AITA For going to visit my dad for Father's Day instead of doing something for my husband

  1. YTA. If this was written by a man, about how he had spent his entire Mother’s Day with his mother not even bothering to get his wife a card, then complained about the house being a mess after being gone for 15 hours, he would get roasted.

  2. Exactly! Ffs, when she got home and saw he had a rough day the least she could have done was pick up without the snark, give him a hug and kiss and tell him how much she appreciated him giving up his father's day so she could have what may be her last with her dad. Instead she came in invalidating his feelings and acting like he didn't do anything all day even though she knew she was leaving at least 1 challenge with the poetry regression. YTA YTA YTA

  3. I was stuck helping a best friend roof his house on mother's day weekend, so I woke up early, took care of the kid so she could sleep in, made her breakfast in bed, and made a nice dinner in the evening when I got back. Shit happens that makes it so you can't give your spouse the exact day they deserve, but OP didn't do ANYTHING to show their spouse that they're loved.

  4. Exactly! She could have at the bare minimum, not complained that he didn't do the dishes. Or hell, she could have had lunch delivered to the house or picked up his favorite take out on the way home. Any slight thing that showed she cared a bit. Thats all.

  5. I mean , its great to spend time with her dad . It’s also ok to forget to get some card or something (if it was on a. To-do list like a chore , probably Better that she forgot , saved some money on a meaningless gesture)

  6. YTA. You had so many ways you could have handled this. Off the top of my head 1) doing a group Father’s Day with the kids 2) proactively scheduling a day/activity for husband and leaving him a card with that info 3) hiring a babysitter for the day and scheduling a solo activity for husband

  7. Just gonna squeeze onto your top comment to say this: YTA OP, MAJOR AH. You got time with your father, you got time away from your children. You got to go out and have brunch and reminisce over great memories. You got a break from the house hold, the kids, and got to relax. I’m so very glad you enjoyed your Father’s Day…. Oh wait! That’s right you’re not the father. Your husband didn’t even get a happy Father’s Day from you, a card, breakfast made NOTHING. You have a lot of apologizing to do and a lot to make up for. Like come on OP! I’m not even with the fathers of my children and each one of them got a card and a gift because it’s their day! They wanted their kids for the day and they got them. I even dropped of a cake to my two older children’s fathers because he lives in the same town as me. We hardly get along but for holidays we still appreciate one another, and the fact that you are married to your husband and he couldn’t even be a thought in your mind for this ONE day is very telling. I hope you make up for this op.

  8. Yer the berating for a messy house really stuck out. And her wanting to talk about what a lovely day she had. God jab the knife in and twist it why don't you!

  9. So much this. Like, she could have brought the whole family to her parents and cooked both dads a nice dinner.

  10. You said all I was going to say. She didn't even put him on the back burner! She threw him outside with the trash!! I would be mad too if I was him.

  11. All I see are excuses. It’s on your to do list is not good enough. There’s no “but it was on my to do list”. Lmao. What an abusive wife.

  12. You underestimate AITA. There was a post where a guy was super nice about his pregnant wife and was being very loving to the baby inside her and already loved the kid deeply, but because he said something like "we are nourishing this kid" she basically dragged him and his feelings through the mud to make it clear that she was the only one nourishing it. The entire AITA nuked the guy with Y TA.

  13. I'd like to drop 2 cents here and add in that I can't stand when someone prioritizes someone else over their partner because "it might be their last one." How many people are on their "maybe last one" of a holiday, only to have 10 more? How many people have years and years left to spend time with only to have their life tragically cut short?

  14. Your husband is allowed to not be happy though? Like, imagine if he got upset at you for crying because you crying "made him feel like crap". That's what you're doing. He had a rough day, you can let him relax without a lecture about sacrifice.

  15. This is well put. Having a dying parent can seriously fuck with your brain and ability to consider any other than that, I've been there, but he had a shit day and OP don't even seem apologetic that they didn't get him a card and belittled his feelings.

  16. Also, the day before was a Saturday. What about a card and maybe some breakfast in bed? Get the kiddos to paint Dad a little picture and present it to him. Then maybe picking up some dinner on the way home on Sunday. It’s not that hard.

  17. I mean would it not have made a lot more sense to go as a family for the weekend and both fathers could have enjoyed the day together.

  18. Literally would have got her dad one aswell, no reason she couldn’t have even bought two of the same card - one each. Like I really don’t get how you forget..

  19. I really don't understand why OP, her husband, and the kids couldn't ALL go to visit OP's parents together for a lunch or something. It would have been a lovely way to celebrate her father and her husband. Poor husband has spent his Father's Day singlehandedly cleaning up shit and managing stubborn children. Father's Day is meant to be a day to celebrate fathers and make them feel special - OP treated her husband like trash and has the audacity to be upset about because he's mad. YTA.

  20. Idk I wasn’t on her side the entire time. Why couldn’t she bring the kids? Her dad is their grandpa! I would really think that he would have loved to see his grandchildren for a final Father’s Day.

  21. The dishes part got me laughing. It's as if OP was trying to antagonize her husband for leaving the house in such a messy state. And she had an issue with him wanting to do absolutely nothing.

  22. This. I was sort of like that sucks but he said sure. Then she goes in and it’s all me me me. Has the nerve to throw a pitty party for herself but won’t allow her husband to just relax after a shitty day that was suppose to be special.

  23. yeah, why couldn't you have done a "make up father's day" on Saturday for your husband? I know it's a lot of work, but it's one day a year.

  24. When OP realized she wasn't going to make it home for dinner, she could have oh, idk, ordered food to be delivered to her husband? Even something like that would have made him feel better.

  25. Don't forget the first thing she did when she got home was ask him to do more work around the house.

  26. She forgot... The guy got left with the kids, young ones and also one that's potty training, and she left for the whole day ON FATHER's DAY. It's a thing right now where Father's Day is "not politically cool" so some people would go after the guy for acting the way he did. Who wouldn't be affected for being marginalized like she did to him. Her excuse was that she forgot about the card that was on her to-do list, and she also lost track of time and left for the whole day. She could have made the effort and split the time for lunch with dad and dinner with husband? If her dad was getting there in age/sickness, then she doesn't need to wait for only Father's Day to visit and spend time with him.

  27. YTA. You could have said, "I'd like to spend Father's Day with my dad, since he's not doing well. How would you feel if we made Saturday your day instead? I can make breakfast, we can go X place, I can take the kids out for a while and give you time to yourself," etc. Instead, you were like, "I have other priorities. Suck it up. I'm going to go spend the day doing what I want, then I'm going to get back, critique you and the house, tell you about my great day, then act hurt you're upset."

  28. Agreed. I felt horrible for OP's husband. How would OP feel if her husband ditched her on Mother's Day, didn't even get her a card, left her to take care of the kids, started asking her to do more chores the moment he walked through the door and then tried to change the subject to how great his day was.

  29. Yeah i just hope after this OP understands her wrongdoings and makes it up to him and doesn't continue this emotionally immature streak.

  30. And she also mentioned how her husband has many more Father’s Days in front of him but how can that be guaranteed? No one knows what their future holds. Father’s Day come once in a year and OP’s husband deserved something, if not a gift/card then at least some space and understanding from his spouse. OP is the AH

  31. Could at least have made her husband breakfast in bed, like he did for her on Mother’s Day, before leaving. Was there any need to be at her parents house at 9am?

  32. Right! Marriage is a compromise and I’m sure if op explained the importance of this to her/her dad then asked her husband what she could do to celebrate him another day as well as if there was anything even needed that day to make it easier (like picking up dinner on the way home or something) that things would have gone way differently. Thinking about your dad doesn’t mean you have zero thoughts left for your husband! YTA

  33. YTA - I see so many of these posts right now. I am honestly confused. I understand spending the day with your Dad especially due to his health. However, how are would it have been to leave a card and a gift for your husband? How about on Saturday or any dad before Father's day, treat him to his own father's day. Make him breakfast, give a gift, a card and so on. If you husband is a good dad, which it sounds like he is. You should have acknowledged Father's day for him as well. You state mother's day you got a spa day, card and breakfast. You acted selfishly and showed your husband you don't care about him. You have allot of apologizing to do. Side note- us Moms would loose it if we were treated thus why. I cannot understand how so many wives do this to their husbands and feel justified in doing so TBH.

  34. I love the “I didn’t do anything for my husband for Fathers Day except leave him alone with 2 wild children, even though he was wonderful for Mother’s Day, and he made me feel bad. Please tell me HE is TA”. Girl. YTA.

  35. Literally. Imagine if he went to spend the day with MIL on Mothers’ day and didn’t so much as get her a card. I bet she would have (rightfully) flipped out. I get it’s important for her to make her dad’s possibly last fathers’ day great, but to completely snub her husband and using the excuse she forgot to justify not getting him so much as a card is def asshole behavior.

  36. The only reason none of that happened is because the OP is self-centered. If its not about her wants, it's inconsequential.

  37. I was out of town for Father’s Day last year as my grandmother was in her last days. Before I left for the trip out of State I had the kids pick out presents, cards and a few other things and they had them ready for him on the day. He was surprised because of everything going on the day wasn’t forgotten. OP, especially from her comments, does not appreciate her husband. Even the tiniest bit of effort is not hard to do. ‘Cried myself to sleep because he made ME feel like crap.’…. My GAWD.

  38. YTA. really treated your husband like garbage on Father’s Day. There was no reason you couldn’t have celebrated both your father and your husband. Arranged a babysitter so he could still have the day to himself while you visited your dad. Made him a nice breakfast before you left. At least made him a damn card. Instead you ditched him with the kids all day, then got home and criticized him for not having done the dishes. You owe him a huge apology and you need to make this up to him.

  39. YTA. And not for the reason you think. It isn’t about spending it with your dad, but you didn’t do anything for your husband. Your kids are 4 and 2. They can’t do Father’s Day on their own.

  40. This comment is so well written and really hits all the points I was thinking of! Honestly I agree with you about OPs husband she just sounds like a really oblivious person and I hope she turns around and we get a good update and not her glossing over her wrongdoings.

  41. I’m a father and my wife basically did this to me maybe 10 years ago. It still hurts. She tried to make it up once she saw how badly she hurt me and we survived it…but it still hurts today. And reading your obliviousness made me hurt all over again. YTA

  42. Had something similar happen with my birthday several years ago, I didn't even get a 'Happy Birthday' until after I was elbow-deep in bathing the kids before bedtime. It took a while for my wife to really get how pissed I was about it, especially since she would want her birthday celebrated.

  43. At least your wife realized what she did wrong instead of deciding to write a post bitching about you on Reddit though. OP makes me wonder why she married this guy and had children with him because she clearly gives zero fucks about him. I can't imagine doing something so hurtful to someone I love!

  44. YTA. Especially after hearing that your husband went all out for you on Mother’s Day. It’s not wrong for you to spend time with your dad but that doesn’t mean you get to ignore your husband all day, ask him to do the work you want done and expect him to be happy about having a crappy day.

  45. YTA. I totally agree prioritizing time with your father if his health is declining but that doesn't mean you only put effort into his day. You could have made a special father's day event on the Saturday before for either your husband or your dad. You could have arranged for a babysitter so your husband could get out and do something he enjoys on the day (preferably that you planned and put thought into). You could have at least gotten him a card. Not only did you fail to do all this but you came home and demanded he do chores after spending the whole day with the kids.

  46. Your kidding right? YTA. You couldn't even be bothered to give the man a card. You asked him why the day sucked and instead of empathizing and apologizing for forgetting to do anything for him, you changed the subject. Add to that you gave him no idea when you'd be back, or if you did you didn't stick to it. That's really hard to plan with young kids.

  47. So you got to your parents around 9 am and stayed for 9 hours ? If you had left after 6 hours (3 pm) you could have been home by 6 and had dinner & maybe a cake with your husband. Sounds like you just don't care about his feelings. YTA.

  48. YTA. You could have gotten your husband a card and a small gift or handcrafted item from the kids. You can also be more understanding of his frustration that he got stuck at home having a rough day by himself with his kids on Father’s Day. You could have gone to visit your father AND had more generosity and compassion for your husband.

  49. YTA- you didn't do anything, made no attempt to acknowledge him (come on not even an card? Or how about an uber eats delivery of his favorite treat?). You put zero effort in, and then came home and instead of just being with him you started demanding that he get up and do more chores (which he was doing all day really, as anyone will tell you watching 2 small humans is no easy task).

  50. YTA. I get wanting to spend time with your dad, but I'm sure chasing two toddlers around isn't what your hubby envisioned for his Father's Day. You made him feel like he was second rate (justifying forgetting to get him a card??) and I can see why he snapped. Imagine if he'd done this to you on Mother's Day. Something tells me you'd have had a hissy fit.

  51. That last sentence was what really made her a colossal asshole for me. The rest is already complete assholery, but that final line… wow.

  52. "It was on my to do list and I forgot" translates to "I thought about getting you a card but you weren't important enough." That's what he heard. But then your entire post says he wasn't important to you.

  53. If this is the full story of what was said's nice of you to do that for your dad, but it sounds like you simply decided it on your own, when husband objected you shot him down. You then stayed out for 15 hours, wich you indicate was longer then expected. It doesn't sound like you appologized for this, in fact you gave your husband no slack at all. After him taking care of 2 toddlers all day, you come home around what i assume is right after bedtime, and you a.s.a.p. start complaining about the mess and giving him jobs? I mean, all of that is ignoring that you basicly also just decided on your own that husband is not getting a fatherday this year. Husband could have responded better i guess, but he has an excuse imo.

  54. If I was your husband I would feel truly hurt. You showed no appreciation or effort for him at all. Based on what you wrote in the comments he deserves so much better. You could have left after breakfast or arranged a nice dinner for him. You could have hired a babysitter. You could have bought him a card. You could have bought him a present. You could have brought his favourite take out for dinner. There are endless possibilities and you chose to do nothing. YTA and owe him big time

  55. Yta. But you know what ? You can fix it a bit. Plan a great weekend for him (if possible next one) with activities he likes with and without the kids. (and both days). Get him some gifts with the kids.

  56. You’ve lied in this post OP. YTA. When he said I just want to be left alone why didn’t you leave him alone? Oh you cried yourself to sleep? Boo hoo.

  57. umm he planned for mother's day? but u couldn't do anything for him? yeah i get why he's so upset. i understand u wanted to celebrate with your father, but could've surprised him with a spa or something? get a nanny for the day? or get a nanny take ur husband to the trip to ur maternal home? but whats done is done now, i understand u being hurt too, but what u dod was wrong, make amends, try doing something for him this coming week. go on a date with him just you two? cause he needs it.

  58. YTA. You’re a huge fucking asshole. You said in a comment he made your Mother’s Day special but you didn’t give a single fuck about him on Father’s Day. YES, your father is sick. And YES you should have been able to see him. HOWEVER it’s on you to not “lose track of time”. You absolutely should have went and been back in the afternoon since you left before 6am if you needed to go that day. You also could have gone the day before or the weekend after to celebrate with your father. Instead you ditched your husband and made him feel like shit. You completely ignored that it was his day too.

  59. YTA but not for the reason you think. The problem isn’t that you visited your dad, the problem is you did nothing to acknowledge your husband. You could have celebrated the day before. You know how it feels to have two kids by yourself alllll day long. And then have the other parent come home and complain about the house? GTFO.

  60. YTA. You've made this all about poor you. How you had to cry yourself to sleep because your feelings were soooo hurt. You sound really obtuse and willfully callous.

  61. YTA. So you did nothing for him on Father’s Day, left him alone with the kids for 12+ hours, scolded him for not cleaning up as soon as you got home, and then are surprised he didn’t want to hear about how great your day was? There’s nothing wrong with spending the day with your dad but you literally did NOTHING to support your partner on a day set aside to appreciate him.

  62. YTA You could have done something for both of them, dividing the day, or celebrated with him mainly on another day, made at least some part of the day special, and so on -- but you didn't even get him a card, and were insensitive about rubbing your day in his face after leaving him to look after the kids so you would have the day to yourself with your dad.

  63. After learning what OP’s husband did for her on Mother’s Day, I’m surprised she’s asking everyone if she is an AH. Why couldn’t OP bring husband and children—make it a celebration for all? Or if he didn’t want to go, give him gift certificates for delivery, a card (not hard to do!), or even get him a present (or even help the kids make something special for him.). Did the kids even know it was a special day for their dad? And why did OP have to do this on the 19th, and maybe have done it the day before, on the 18th? The sentiment would be the same, even though it’s not on this year’s designated Sunday.

  64. Are you serious here, lady? How would you feel if he left you alone on Mother's day to spend an entire day with his mom, instead of you?

  65. Pro tip: next time your husband is venting about how hard his day was when it was meant to be a day to celebrate him and you chose to not do a damn thing but complain at him, don't try to change the subject into how great your day was.

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  67. YTA. You could've gone to see your dad the day before. Flip the script here. How would YOU feel if your dh dumped the kids on you for Mother's Day, and vanished for the entire thing? And then had the audacity to come home and ask why the house was a mess, and why you hadn't done the dishes? And, just to add insult to injury, did absolutely NOTHING for you, not even a card?

  68. YTA..idk why you didnt think to bring the kids to grandparents house and doing something for everyone there. You have a husband and family and your kids are young., they cant plan without you. You were so rude to your husband...apologize

  69. YTA - you should have kept up with the time better and at least got him a card. If your husband did you like that on Mother's Day you would be upset. And when you got home and realized he had a tough day you should not have griped on him. It would be nice if you gave him a day next weekend to himself like he gave you on Mother's Day.

  70. It’s funny when someone says you have plenty more fathers days ahead. Remember tomorrow is never promised. I will leave it at that

  71. YTA. I am sorry for what you are going through with your father and I get wanting to spend the day with him. But you treated this as a zero sum game - almost as if you would only focus on your dad and do absolutely nothing for your husband. There were so many different ways to approach this and still spend the day with your father - reschedule your husband’s celebration for Saturday or the week before or after; made him a cake or a meal and left it in the fridge; given him a card and/or gift, or had the kids make him something. You did absolutely nothing for your husband, and doesn’t even sound like you wished him. And on top of all that, and leaving him with the kids for the whole day on Father’s Day (meaning he got no break on that day), you go after him for not doing the dishes practically the minute you got home. And it doesn’t even sound like you apologised or thanked him for being accommodating. I feel bad for you about your dad, but I definitely do not feel bad for you that your husband spoke to you that way. The worst part of this is that you still do not acknowledge that you did anything wrong.

  72. YTA. all it would have taken is some acknowledgment and accountability. He didn’t even get mad at you. He just communicated that he was disappointed. If you had taken some accountability and said “you know what, you’re right. I’ve been so distracted with my dad that I completely forgot to make time to make sure you felt appreciated too. Especially considering you sacrificed your entire day so I could spend the day with my dad. Let’s figure out together how I can make it up to you”. Instead you basically said “sucks to be you my dad is sick so you don’t matter anymore. You’ll get my attention again when he’s dead” and then cried and made yourself the victim. He said himself he would have been happy with a card and you couldn’t even do that. The fact is that you didn’t care about him at all and you’re mad that he pointed it out.

  73. INFO: At what point did you ask your husband how he wanted to celebrate? What was his answer? Where could you have found a compromise?

  74. YTA. My dad recently passed so I understand you wanted to be with him. But, you didn’t have to discard your husband completely!!! You could have been like “hey I want to spend maybe his last Father’s Day with my dad, so next weekend we’ll go out for dinner and have our own Father’s Day together w the kids.” not even a CARD OP!??!! Not the way to treat someone you love.

  75. YTA couldn’t you have taken the kids with you and paid for him to go fishing/golfing/pizza if he’s a gamer. You could of made it special for both of them not sacrifice one for the other. Then instead of being humble for the sacrifice he made so you can be with your father. You made snide comments and made yourself the victim. Wow just wow 😮

  76. YTA. At every step of the way you made decisions that only benefitted you with no consideration for him or his feelings. You didn't even get him a card (btw you get zero credit for putting it on your list). You prioritized everyone but him and you did this on Father's Day. This is not cool and I guarantee if the reverse happened you would be livid. It was absolutely fine to spend the day with your father. It was NOT fine to do nothing for your husband and then you had the audacity to get pissy with him for not having a clean house when you decided to come home. If the gender roles were reversed ALL of Twitter would be screaming about red flags and calling for your husband to leave you. You owe him a HUGE apology and changed behavior.

  77. YTA - I was with you about wanting to spend the day with your father since he wasn’t doing too well. However you lost me when you wanted him to continue helping out after he clearly had a rough day. And then again when you said how lovely your Mother’s Day was in the comments. While I don’t approve of him snapping at you (I almost went E S H) he was probably exhausted having dealt with two small children all day. I would recommend you have another Father’s Day for him another day perhaps this coming Sunday and really make it up to him. Treat him the way he treated you for Mother’s Day, if not better after this spat. For now you should for sure apologize at the least.

  78. Yeah YTA. He planned a lovely mother's day for you and you couldn't even be bothered to get him a damn card. You successful did less than the bare minimum.

  79. YTA. What a way to belittle what your husband does, and then you get YOUR feelings hurt when you did your husband shitty. Yes, you fucked up, ROYALLY. You better make it up to him next week, even if it's just a grilled steak and doing what he wants to do. If you would have at least attempted to do SOMETHING for your husband (really?? not even a card? What a fuckup you are being). I get why you wanted to visit your dad, and had you attempted to make it up to your husband, then you wouldn't be the AH. But, you fucked your husband over, and now you're the one crying because he's (rightfully) upset with you.

  80. YTA. You should’ve took your husband as well. I was going to say you weren’t until the part where you got home and told him to do stuff after you had a relaxing day all day.

  81. YTA your poor husband. Do you even like him? Sure you can visit your dad but you made no effort at all with your husband. You sound incredibly selfish and self centred.

  82. YTA. Do you even like your husband? It sure doesn’t seem like you do. I understand wanting to spend time with your dad as he’s not well. However, it didn’t have to be on Father’s Day itself. You ruined your poor husband’s day. Better make it up to him. And stop being so selfish.

  83. YTA. I get why you spent the day with your dad, but why couldn’t you celebrate with one on Saturday and the other on Sunday? And when you saw he was exhausted it was not the right time to ask him to clean. It really seems like you didn’t think about him at all.

  84. YTA you made yourself the victim this entire post. Your dad has had several Father’s Days and your husband is getting his third or fourth? How hard would it have been to take your kids and your husband with you? I’m sure your father would’ve loved to see his grandkids. You made your husband feel less than and you made it about yourself. He just wanted time to himself, like you got to do, and you belittled him for it. Kind of hope he’s petty and leaves you for a full day on Mother’s Day next year so you can understand how he feels.

  85. YTA. The absolute least you could've done was tell him "please watch the kids, don't worry about cleaning up, I'll take care of it so you can have some time to relax and enjoy yourself."

  86. YTA. It was on you to have a hard day with the kids in the car, not you husband on Father’s Day. I hope this is fake because there’s some deeply uncomfortable self centred and yucky selfishness on your part. You categorically did the wrong thing. You should have taken the kids and had the hard day. It wasn’t your day. End of story.

  87. INFO: Do you actually love your husband? Because it really seems like you don't. It was Father's Day and you couldn't do anything nice for him, despite him treating you like a literal queen for Mother's Day!

  88. Your husband didn't make you feel like an AH... YOU WERE ONE. Stop trying to flip the story to your convenience, he didn't say it's wrong to want to make your father feel good. He has every right to be tired after a rough day and want to be left alone, I can't believe you would say stuff like "at least do the dishes" or "you don't seem to be doing anything" or change the subject after you asked about his crappy father's day. "But it was on my to-do list" ARE YOU SERIOUS LOL.

  89. YTA 100x over. He did some awesome things for your on mother's day and you can't even get him a card?!?? Seriously?? You need to apologize and make this up to him, otherwise don't be expecting such nice things on mother's day.

  90. YTA. I get that you needed to see your own father, but you couldn’t have done something special for your husband, since your children are too young to? You could have visited your Dad on Saturday and celebrated Father’s Day with your husband and children. You didn’t even bother getting him a card? That’s pretty bad.

  91. YTA. The excuses for the disrespect are over the top. If a man treated a woman that way, women would tell them to get a divorce.

  92. Wow YTA. Boo boo he expressed how he was disappointed. What did you expect? For him to clean the house for you while you neglected him on Father’s Day? If you value him at all you need to apologize and make it up to him. If not then cut him loose.

  93. YTA. Look, I empathize. My dad also lives 3 hours from me and also isn't doing well. My husband knew it would mean a lot for him to see us on fathers day. US. We both went with our daughter and were able to ALL celebrate together. Instead, your husband had to deal with the kids all day alone and then get nagged as soon as you walk in the door. It was his day just as much as it was your father's, but instead of celebrating him you made his day incredibly difficult. And to top it off, you're dismissing his feelings. Come on now. I think we both know he deserved better than that.

  94. YTA. Spending time with your Dad on Father’s Day is fine. But you dropped the ball with your husband. You’re worried that it may be the last father’s day for your father, but this might also be the last father’s day for you as a married woman. What you did was selfish, self centered, and hurtful.

  95. YTA - so you wouldn’t have any issue if your husband spent all day of Mother’s Day with his mom and left you with the kids without even a card? Give me a break.

  96. YTA. Huge victim complex here. Own up to the fact that you dropped the ball. You should feel remorseful/or like crap honestly. I can completely empathize with your husband.

  97. This cannot be real... I am amazed by the lack of self awareness you show. Not only did you completely neglect your partner on Father's Day, get angry with him as soon as you got home, changed the subject to avoid your guilt and didn't give him an opportunity to at least vent his frustrations, and change the subject to about how your day was fantastic; you also went upstairs and cried YOUR eyes to sleep...

  98. YTA. The title is not at accurate. Visiting your dad isn't the issue, completely ignoring your husband on fathers day isn't even the worst part. The fact you had the nerve to judge and be critical when you got home to me is the issue. Let's flip the script. Mother's day he leaves you with the kids for 15 hours and upon arrival critiques how spent your time.

  99. YTA - you didn’t even think about him once and all that he was doing so you could have a peaceful day, then you come home and snap at him. I hope you don’t act this entitled on a regular basis. I hope you do a belated Father’s Day for him, complete with at least a card.

  100. YTA. You cried yourself to sleep because you felt bad? Get a grip. What a horrible experience for your poor husband.

  101. You deserve to feel like crap. It would've been hell up in Harlem if he did the same to you last month. YTA a stinky one too

  102. YTA. So no one wanted to be on the road for 6 hours with a potty training 2 year old…… could you have taken the 4 year old? This way you still get to spend time with your dad and you and your husband each only do half the work. You have some real audacity pouting about the state of the house after you had a child free day and left before they woke up only to come home after they went to bed. The icing on this shit flavored cake is that “you cried yourself to sleep because he made you feel like crap” but you didn’t even do so much as 1 nice thing for him the entire day. You made him feel like crap and you didn’t shed any tears over that.

  103. YTA. Five bucks says you made him go big for mother's day but you can't be bothered to give him a good day. You should have slapped some pull ups on 2 yo, sucked it up, and took the kids with you to give husband a day off alone. Grandpa could have had time with his grandkids. You didn't even get husband a freaking card. I bought my hubby lunch and we got new phones.

  104. You're definitely the ass hole. Man was grumbling to you about how shitty his day was (which was supposed to be special for him) the LEAST you could have done was let him vent instead you changed the subject like you didn't care about what he had to say

  105. In all honesty, you come across as aggrieved that your husband was upset at you not spending the day with him and making him feel good, over spending it with your father.

  106. YTA You cannot "sacrifice" someone else's time! Your husband told you your plans upset him, you went anyway, without compensating him for the missed celebration and have the audacity to be hurt that he's upset with you.

  107. YTA. I too have a father with ailing health, and a husband whom I have 2 kids with. The kids and I spent Saturday with my parents so my dad could have his day, and then Sunday was for my husband. The fact that you put no energy/effort/love into your husband’s Father’s Day at all really speaks volumes about how much you actually care about him. I think you cried yourself to sleep not because of how he made you feel, but rather because you realized what a shitty partner you are. Do better

  108. You are so much TA. This is coming from someone who just celebrated their first Father’s Day without a dad. You did absolutely NOTHING for the father OF YOUR CHILDREN and then gave no shits about his feelings about it. “Cried myself to sleep because he made me feel like crap” good. You deserved that. Imagine how he felt.

  109. Practice this, hey kids get your stuff together because your dad's here to pick you up. Things like this, especially since on Mother's day your own admission he made it about you with the kids help, kill relationships. You didn't even acknowledge him, no card or meal or even a wake up gift. And the first thing you did was give them grief over the state of the house because it was him with two toddlers the entire day. Take a step back, and reverse the roles and see how you might feel, especially after assuming there will be many more fathers day. YTA

  110. YTA. You could have visited your father any other day. You did nothing for your husband, your children's father. YTA.

  111. What did Mother’s Day look like in your house this year? We’re you celebrated? Did he do anything special… if you treat mothers/Father’s Day like any other day then n t a but if he made sure you knew you were appreciated and made the day special for you y t a

  112. YTA. You could've done something special for your dad and for your husband. I read one of your comments saying that he went above and beyond and made your mother's Day extremely special. You saying that it could be your dad's last father's Day isn't really a justification when you spent 15 hours with your dad and not even a fraction of that time with your husband. I mean you could've spent the morning with your dad and come back in the afternoon and done something for your husband. It's the least you could've done when he did so much for you on mother's Day. I'm not surprised he's upset, honestly, I would be too if I was in his shoes. Because you basically ignored his existence all day when he's the father of your children🤷🏾‍♂️

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