll do it right this time." Which says a lot when you're a 32-year-old man. YTA.

  81. Yta and so Is your wife judging by the edit, seems like now she has got a shiny new baby that is hers she doesn't want your daughter anymore

  82. So, you're telling me, it is completely unreasonable to spend some time showing your daughter she matters, for a few hours, 2 days a week? Your wife can't handle the newborn for that time because its important to make your daughter feel secure an loved?

  83. YTA- They don’t favor Harper they recognize the unfair treatment . Op your daughter is the oldest and of you and wife really can’t walk a few extra steps to get a baby you shouldn’t have had one your daughter came first and while priorities do change with new additions you don’t suddenly treat your oldest like an old stinky dog and force them to move you could have move closer to the baby’s room

  84. It's clear from what you described, that Harper is completely done with your crap. This isn't a one time thing. There had to have been years of build up for her to just up and bail the way she did. You've a LOT of work to do to get this sorted; a simple apology won't cut it now. You left out a ton of information, and unless you really want some serious help, from Reddit of all places, let us know the missing details.

  85. YTA -- the way she didn't even fight the idea of moving, just called a trusted family member for rescue, and the fact that the family is siding with her, speaks volumes...hell, whole LIBRARIES.

  86. YTA. You’re not just taking a bedroom away from Harper, you’re taking everything from her: her routine, her room, and her dad. She will have to make adjustments and compromises, of course; but, such drastic changes without any discussion at all, would feel like you’re taking everything from her, giving everything to your new child, and she doesn’t matter anymore.

  87. YTA. - Both of you apologize to your daughter, individually and together, and go get family therapy. If you’re very lucky, you may get your daughter’s love back.

  88. YTA. You’ve stopped spending extra time with your daughter (you could have just gone down to 1 day a week instead of no days as a compromise). And then you gave her bedroom away. I can’t see why walking farther is that big of a deal at all but if it’s really that far maybe you could have asked how your daughter felt first and then actually CARED how she felt.

  89. You take away her time with you, then take away her bedroom…you are replacing her…she sees this and feels this. YTA

  90. I know I'm a month late but is there any news about how things are going now? btw your wife seems like a red flag, your family doesn't like her so instead of fixing it yall move? and she doesn't agree to the conditions that will allow you to get your DAUGHTER back???? then makes it about herself, takes yalls son and goes with her parents? idk about that chief

  91. YTA. You have shoved your poor daughter away so hard, no wonder she doesn't want anything to do with you. You stopped spending time with her. You took away her room. You have basically told her she is no longer important. You'd rather shove her out of HER ROOM than walk a few extra steps. I sincerely hope she gets the love you've withdrawn from her where she is now. You are a TERRIBLE parent.

  92. So now that you only have one kid left, do you plan on taking some lessons from this, or is it your goal to be so selfish, incompetent and emotionally negligent in your parenting that they all disown you?

  93. YTA - your daughter is already upset that she gets less time with you. Now you are further disrupting her life and making her feel less than because it inconveniences you to walk farther down the hall. Come on, you know YTA.

  94. YTA. You kicked your teenage daughter out of her room cause you and your wife are too lazy to walk further. If you didn't want to walk they far then yall should not of had a child.

  95. YTA. Not for spending time with your infant son, but for asking your daughter to move her entire room. This is showing her that she’s not a priority. And to a 14-year-old, it feels like you’re kicking her out - that was her individual space and you took it from her without even asking her how she’d feel about it.

  96. Yta I have a question do you think of your daughter as a person? Cause it doesn’t sound like it

  97. YTA: Maybe if they were equivalent rooms and you had a dialogue about the possibility, but if it’s the second master bedroom she’s in, you’re downgrading her. A baby should stay with their parents the first year. It reduces SIDS. YTA

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