WIBTA (24m) for dropping a friend (30f) over how she's been treating me/snapping at her?

  1. NTA, she was friends with you for the conveniency of having her dogs’ claws done at home, and for no other reason

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  3. NTA. You would only be if you continue to allow this person to act like this. She's disrespectful and it sounds very intentional. She's enjoying it. Drop her.

  4. NTA - she is not nor was your friend, she was abusing you. She have no right to you explaining your free time as this was a work relationship. She was a shitty customer never a friend.

  5. NTA- also she gave you an out. “If you don’t want to do it please tell me.” Just tell her no. If you’re actually friends, you’ll move beyond your inability or unwillingness to provide a service (discounted at that) for her. If you aren’t actually friends- you’ll find that out soon enough.

  6. youre incredibly right. it just felt like a jab/false "out" or like she was already trying to make me sound like a bad guy before id even gotten the chance to reply by saying "if you dont want to do it for us" when i'd never had an issue before sans when her other dog bit me in the face. it made me nervous to just leave it at a no because i could already foresee her taking issue with it- which just proves your point of finding out if we really were friends or not

  7. It sounds like she was only “friends” with you because you fulfilled a need in her life- east of getting her dogs nails clipped. It sounds like she can easily go elsewhere which is what she’s doing. Seems like no friend at all. NTA

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