AITA for returning my graduation money and cutting my dad off?

  1. NTA if you returned it, BUT you should actually donate it to a tax deductible LGBT organization in his name and never mention it, so he'll only find out when he gets the receipt in the mail.

  2. NTA . He should not have made those comments and as a gay woman myself I know how it feels he is the asshole in this situation.

  3. NTA. It’s not just a funny joke when it hurts someone else. You aren’t required to stick around and take verbal abuse in the form of homophobic jokes or otherwise.

  4. NTA,Not even a bit. I am a dad of two grown daughters. In case you have not heard this from your dad lately, I am proud of you. You stood up for yourself. Good job.

  5. I feel like this is the very definition of fuck around, find out. He said something stupid and inflammatory, and rather than rise to his bait for an argument or just lay down and take his bullshit, you handed him back the money that he obviously was going to continue holding over your head and moved on.

  6. NTA. So he thinks he paid for the priviledge of insulting you? Yeah, give him back his cash and say sayonara.

  7. Oh wow. NTA at all OP. Your dad sounds like a very insensitive person. If one of my kids ever told me a "joke" I made was offensive in any way I would certainly apologize and not throw one of my gifts in their face. I would give the money back too, if that was me. I don't think you are an AH at all. But he (your dad) very well may qualify.

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