AITA for leaving my surprise birthday party?

  1. I don't understand why OP didn't plan his own party since mini-golf is soooooo important to him. Next time don't expect other people to plan your party.

  2. YTA. Here's a saying my grandmother taught me: "you should accept a gift in the spirit in which it was given." They tried to do something nice for you, and you had a temper tantrum because it wasn't exactly what you wanted.

  3. One time for my birthday my father got me a Dora doll.... I was Turing 13. I hadn't liked Dora in 9 years at that point, the "spirit" in which it was given was it was suppose to be a nice gesture, but it just showed that he hadn't really paid attention to me in almost a decade. Giving someone a gift is suppose to be about showing that person who know and care about them, not about making you feel good that you got a gift.

  4. 100% this. In 5 years time, there might not even be friends that’ll turn up to OP’s birthday

  5. Also just like…I never understand when someone gets mad that another person doesn’t plan the perfect birthday for them.

  6. YTA. You’re 20 and acting 12. You’re lucky you have friends that even thought to throw you a surprise party. Now you’ll probably have no friends and no party ever again.

  7. My 5 year old behaves better than OP. He knows that if he gets a gift he doesn’t really want, he should still be polite. Apparently OP never learned that.

  8. Yeah you're kinda the asshole... they still went out of their way to do something special for your birthday and it's not like they were that off. I get there's a big difference between the two but I hope you didn't make an ass of yourself while leaving. Also kind of the asshole for being mad they still had fun without you when they probably already spend the money and made those plans.

  9. Lol. First world problems. "My friends threw me a party. It wasn't exactly what I wanted so I threw a fit like a toddler and stormed off." You are petulant and ungrateful. Your friends put in the effort and money to rent a *golf course." That is not cheap. So it wasn't MINIgolf. Try something new or at least appreciate your friends for trying.

  10. Yta your friends did something for you on you birthday and you are mad about it. Your friends have no obligation to actuelly do anything for your birthday but care enough for you to do something amyway and you behave like a brat.

  11. NTA, you don't have to do something you don't want to do. I'm seeing a lot of Y T A comments but they're missing the point, you can't surprise someone with an activity they don't enjoy and then get mad when they don't go along with it.

  12. The friends didn’t get mad. The OP threw a tantrum because they didn’t surprise him with the right kind of golf. Next time he should throw his own party.

  13. This. So much this. The friends booked an activity that they presumably enjoy, and that OP has not ever expressed an interest in. I wouldn't stick around for being surprised with doing something I dislike either.

  14. I get it but YTA. Your friends were thoughtful enough to throw you a surprise party in the realm of what you wanted. I’m lucky if my friends remember my birthday at all.

  15. YTA. That wasn’t a massive mistake. It was a misunderstanding. You threw a tantrum like a spoiled toddler because they didn’t throw the exact party you want. If you want a mini golf party, throw your own!

  16. YTA. They threw you a party, and you threw a tantrum. You never got to see if there were other surprises. You just acted like TA.

  17. Well, I don't think you have to worry about ever having a surprise party without minigolf, again. Keep going and you won't have any friends. Part of being an adult is knowing when to suck it up and appreciate the effort even if it wasn't exactly what you wanted.

  18. YTA, even if you didn't like golf, it was about being with your friends. Being with your friends, watching even the worst movie is fun.

  19. YTA and you sound like an entitled brat throwing a temper tantrum. Honestly do not expect to have a lot of your same friends after this. Golfing is expensive especially depending on all what they put in for it.

  20. YTA - You seem ungrateful, they don’t owe you a party but rather did this with their own kindness and here you are ranting like a brat because its not the one you specifically wanted.

  21. For Christmas one year, I got my boyfriend all the items he needed to make trail mix for himself the way he liked it (raisins, milk chocolate m&ms, and lightly salted nuts). HOWEVER I made a critical blunder and instead of almonds (what he wanted) I bought peanuts (what I like in my trail mix). To make matters worse, I individually wrapped four separate containers of peanuts (his big gift was the wheel of time on Kindle so I was running out of things to wrap for him to open). It was horrible after the first box of unwanted peanuts was opened and my mistake was made known when I knew three more were waiting to make things even worse.

  22. YTA. You were "hoping" they'd surprise you with minigolf, but never told any of them "hey, I'd really like to go minigolfing for my birthday!" They probably thought this would be something you wouldn't expect outright, but similar enough to something they know you like... hence the surprise part.

  23. ....I can't even put into words how entitled this is. To even expect a surprise party for no reason.....and the amount of money golf costs and they probably thought it would be a fun new experience to leave the OPs comfort zone in something they loved.....

  24. YTA, lol who talks about mini golf all the time, what’re u a child. Like if someone is telling me they love mini golf I think I’d assume they love golf too but don’t play cause it’s expensive.

  25. For those saying Y T A would OP still be TA if she liked wall climbing and her friends decided to take her scale Mt. Everest and she bailed on them? Or if she wanted to play Operation and they got her a viewing at a real operation? She likes lazar tag and they take her hunting? So many fun possibilities!

  26. YTA - Sounds like you haven’t communicated it to them that you specifically only like minigolf. I honestly would’ve thought you would like golf too since it’s similar. I sympathize with you that you felt like they don’t listen to you, but I think walking out when they did a nice thing for you was over the top. You can’t expect them to cater to you storming out and expect them to lose out on the money/experience of golfing.

  27. YTA. Your friends put all this time and energy into planning a surprise party and you left because it wasn't exactly what you wanted? What a bratty thing to do. If I were your friends I would be very hurt and angry.

  28. YTA. You act seriously entitled. You ever heard the saying: "Don't look a gifted horse in the mouth!" - that's what you did.

  29. NTA I understand where you're coming from. If they are your friends, they know it's about minigolf with you. They came up with regular golf. What that tells me is that they thought about it, and THEY wanted to play golf. Then they realized that they could score points with you by portraying it as your birthday celebration. It would be like if you were a basketball fan and they treated you to a baseball game.

  30. I feel everyone here is gonna hate me but NTA. Your friends should have listened to you and the way they surprised you with a golf course instead of mini golf feels like they were "surprising" you with something THEY wanted to do and dragged you into it

  31. YTA, you’re upset because your friends threw you a surprise party..? It may not have been the one you wanted, but wow, your entitlement is showing.

  32. YTA- are you 5?? Honestly,having a tantrum over minigolf? They all got together to do something nice for you even if it was normal golf ,you still could of had fun, I honestly got embarrassed reading this , you owe your friends an apology for walking out after they all put the effort in to surprise you on your bday ,so childish

  33. I get it. For my 16th birthday I went to my dad and SM house for dinner. They made a big production of sending me on this scavenger hunt around every room in the house opening different card telling me the next location to look. The last instruction was to knock on the garage 3 times. When I did, there was a bike sitting in the garage. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. I honestly thought they had gotten me a car. Luckily my back was turned to them so they couldn’t see my immediate reaction. I accepted the bike since I didn’t have one and used it for years. I still think about it every once in a while, but they meant well and it did end up being a useful gift and at the time I was only babysitting for extra money. So, I wouldn’t be able to pay for gas and maintenance. And my mom wouldn’t have been able to help me.

  34. YTA you are a 20 year old having a temper tantrum over something stupid. Your friends went out of there ways to hang out with you for your birthday but instead you blew up and left. Than when they went without you got mad about that to! These guys probably toke the day off of work or something and you expect just because you didn't go that they shouldn't go either?

  35. YTA. Your friends made you a surprise and you just ditch them because they made an unintentional mistake? No matter what you do on birthday the idea is just to have a fun time with them and spend a nice day and you ruined it by behaving like a sulking child. What makes you an even bigger AH is that you were mad at them for going to do an activity they Booked even if you decided not to go for a petty reason.

  36. YTA!! Sounds to me like you’re too spoiled. I was 16 the last time someone even wished me happy birthday. And honestly most people I know don’t even celebrate because no one cares. However, you do have people that care. In fact you have so many people that care about you that you were given the opportunity to celebrate your birthday multiple times with different people and instead you chose to act ungrateful.

  37. I wish I had friends like that . I once threw a birthday party and gave out all the invites, everyone said they’d come but on the day itself no one came. All the food was wasted and it was really embarrassing 😔 felt bad for my mom since she took the time to prep. Ever since then I never had a party ever again .

  38. YTA and wow don’t expect to keep any of your friends with this bratty behavior. Lol I can imagine the jokes they are all making about you right now, you really made an ass out of yourself.

  39. YTA dude. You sound like a child. You’re angry because your friends went out of their way to plan a surprise party for you which included a day of golfing (not cheap, I assume) and you’re pouting because it was real golf and not mini golf? And you think this means they don’t care about you? That’s like me saying I really like Ocean City, MD and my friends deciding to surprise me with a trip to Hawaii and I get angry because I really wanted to see the boardwalk at O.C. Good luck keeping your friends.

  40. YTA, and to make it even more childish, you throw a fit because it’s not mini golf. Grow up. Not beyond, especially adults love mini golf.

  41. YTA like a huge asshole. Your friends/family spent money on you and you threw a hissey fit because you didn't want to play actual golf? It is your fault. You are an adult acting like a five year old.

  42. YTA. You aren't actually 20, are you? I really hope you are lying about your age. My 13 yo would react with more grace and respect than that.

  43. Info: Why did you quietly hope someone would plan a surprise mini golf party instead of just…planning a mini golf party for your birthday and inviting people?

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  45. YTA. Your friends go out of their way to do something nice for you and you do this? Not even my 5 year old niece acts like this. And I sincerely hope your friends never do something nice for you ever again.

  46. My own family doesn’t throw a surprise anything for me or plan events. I mean, that’s how I like it, so I guess that’s something, but…

  47. They probably took you golfing because mini golf is for kids? And everyone sounds like an adult…don’t get me wrong, I’m 24 and I’ll minigolf…but with nieces and nephews. Not as a date or with my other adult friends. They did something nice for you and you still left. Hell you could’ve had fun driving the golf cart! YTA

  48. Listen man some people just don’t know the difference and that’s cool! It’s not like it’s some shit they learn in school or something. It’s like saying Mario party is the same game as Mario kart. They sound the same but they’re 2 different games that unless you actually played them you really won’t be able to tell. Not my best analogy but I think it gets the message across

  49. NTA if you’ve made it clear it’s mini golf that you like, way before this. that kinda sucks they don’t listen. also I wouldn’t be super mad they went to golf anyways they probably already paid for it & didn’t want to waste it but I mean I do understand why you’re upset they went anyways

  50. Nta. Sounds like They wanted to go golfing and just used Your birthday as an excuse to do what They wanted to do. Like when Homer bought Marge that bowling ball….

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