AITA for asking my(21M) sister(19F) to consume less menstrual products or I won't buy any for her anymore?

  1. If she’s using one an hour she needs to go to her doctor. Coming from a woman: that isn’t normal and something else is going on. It could even be as simple SHES using the light ones and she needs the heavy ones

  2. Explain how it is his responsibility to provide her menstrual products for free please? She is 19 years old, she can work. She can buy her own tampons and use as many as she pleases. No one is policing what she does with her own money. She's acting spoiled and entitled.

  3. I can easily picture someone having a psychological problem where they're irrationally afraid of leaving a tampon in for more than an hour. Irrational thoughts amd phobias cause people to do plenty of other irrational things, why not this?

  4. To be fair, even as a woman, I lean towards NTA. He's just a desperate 21 years old who has to live paycheck to paycheck because of his Sister.

  5. Are you just gonna ignore the fact that a 19 year old adult isn’t paying for anything? It’s not OP’s responsibility to pay for this stuff in the first place and he’s doing it out of kindness. Also OP has said they can barley afford it as it is, maybe the adult can pay her own way if she doesn’t like it. Beggars can’t be choosers.

  6. No person, it doesn't matter how heavy her flow is, needs 3 boxes of tampon unless she's beading to death. Nonetheless the real question is, why is her brother expected to foot this bill? It is her decision how many tampons she uses, but she should cover her own expenses and she shouldn't get so high and mighty if she contributes none whatsoever. She's acting like an entitled mooch.

  7. Then she can also use pads, those are cheaper if she has such a heavy flow. Tampons are expensive and if she needs that much, a compromise would be using pads especially since those are paid by someone else.

  8. So, regardless of whether sis is telling the truth, or if she uses that many because its necessary. The fact is, SHE ISNT PAYING FOR THEM. OP is nta here because she's a damn adult and can buy her own stuff. He's already paying all of her food and living expenses. Its not an asshole move to say I can't afford this, use less or pay for yourself"

  9. How the hell is this the top comment? 1) If she needs to change that much, she needs to see a doctor ASAP, that is not normal. 2) She's 19 and living with her brother for free. She can buy her own tampons and get a job if she needs to.

  10. Sister is 19. If she wants to run through menstrual products, it should be on HER dime. Not seeing how it’s OP’s problem when she is literally an adult. Like how is he the AH?!

  11. you don't know that, odds are she is being wasteful. If she's bleeding so heavily she needs to go to a doctor. She also can use a cup

  12. Based off what his mother told him about the situation. And being a man that doesn't fully understand a menstrual flow, his mother set him up to fail on this. His mom should have been got his sister help. This has been going on since she started her cycle.

  13. Did you see the ages? He’s only 2 years older than her and for some reason is forced to pay for everything other than her college while she turns down jobs (mentioned in one of his comments) - this is competent inappropriate parentification and I can understand why the financial stress is causing him to try to find ways to cut down costs.

  14. The money is going straight out of OP's pocket. Of course OP would be annoyed, but shouting at her was way out of line. The sister always was a bit of an arse considering OP pays for all of her bills etc

  15. NTA—she or her parents should pay for her own tampons. And other essentials. If he really must pay, she can compromise and get a cup, which is reusable and won’t cost him so much. And seconding all the people suggesting a doctor visit.

  16. No. I'm a woman. And if she has such a heavy flow get those heavier tampons. Using 3 boxes of tampons IS to much.

  17. Why isn't she just as much an asshole for not buying them herself? She is wasting OPs money by using so many in a month.

  18. And if she needs them that badly she can always get a job at McDonalds to help with the fact that her brother is fully paying for her.

  19. NTA. As a woman I can honestly say her going through 3 boxes for 1 cycle is excessive. And if she genuinely needs all 3 boxes every month there’s something worse going on.

  20. She's 19! A grown adult who can definitely do a part-time while she's looking for a stable permanent one. Plus the money she'll likely make can definitely fund for her 3 tampon boxes a month. However if she requires changing her tampons every hour she should go see a doctor. He had every right to scold her considering he provides for everything when she also needs to put in her share as she lives w/ him!

  21. If she’s going through one an hour, she’s hemorrhaging and needs medical intervention. This is not within normal use. She either should be using way less or she needs to go to the doctor cause there’s no way she’s not anemic if she actually needs that.

  22. Part of me hopes that your a man and you have no knowledge of menstruation. If you’re changing every hour, you need to talk to your OBGYN because that’s not normal.

  23. She isn't a child. She is a 19 year old adult who has no reason to not pay for her own menstrual products other than she wants freedom from mom and dad, but doesn't want to pay her own way with any aspect of her life.

  24. Did you see the THREE BOXES per month tho- as a relatively heavy bleeder that's insane. Also is hella expensive so I understand where he's coming from.

  25. Ummm them she should look for a God damn job. Buy her OWN products. Or better yet stop using 1 tampon every single hour.

  26. Honestly one of the worst takes I’ve ever seen on here, there’s no reason a 19 year old should be financially depending on her 21 year old brother while turning down multiple jobs.

  27. Tbh she’s an adult she’s 19. Why is it her brothers expense and not hers? I’m 21 and been buying my own period products since I was 16 when I first got a job! No adult should be complaining about having to cut down, I use tampons and pads and I’ve always had a heavy flow but trust me one an hour is excessive. I used to go through loads but not this much and my flow was so bad that I had to use both tampons and pads for a long while until I was on birth control which sorted my periods out. If she’s bleeding that much and it has to be strictly every hour then there’s something wrong. What happens overnight? She doesn’t change them every hour then… period essentials aren’t cheap, she’s an adult and she can pay for them herself or at least cover some of the cost so he buys one pack and she buys the other 2. 3 packs of tampons every month is excessive even for a heavy flow, coming from a woman who had extremely heavy flows, and even I changed every 3-4 hours.

  28. Yes, but he is not obligated to buy them. He may have been out of line asking her to use less tampons, but he is within his rights to ask her to buy her own.

  29. Are you forgetting that her 21 year old brother is supporting her though? she could emit a drop of blood every month and OP is still not obligated to buy her products just because she wants more freedom from her parents

  30. Um her flow amount doesn't really matter in this case to be honest. He's not her parents, just a brother, and she's 19 (which makes her an adult). He isn't kicking her out, but only stated, if she keeps eat through money via using lots of menstrual products, she'll have to buy her own. Raising his voice is admittedly not nice, but again, she's an adult, she needs to take care of her own needs. He's under 0 obligation to buy her feminine products. NTA

  31. I’m glad this is second highest, she needs to buy her own if she’s using that many that quickly! It’s unfair if her brother is carrying every other expense as well. NTA, I don’t understand how Y T A is the top comment rn

  32. I think he's TAH only for the simple fact that you just don't tell a woman what they can or can't use for their cycle. He should have just told her to buy her own damn products vs saying "use less".

  33. I agree. This isn’t you trying to be judge, this is about you not having tampons in your budget because you are paying for an extra person that you shouldn’t have to. Just have her move home or pay for her own products. You are barely older than her and not her parent — it’s unreasonable to expect you to support her. She can go live with your parents or get a job to pay for her food, extra expenses, and half of the rent and electricity or a reasonable price for the room that she stays in. She’s taking advantage of you.

  34. No no no no no!!! You didn’t factor in which flow tampons he’s buying. If you have a heavy flow then those ten slim ones will legit last you an hour.

  35. A Millionen times Yes to menstrual cups! I hesitated way too long to use menstrual cups, but they are a lifesaver when you have a heavy flow. And they are more economical in the long Run. Nowadays you can buy one in every drugstore (at least here in germany) in different sizes. And I feel because it just catches blood the natural lining is not as irritated as with tampons.

  36. I need to change my tampon every hour to 90 min on days 1-3. Hormonal birth control extends this to every 2-2.5 hours but has pretty crappy side effects for me. I've been checked for just about everything and I'm perfectly healthy, just bleed a fuckton. Not normal doesn't always mean something is wrong.

  37. I have used menstrual cup for years and find them very practical, but I can understand if someone finds them messy to deal with.

  38. My husband’s aunt has to change her pad & tampon (she has to use both at once) every hour or she bleeds through. She wears a heavy pad & an extra heavy tampon every day of her period. Some women bleed a lot. I promise you, women aren’t pulling out a dry af tampon from their vagina. That shit doesn’t feel good.

  39. Speak for yourself, since having an IUD fitted my periods are HEAVY for about 4 days and I use what you would probably class as 'too many' products. But I use what I need to use and if anyone told me any different, I'd tell them to fuck right off.

  40. Came just to say I hope she has access to a doctor bc that seems like a lot of tampons. I'm only one woman, and I know everyone is different. But 3 boxes seems crazy to me.

  41. My husband’s aunt easily goes through 2 boxes of tampons and 1-2 packs of packs per period. She uses both tampons and pads at the same time because just 1 isn’t enough.

  42. My cousin had 2 week long periods every month for twenty years before he was allowed to get a hysterectomy, he would go through Costco sized boxes every month.

  43. I think NTA but hear me out. Talk to her, ask her if she's comfortable with you advising for her health and if she is, tell her to go see a gyno.

  44. I think OP should talk to their mother and ask her to speak to his sister because she obviously won’t be comfortable hearing it from him, or a man, based on her reaction to this which is fair

  45. This is the correct answer. At 19, she should be able to cover her living expenses. If bro wants to help her out, that's cool and he's a great brother for doing so, but in no way should that be an expectation.

  46. Yeah the real issue is that she isn't contributing financially. Instead of lashing out about the tampons, OP should have told her she needs to get a part time job and hold her to it. I don't see why she can't get a student worker job at her uni, that would cover food and personal care items.

  47. Definitely NTA. Whether she’s aware or not, she IS taking advantage of you providing for her. I agree that with her also being an adult she needs to start taking the reigns of independence and pitching in because she may not even have the ability to understand how much you’re sacrificing for both of you to not live at home which is an exhausting burden to you. It’s probably time to sit down and have a serious discussion about her getting ANY job and start pitching in or go back to your parents because you’re putting your own life on hold in regards to personal growth and experiences you could be having which is going to mentally dampen you (obviously speculation but you’re feeding two grown mouths and are now resorting to ask your parents for financial assistance from her reluctance to take responsibility for her own person).

  48. I personally don’t use tampons…primarily because they are so fucking expensive! Changing a tampon hourly (recommended is 4-8 hours) is definitely excessive unless she has a health condition. In that case she needs to see her GP.

  49. She could also be using the wrong size. Maybe she's using regulars/juniors on a day when a super plus would be a better option.

  50. It's not that she's not really looking, the problem is that she turns down a lot of part time jobs because for a reason or the other, they don't appeal to her.

  51. There are reusable menstrual cups if she’s able to go that route. There is a bit of a learning curve. I, myself, have a ridiculously heavy flow and still don’t go through 3 boxes of tampons per month. Every woman is different, though. Is there a reason she can’t work while going to school to help pay for things?

  52. I came here to say this. With menstrual cups, you can clean them out as often as you like/need. I have a crazy heavy menstrual flow and they work well for me.

  53. I wish this was upvoted more. While I have some… thoughts about going through THAT many tampons that article quickly, and that she’s an adult not paying for seemingly anything between her brother and her parents, seems like a reusable, washable, menstrual cup is a great compromise where she can clean and reuse as often as she wants and OP isn’t spending a fortune every month.

  54. THIS!! With period cups, you don't even need to purchase ANY menstrual products every month. It only needs to be changed every 8-10 years

  55. NTA. But boy that is a dangerous discussion to have. In any case, seems like she needs to contribute to the finances or move out.

  56. NTA. Mom's had to have this conversation with her as well CLEARLY. She just doesn't give a fuck because she isn't paying for anything (and at 19 years old lmao)

  57. Unless Mom makes a habit of checking the used tampons to gauge how bloody they are, she’s not in a position to say whether or not it’s a case of overuse, as opposed to heavy periods. The latter seems more likely.

  58. Wow, I've been using tampons for 32 years and never have I had to change them every hour, usually around every 4 hours or so, overnight it is usually 8hours as I don't wake up and I've never had any issues. If she really needs to change them that regularly then she may need to change the type she uses, if she's already using super absorbent then she should probably see a Dr.

  59. Not everyone’s experience with shedding uterine lining is the same. I’ve overflowed pads designed for overnight in a span of 2 hours on more than one occasion (by overflowed I mean soaked-through-my-pants, had-to-go-home type of thing).

  60. I started my period at 11 and ever since then I’ve gone through a tampon or pad in an hour or less sometimes. I saw doctor after doctor for years only to finally have a diagnosis of PCOS last year not long after my 22nd birthday. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have lighter flows. I’m guessing she’s having a heavy flow (because omg who pulls out a dry tampon?! It’s like sandpaper) and she doesn’t know how to deal with it or isn’t aware that it’s not normal because nobody in her life is taking her seriously when she says she needs to change every hour or so.

  61. Everybody is different. That heavy of flow is a real thing. I had to change every hour for about 3-4 days, and then about 3 days of medium to light bleeding after that. It took me years to find birth control that actually worked and didn’t make my periods worse. On some bc pills, my period even lasted a month (insane what the body can do! don’t recommend that experience). Now I no longer get my period as I’ve found something that stops it. I literally just got laparoscopy this past Friday to figure out the cause of these issues in the hopes that I don’t have to spend the rest of my life until menopause on birth control. Turns out I have a heavily tilted uterus and endo.

  62. ESH. Some people need a new tampon every hour. On my heaviest days I can use a super absorbent tampon and pad right before I leave for work and have to change them both 45 minutes later.

  63. Exactly. I would personally say NAH. While I don't think it's his place to tell her how many menstrual products to use, I do think he needs to explain that he can't afford to pick up these expenses and that she needs to get a job. OP moved his sister in with the intention of paying for expenses, and while generous, that is definitely on him if he set that expectation. Finding a job isn't instantaneous but I think the sister should definitely start contributing to expenses as much as she can. Perhaps not paying rent, but contributing to household expenses such as groceries and household products, and of course, her own personal expenses such as tampons

  64. You are only two years older than her, but you act like an adult, and she acts like a spoiled child. You came to her with legitimate concern - you two need more money. If she can't cut off her menstrual products, she should find an alternative - finding a job or going back home. NTA

  65. NTA but clearly this is an ongoing behavior that you aren’t going to fix. I would just stop buying them and let her cover that expense for herself. If nobody expects her to work perhaps she can be given an allowance for food, personal items, etc and she can decide how to spend it. If she wants to spend it all on tampons that’s her choice. That will help you keep a tighter budget but you have to enforce that her expenses all come out of her budget.

  66. I'm gonna say NTA. I mean, on one hand, you really have NO idea if she uses more than she needs, unless you watch her change her tampon & you look to see how I don't know I'm gonna say wet it is. I just googled average tampon use, & it said the average person may go thru about 20/month, & if you have to change it in less than 2hrs, you should see a doctor. Maybe you could provide 20, & if she needs more, it's on her. It's not fair for her to expect everyone else to provide for her, especially her 21yr old brother. Your frustration is definitely understandable. I'm having a hard time believing she's actually looking for a job, if it's been 10 months & still doesn't have one yet. It seems like 75% of the stores in the 3 towns I travel to most often have help wanted signs, & there's so many more listed online. I've always felt SOMETHING is better than nothing.

  67. I mean if you are willing to buy her what is necessary I wouldn't go as far as nothing at all. Has a medical doctor found any condition that would make the flow so heavy? If she legit needs a change hourly then something needs addressing health wise.

  68. Problem is, I have no idea how much is necessary. I though about a solution like "I buy her this much, and if she wants more she buys it herself" but I don't know how much is the bare minimum.

  69. NTA for the simple fact that you are funding all the expenses. Sister needs to get a part time job or your parents need to start kicking in...unless your parents are paying for your home, give sister a time line and let her live elsewhere. Why do you hve to financially support her? As far as feminine products go, she may need to see a doctor for why she needs so many tampons/products every cycle.

  70. Are you sure it's excessive? I had a friend who bled through the green Tampax in an hour before she got on birth control, she had to change her tampon every hour and she had heavy flow pads for backup. But yeah if you can't afford to buy three boxes of tampons a month she needs to chip in for them.

  71. Seeing the comments I'm not sure anymore, I will ask her to seek a professional's help. Even if it's just for them to tell her "you have nothing and this is totally normal". Just to be sure you know

  72. NTA, but still a little bit the AH. You should probably reframe this conversation because you and your mom can’t really know what her flow is like and how much products she needs. Instead of “you don’t need this”(because only she knows how much she needs) you can say “this is how much I can afford to buy”. Then tell her she is responsible for the rest. That’s a completely reasonable boundary with no assumptions built in.

  73. How is her flow relevant? If she’s changing it every hour she’s not using the right type. If she’s using the highest rated tampons already, a super plus tampax holds 15ml of blood, that’s a LITRE of blood a month. An average period is like 50ish. A heavy period is like 200ml. She doesn’t need this many, there is no “you don’t understand her flow”. She needs A and E if she was bleeding that much she’s probably gonna die. It’s much more likely she’s using them wrong. I have PCOS and I’ve had 3 week long periods and used less.

  74. Well. I bet Big Brother has learned a LOT about periods if he has read through this. Probably should be required reading for every male, actually. And a number of women, too.

  75. Some things I knew, many I didn't. For sure this comment section was helpful. Above all, I'm glad I can recommend her to see a gyno and maybe to try a diva cup. I knew those existed but I had no idea they are made for heavy flow. You're right, every man (and probably many women) should read through this!

  76. No judgement, but your sister should check out the diva cup instead. Once she gets the seal down, it may make life way easier for her.

  77. INFO, do you buy the biggest sizes for the heaviest flows? Do you buy the products she asks for? If I had small tampons then I'd have to change them every hour on my heaviest days.

  78. I'm not sure, all I know is that I buy exactly what she asks. She's usually the one who goes buy the products, but when I go I follow her request

  79. Changing a tampon every hour is not excessive if she's using the teen slim versions (which are slightly smaller than regular ones) and she has an extremely heavy flow. In that situation she would absolutely need to change them hourly, I did. OP is outta line to accuse her of being wasteful without any knowledge or understanding of her specific situation. Every woman is different. What's normal for one is abnormal for another. That said, she is definitely old enough to be contributing financially, especially if her goal was to have more independence. She should get a part time job and pay for her own personal care products. So everyone's the AH kinda

  80. INFO: I get the feeling that Sister may not have been completely educated on hygiene products and their cost (i.e., parents were buying them, now you are; she probably grew up using Mom’s and doesn’t realize her flow is much heavier; etc.). Have you sat her down and had a Safe Conversation about this issue? Do you have a female relative that can do this?

  81. NTA firstly, that is a concerning amount of tampons per month. It sounds like she really, really needs to see a doctor. Secondly, the way that you've written "consume" makes it sound like she is eating tampons, which made me laugh.

  82. She has various sizes and "flow heaviness" (I'm sorry I don't know how to call this). She has three kid of pads, "normal flow day", "heavy flow day" and "heavily flow night" and two kid of tampons, "travel size" which are smaller and in a box of 20, and bigger ones in boxes of 30

  83. Whoo boy. I've been menstruating for longer than your sister has been alive and I was ready to THROW HANDS over that headline. But no, friend, you are NTA. It's very generous of you at 21 to provide for your 19-year-old sister in ANY way, but she really needs to be buying her own feminine products. I don't recall one time ever in my life when anyone else paid for mine. Maybe the first year or so of my period (age 11). After that, I used my allowance and then my job earnings to buy my own products. To me she's slightly TA for overusing/wasting, but she's much more TA for her entitlement, expecting anyone (you, parents) to pay for these products for her. A college student can have a job. Make her start buying her own stuff and then we'll see if she can bring herself to go a couple of hours between tampon changes. If she can't, it's not your problem.

  84. INFO: Would your sister consider using a DIVA cup or something of the sort? They're washable and reusable so even if you have to replace them, you're going to be spending substantially less than what you are now. And she can change and clean it as often as she wishes.

  85. I think she isn't informed on the subject. I know what a diva cup is because I heard of it on social media and internet in general, but earlier I asked mum if a diva cup could help and she didn't know what it is. Chances are my sister has never been educated on it either.

  86. NTA. I think it’s quite admirable you are willing to support her financially. You also have taken the time to get information on women’s health. Your sister seems to have some form of obsessive compulsive behavior regarding her personal health. It may be from some sort of trauma or a part of another behavior. Set her down. Go over the budget with her. Show where you think expenses can be decreased. Suggest she speak with her doctor because research shows that’s too many menstrual products.

  87. You're covering all her expenses with what would appear to be no conditions from ehat you've said here. Add to that that the cost of goods is constantly going up in every area, and I don't think it's unreasonable for you to ask her to help contribute to your collective living situation.

  88. NAH, Poor girl doesn’t realize that is very far from normal. I had periods that cost me 5 soaked pads a day, for a month, lasting two weeks, until I was diagnosed and medicated. I would push for parents or your sister to see a doctor. Many things can effect it, I have two organs screwing me over that require medication to work out.

  89. I’m going to be honest, I struggled with this one. On one hand, you shouldn’t have a say on what does or not does go into her body. Buuuut I get it.

  90. I was just about ready to call you the asshole when i read the title but if the boxes she's using are large, then that's a bit excessive. I cannot give propwr judgement unless i know the size of the boxes. Tampon boxes, like pads, come in various sizes because it depends on the amount that's in the box/packaging.

  91. He’s also her 21 year old brother, not her parent. Why he’s 100% responsible for her living expenses is very strange.

  92. NTA I'm a girl and even with very very heavy flows you don't need them changed hourly so I'm guessing for her it's a mental thing. And yes, it is totally up to her how much she wants to use, but in the end it's your money. I would either give her a budget every month she can spend freely, tell her to finally get a job or to tell your parents to pay for it. She is not your child and you are not responsible for her. Also...she's 19...she should be old enough to be able to understand the situation and that money doesn't grow in trees.

  93. Interesting how a lot of people here have 'very very heavy flows' but decide changing a tampon every hour is to much. When I still had my period (I had a mirena IUD for a while and am pregnant now) I had to change my super absorbant tampons hourly because than it was full of blood and I would start leaking if I didn't. Look I don't think he needs to pay for her tampons but it is definitely very possible she needs to change them every hour for the first few days.

  94. I have no idea, I don't think it's appropriate of me to go ask her "Hey when you take out your tampon is it socked or not?"

  95. It's not like I have to, it's more like a favor I'm doing her. She doesn't wanna live with our parents anymore, she'd rather be with me. So I just went along with it, but it's becoming a little too much for me to handle

  96. I don't think she ever went to a gynecologist in her life. But while some comments told me to talk to her about going to one, other told me I should shut tf up because it's her body and I have no right to recommend her a doctor.

  97. I mean, no, not really... No one ever brought up this to me. It's kinda like, imagine you get a cat for the first time. Your cat drinks a lot, but you don't know much about cats so it doesn't concern you. Than someone tells you your cat could be sick because it's not normal of cats to drink that much, and it's a sign that something's wrong. But you wouldn't think that's an issues out of the blue.

  98. I was going to say N.T.A but comments sugesst otherwise. What it sounds like is 1) check that the product is actually right for her, 2) suggest alternative menstrual products, 3) perhaps encourage contacting a doctor. INFO: how many tampons are in a box?

  99. This is a tough one. Three boxes a month is a lot. So there might be a medical issue, for one thing it can hurt to be changing dry tampons that often. Because Op is a man, it is tough to argue that you know better than her- but sounds like she should either see a doctor or be responsible for her own menstrual products. Do your parents give her any allowance?

  100. I think OP handled this wrong but I don't think he's wrong for being upset that hes expected to pay for a grown adults personal care products. Whether she is being wastful or has a heavy flow, I don't see why she can't pay for her own personal care products.

  101. So I'm torn but mostly I'm going to go with ESH. Dude as a dude you should probably not tell your sister about her menstrual cycle and it sounds like your sister is using an excessive amount. I wonder if she was taught how to do it properly? My mom uses pads so I had to learn from trial and error. I have a suggestion though menstrual cups are reusable and she can take it out to clean as often as she likes. I've had a few friends switch to them and they said it took a few months to get used to them but they will never go back to pads/tampons

  102. NTA. I'm saying this because she has made the conscious decision to move into your home. You are allowed to set boundaries and monetarily this seems appropriate. Assuming you're in the US, I looked up an average tampon at 10.49 (for 28) so, $35 a month is a lot to be spending on these products. Assuming she could get a job and work a 4 hour shift a week she could easily afford this on her own (considering you're getting everything else). It seems like a lot because it is, I'm surprised your mother hasn't already taken her to a Dr. appointment because of this. I'd leave it up to your mom to discuss with her about the health aspect but you are allowed to ask for help.

  103. ESH. You because you’re yelling at her for something she can’t control. I get that you have to shoulder the monetary burden, tampons are expensive and it’s totally not fair on you, you could have approached it a different way. Your mom does need to step up and even though she is a woman all blood flows are different. Your sister because she can easily either get a job and buy them herself or look at other products that are cheaper and can contain her flow. If you’re struggling and living paycheck to paycheck give her an ultimatum, either she gets a job asap and helps you with the bills or goes back to your parents. If she moved out of there to become ‘independent’ then she should act like it.

  104. No way should you be financially supporting a sister that is just 2 years younger than you and has had 10 months to find a job. Everyone is carrying her and it’s too much! NTA

  105. As someone with endometriosis- it took a tampon and pad once a hour to stop me bleeding onto furniture - you can say you cannot afford it and that she’s needs to help out but you cannot tell her she’s using to much

  106. I had a friend in HS that changed her like this and even if she was going to pee she would change again. She had a UTI and I literally watched her send her BF after 5 in less than an hour lol but some girls just can't handle it. Maybe she should try pads or menstrual cup

  107. I see you've already agreed to get her to the gynecologist, but I wanted to add something I'm not sure was included in the comments:

  108. Any history of bleeding disorders in the family? Women are under diagnosed for these as historically these were primarily diagnosed in men. One of the first flags that happen in women (especially mild cases) is really heavy periods.

  109. Not that I'm aware of. The opposite actually, most of the women on my mum's side of the family have barely any period cramps, my sister included. She never needed painkillers and such and in general I don't think any of the women ever had reproductive system related problems.

  110. Nah, it really costs me to believe that she is purposefully generating so much trash but 3 boxes per month sounds like too much. Recommendation: visit to the gynecologist & menstrual cup 👍🏻

  111. I was so prepared to ask you just how in the world you think you know what is a reasonable amount of feminine hygiene products to use, but… 3 boxes of tampons a month is truly outrageous!⚡️💎⚡️

  112. If she needs a tampon an hour she needs to see a doctor or change the size of tampons she is using. Also, if she is doing it because she doesn't like having dirty tampons she should consider an alternatives like reusable menstrual cup or disc or even reusable pads and tampons. They do exist and are environmentally friendly. A little more expensive to shell out for up front, but you save more in the long run. It honestly isn't your responsibility to pay for her feminine products. It is nice of you, bit really that should be an expense she handles especially if she wants to be wasteful.

  113. ESH your sister needs To grow Up and pay For her Shit If she wants To move Out From Home but i think consuming less menstrual Products is hard because it is a Basic need

  114. NTA, and (legitimate ignorance here, I've never had cause to ask) does the college not have any way to help her with this?

  115. NTA. From your post and your responses, I don’t think you’re being misogynistic. This isn’t a situation you have experience with budgeting for so it sounds like you’re just trying to figure it out. I think your mom gave you an unrealistic perspective though. See, it isn’t just blood that comes out during our cycles, and it isn’t just “one area” that is affected. Those 2 factors alone can cause us to double or even triple our typical daily/nightly tampon usage. The fact that we have to spend anywhere from $30-$60+ a month just to get through a period doesn’t help, so I completely feel for you there. Yes, there are ways to kind of manipulate our periods, birth control is one of them. Maybe have one of your girl friends come over and talk to your sister with you.

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