AITA for letting my teen daughter still sleep with a stuffed animal

  1. Nta. The behavior is super normal it’s her comfort item at some point maybe she’ll need it less but don’t shame her for it… or her uncle. She lost her father young and this stuffed animal made her happy

  2. Also, why is a grown man bothered by a stuffed tiger? I mean, unless it’s name is Hobbes. Then he better watch out. He’s going to get MESSED UP by that tiger.

  3. NTA - I'm in my 40's and you better believe I still travel all over creation with my Detective Pikachu or Stompy the Dinosaur at my side. (Sometimes both, if the mood strikes me.)

  4. NTA. I'm 31 years old and I still sleep with a stuffed shark I bought after my grandma died when I was in college. I have a partner who is chill with it. My family long ago stopped making fun of me for it when they realized it had no bearing on me being a successful adult. Let your kid have her stuffie.

  5. Also, we absolutely do bring stuffed animals to college! One of my roommates had a bed absolutely COVERED in stuffed animals. They were awesome.

  6. I'm 25 and I sleep with my one eyed dinosaur-unicorn hybrid, Dinocorn. She helps with the big sad and my sensory issues. I love her and will take her anywhere if I am relocating.

  7. Would the uncle prefer she find some other form of comfort, like being boy crazy, etc to replace the loss of fatherly affection like some teenaged girls? I think not, he needs to shut up. NTA.

  8. Totally NTA. But you need to tear a strip off your knobhead brother. If or when your daughter wants to let go of, or change, her relationship with the tiger, she will. God, I’m cross with your brother.

  9. I concur the NTA. I am 33 years old and still sleep with a stuffed animal. I have changed out which stuffed animal a few times but I still clutch one to me all night.

  10. I went on a trip to France for two weeks in high school and schlepped my stuffed friend everywhere in a backpack. I wish I’d thought to do pictures with him at the places we went.

  11. Ya NTA. Your brother is TA and honestly sounds like a person you shouldn’t have around your daughter. I know tons of girls in college who have stuffed animals and it’s a common sorority present so no she’s not “too old”. Plus who tf cares?? It makes her feel better, why in the world would anyone want to take that away from her? Hasn’t she been through enough?

  12. So much this! I am 25, married, have a daughter, my dad is still alive AND I sleep with my stuffed dog he got me when I was a kid. My husband never laughed. He got me a small one to take with ne on holidays. I will never not sleep with a stuffed Animation (except my daughter needs me).

  13. Your bro is an obvious asshat. You missed an opportunity by having your daughter march back down, look him in the eye and say "Because I want to. You got a problem with it? I don't care!"

  14. I’m 24 I still have a Love-A-Lot stuffed animal, I have always had one, both given to me by my mom (the first one was technically hers and she later wanted it back so she got me one of my own when I was 7). I have never been able to have a sleepover without her at least being in my bag. Going through the trauma of losing a parent in a car accident would definitely mean clinging to a comfort item, even my therapist agrees it is normal. Hells my grandma has stuffed animals, my 34 year old bf has stuffed animals he’s had since he was little. OP you are NTA and your brother is being a dick

  15. Couldn’t agree more. 36 and still sleep with my baby blanket. It came with me to college. There’s nothing to be ashamed about.

  16. Absolutely this! My dad passed away last Thursday. The stuffed pound puppy he bought me when I was little is in the loft, I'm going up there in the next few days to find photos for his funeral. That pound puppy teddy is coming back down from the loft with me and staying on my bed until it disintegrates and NOBODY will be criticising. I'm 44.

  17. I discovered while moving my sister in law this weekend that her daughter has a Tutter mouse from Bear in the Big Blue House. I gave it a hug for old times sake. Loved watching that with my daughter back when.

  18. I know adults who sleep while hugging a pillow and no one gives them shit. The only difference between a pillow and a stuffed animal is the shape. Her uncle is TA and mom should realize this.

  19. My son's (18) gf (19) has a stuffy that she's had since she was little. I have sewn both his antlers back on and fixed holes his neck in the past two years. Folks should be allowed to have items that comfort them without anyone's judgement. Full stop. NTA OP

  20. I still have my stuffed moose I got from The Hearth Place ❤️ they accept hair donations for wigs for cancer patients and my grandma was going through chemo and went there for a wig and I got to pick out a stuffed animal. I called him moosie and said he wanted to be a reindeer and would pretend he could fly. I was like 5 but now I'm 24 and he's still in perfect condition!! I'm gonna give him to my daughter when she's a bit older ❤️

  21. 28 and I sleep with a plush doll (granted, she's from a horror game, so... bit creepy looking and not ur typical 'kids toy') and a bunch of other plushies on my bed, 4 of which are Pokemon. It's just comfy and makes it all not feel so lonely at night. Especially dealing with anxiety disorders and PTSD. No offense to my cats, of course. But they're less the 'cuddle' type and more 'I'm small but I'm gonna stretch out so you have to sleep on the edge of the bed at a weird angle between both of us' type.

  22. NTA first of all I work for a University and when I worked in housing a lot and I do mean ALOT of students bring their childhood stuffed animal or blankie with them to college, its normal.

  23. Also worked in ResLife and can confirm, so many college students bring stuffed animals with them to college housing. Your daughter will be in good company.

  24. Yupp I brought my teddy bear to college, and it wasn’t a big deal, it’s just another part of the dorm decor to everyone else. There were plenty of others with stuffed animals also.

  25. This was my first thought! I took a couple of stuffed animals to college and the collection grew at that time when my boyfriend occasionally bought me more.

  26. NTA I am nearly 60 years old and still sleep with my tatty old bear from when I was little. Your brother is a know nothing bully.

  27. I'm 51 and gave my very first stuffy (A Pooh Bear) that's probably as old as I am to my son several years back. He takes excellent care of it and I've always told him that if he takes real good care of it, he can pass it along to his first child when he has one for himself. I still get to see it and I love seeing my son with it. :-)

  28. 36 here. have 1 from my first gf. 1 from deceased aunt. 1 from deceased grandmother. sentiment can hold any shape or form.

  29. Not the asshole. I’m 25 years old and still sleep with a stuffed dog that my parents got me for Christmas when I was a toddler. Furthermore, I’ve never had anyone comment on it. Not roommates, significant others, or friends.

  30. Your brother isn't just an AH, he's a bully. He bullied a 16 year old girl who lost her father and misses him dearly. And honestly, if it were me, I wouldn't let him near her again until he apologized and learned to respect other people more.

  31. Agreed! Your brother is TA OP. And should apologize to your daughter. My grandmother gave me my teddy as my first Christmas present and I slept with him till I was 30. He was a huge comfort to me through the hardest parts of my life. He is now in storage until time claims us both. We practically came into this world together and that's how we'll go.

  32. My aunt took a small piece of her blankie on her honey moon. She has some how managed to raise 2 successful children and see her grandchildren into adulthood while having a happy marriage and a beautiful home. I think your daughter is fine with her stuffy. I do hope you both had counselling though. I'm sorry for your loss.

  33. NTA, hi 22 year old here, my bed is a literal pile of stuffed animals. The current count is 14 and I plan on getting more! Those are just the ones I sleep with I keep more sentimental ones on a shelf for safekeeping. Give your daughter a hug for me. There is nothing wrong with having comfort items.

  34. 23 and I sleep with 2 stuffed animals that I got at 16 and 19 years old. I tend to squish my arms against my chest when I sleep, so having something I can squeeze is better for the nerves in my arms. Plus soft things are nice!

  35. I was an RA in college and remember tons of kids moving in with blankets and fluffies that were special to them. I’m 24 now and still have my Stitch fluffy I got in kindergarten from Disney. NTA - tell bro to stop punching down

  36. NTA Oh boy, he'd flip if he learned I still READ to my 18 year old daughter. I'm having to read up on how to make a friggin' podcast b/c she expects this to continue this fall when she's off at college. It will end sometime but I'm not ending it. She'll tell me.

  37. This is so godamn sweet. Readings a super important thing to me and my mom and when I moved away we started our own mini-book club, which was just us choosing a book to read and then chatting about it on the phone when we finished. The podcast sounds like a great idea and you sound like an amazing, loving parent

  38. NTA but your brother is big time TAH. I slept with a stuffed animal well into college. No one said a thing. I'm a well-adjusted adult. There is nothing wrong with holding onto something that is comforting.

  39. NTA - I'm 21 and still have my childhood stuffed doll next to my bed at night. It brings her comfort and makes her feel connected to her late father so what does your brother have to do with it? Don't take away her comfort and her connection.

  40. NTA why is he worried about what she sleeps with. God forbid she have something comforting. I still have my childhood bear and I'm in my 40's and yes it came to college with me.

  41. 34, Currently my sleeping buddy (other than my husband and two giant dogs) is a huge stuffed giraffe. His name is Grape Juice.

  42. NTA I'm 38 (checks age...... Yeah 38!) and I have Brown Ted (I BET you can't guess what he is and what colour he is?!) since I was 3 DAYS OLD!

  43. NTA but your brother is. There's nothing bad about having a stuffed animal at any age, particularly one that has an emotional connection. I had a college roommate that brought his and I don't think anyone ever really teased him for it, and that was decades ago. Your brother is way off base and owes your daughter an apology.

  44. I second this. I have a special bear my grandma got me when I spent 3 years in foster care. His name is big bear, and he is my special buddy.

  45. NTA my only serious gf had her entire bed pretty much filled stuffed animals. I honestly bought one or two because I thought it would make her more comfortable at my place. The only weird thing here is a 35 year old man insulting a 16 year old.

  46. Omg this made me cry. That sounds very difficult to have gone through. Hugs. You are completely correct that they can mean sooooo much more.

  47. NTA, your brother on the other hand is TA. I suggest letting him know his opinion about stuffies is not welcome. Let your daughter have her tiger. I hope she does take it to college with her! I'm sure it would be nice to have while so far from home.

  48. NTA . i’m 22 and still sleep with stuffed animals. actually ALL of my friends in college do. we buy them for each other & they make perfect cuddle buddy’s.

  49. Exactly! I was about to comment this. Yeah, toss the stuffed tiger! Be an alcoholic instead - that’s the “adult” way to cope with your problems.

  50. Agree NTA. Late 30s here and I like having lots of stuffed animals on the bed at all times. The husband just accepts it. For me it was always a comfort thing, and hey: everyone in my family loves stuffed animals, from my teenage nephew to my mom.

  51. NTA. I slept with a stuffed animal in my 30's. Why cares? It hurts no one. So what if she brings it to college, I can guarantee she won't be the only one with a stuffed animal. What makes your AH brother think he's an authority on the age appropriateness of stuffed animals?

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  53. NTA. I'm a 34 year old man and I still sleep with a stuffed animal. Your brother needs to find some joy in his life.

  54. NTA, all humans have a need for comfort. That is a HARMLESS way of getting it. Everyone has comfort objects, even if they aren’t conventional. A favorite blanket, mug, honestly anything that makes us happier than normal when we have it and more distressed than normal when we don’t. She may grow it if it, she may not. I’m 20 and although I’m not super attached to it, I have an Eeyore travel pillow/stuffed animal I keep in my bed. Being a true adult is being able to do what makes you happy, even if it’s perceived as “childish”.

  55. NTA. I’m nearly 30 and I still have my kitty plushies from my childhood. I also still have the blanket from my first ever bed and I lay under it when I need to.

  56. 34 here. Slept with a blankie until a few years ago. Then switched to squishmallows. Why did I make the switch? Because my dog kept stealing the blankie. Got tired of fighting her for it. Definitely NTA. And maybe tell your brother where he can shove his opinions....

  57. NTA, my 14 year old son still sleeps with his teddies from when he was born and I understand its very common. Your brother is TA here, why on earth would he embarass her over a stuffed animal especially when it came from her dad

  58. NTA - My childhood stuffed animal traveled across country with me as an adult and held a place of honor anywhere I lived. When I miscarried my first baby (after years of trying), I put mementos of my pregnancy into a box and that stuffed animal now sits to the left of the box...and my husband's favorite childhood stuffed animal sits to the right.

  59. I'm (nearly) 27, i sleep with two stuffed animals, and my long term adult partner (they call my stuffed animals "your guys")! Shes old enough now to make her own decisions about wanting a stuffed animal, not you, And definitely not her uncle. Even if it wasnt a response to her parents death (my mom died when i was young and my stuffed animals are both ones i purchashed as an adult), its literally harmless. You are NTA

  60. Nope NTA and please don't take it away. I have an old, threadbare cloth dolly that I've had since I was little. I don't still sleep with her every night but sometimes, I'm really glad I have her for comfort. I also have a stuffed axolotle my friends got me while at an aquarium. I sleep with that often because it's soft and firm so it's easy for me to squish around however I need for my neck since I'm healing ear piercings. And I just generally sleep weird. There's no harm in having her tiger and it's very sentimental.

  61. Your daughter lost her father when she was 8 and finds comfort in the stuffed animal he bought her - I find that lovely. Your brother is TAH, needs to apologize to your daughter and mind is own damn business.

  62. NTA. My teddy sitting on my shelf has been with me since the day I was born. He has made every single move with me. He’s seen me through a divorce and the death of my father. Your brother needs to mind his own business.

  63. NTA I’m almost 23 years old and I still sleep with my stuffie from childhood, heck, if I’m laying in bed any time of day you can bet I’m cuddling it. Your brother is a huge AH to say that about something that gives your daughter comfort after such a traumatic event.

  64. Seriously, I’m 22 and live with my boyfriend and when he works night shifts I’m ALLLL snuggled up with a big ass stuffed seal he got me at the aquarium. Stuffed animals just feel nice to cuddle man there’s nothing weird about it at all

  65. NTA your bro needs to get over himself, I'm 30 years old and still sleep with my stuffed big bird I've had since I was a baby. It's innocent and sweet and comforting, no matter how old you get.

  66. NTA I slept with a stuffed bear my boyfriend gave me in college while we were long distance, and when i brought it to study abroad at 19… my roommate had a stuffed animal on her bed as well! First thing we noticed when we met.

  67. NTA OP. I am mid 30 and still keep a stuffed animal from my grandparents. It is not in bed but it is in my sock drawer and I see it every morning when I start the day too. There r way less healthy ways to deal with stress and loss and this is NOT it, not even one bit. Going to college, she will leave u and will be faced with a lot more stressful moments, so why take away from her something that comforts her. That would be just cruel.

  68. NTA, I’m 61… SIXTY ONE… my dad died last year and I sleep with a quilt I made from his clothes. It still smells a bit like his aftershave…. I miss my dad. Tell your brother to grow some empathy for a grieving child (no matter how old they are)

  69. NTA. And it’s not “letting” … 16 years old is fully old enough to make decisions about if you need a comfort object. I am damn near 40 and as recently as a year ago bought myself a squishmallow. Your brother is a raging AH for picking on a teen for still cuddling a stuffed animal her DECEASED father gave her. Tell your brother to go to therapy for his judgemental control issues.

  70. Nta. Your brother needs to mind his own business. I still have my stuffed animal from when I was a kid, so what? Stuffed animals are cute.

  71. NTA. I’m grown with teenagers and I sometimes sleep with a stuffed animal because it’s comfortable. Both of my kids have them as well. What’s it to your brother? He’s being a jerk over something that hurts no one.

  72. NTA. I'm 42 and I still sleep with my bear that I've had since I was six. My husband always complains that the bear beats him up when I'm not looking 😂

  73. I'm 29, still sleep with my plush doll my dad gave me at 6m... along with about 200 other plushies. I collect them and have no plan to ever stop because plushies are cute, cuddly and great for comfort. Just because I age doesn't make them less so. Your brother is the only one who needs to grow up and stop with the bully attitude. It's not cute and kinda pathetic for a grown man to have a go at his 16yo niece over somethibg that is a non issue and not his problem.

  74. NTA, my husband still has his stuffed animals from when he was a baby. They sit on our dresser. He's nearing 42. They're a nice reminder of home and his parents. Your brother is an ass.

  75. NTA! I’m 32, married with kids and I still sleep with a stuffed animal. I’ve even named him and my kids know the little guys name and love cuddling with him too.

  76. NTA - I had a stuffed dog that I slept with from 5 until like 20 and I have no shame! I stopped sleeping with it eventually and it came about naturally. My daughter now sleeps with it so “woozy” is still in the family lol

  77. NTA. Soon to be 30 year old lady, I sleep with the giant Hedwig owl my late husband gave me for our last Christmas together. I was literally clinging to it the other night while crying.

  78. NTA I'm pushing 40 and still cuddle the occasional stuffie when I'm feeling down. There's nothing wrong with it and it's clear the tiger is super important to her. Your brother, however, is a major AH, what adult mocks a child for wanting to have a comfort item in their own home???

  79. NTA for leaving your daughter alone, respecting her as a person and defending her. But a bit of an AH for questioning it cause your brother was being a bully. I sleep with a stuffed animal, I'm almost 40. It's nice to snuggle with something. If I was in a relationship it would be on a shelf or in the closet. And yea, people in college may tease her, but then those people aren't her real friends. And she needs to learn to be differentiate between people who like her for her and people who aren't worth her time. Right now her uncle is being one of those people. Tell him he will not bully your child ever again. And if he is ever anything but loving and supportive you will be having words with him. Now go to your daughter, tell her you love her, that her father will always be with her and love her and to never let a bully make her ashamed. And that you are so sorry your brother/her uncle bullied her in her own home.

  80. How would you feel if your brother told you after eight years isn't it time to be getting rid of all the photos of your now deceased husband as after all this time you shouldn't need them all to remind you of him.

  81. NTA- I am 35 years old and still have the Cabbage Patch Kid I got as a baby. I assume your brother doesn’t have anything left from his childhood? That’s so sad for him.

  82. NTA. I am 32 and I still sleep with my old stuffed animal. Some people like to have that comfort nearby. Comfort isn't an age restricted sort of thing. You never grow out of needing it. Especially when you've lost a parent at a young age, and for your daughter that is relatively fresh. You need to tell your brother to mind his business. She might not 'need' a stuffed animal but he DEFINITELY doesn't need to weigh in his opinion here.

  83. Nta. I'm adulting with a stuffed Stitch when I sleep, which I borrow from my hubby, he works nights so Stitch is kept busy. I still have dolls my mum knitted and she passed when I was 13.

  84. NTA My 15yo daughter is currently on a trip in Southern Africa (we live in the US) and her stuffed tiger made the trip with her; in her carryon no less so she could have him whenever needed/wanted.

  85. NTA, whatsoever. I’m 23 and still sleep with a bobcat stuffed animal my grandparents gave me, as well as a blanket my mom cut from one of her nightgowns. I also have a folded up quilt and three other stuffed animals on my bed that I sleep with every night. There’s nothing wrong with it; I wasn’t the only one who brought them to college with me. Your brother is horrible to poke fun at a comfort item, because everyone has their own kind

  86. She had a loss and the stuffed animal is a sentimental item that provides comfort. I'm 26, still sleep with a security "blankie" of sorts, and my SO has never minded. (In fact, his stuffed bear is on the bookshelf facing us. He's retired, but still protective!) And when I'm anxious, I basically nuzzle my blankie.

  87. I’m 22, and live in an apartment with my boyfriend. I work at a law firm, he works at a mental health care facility, and when he works night shifts you better believe I have my gIANT stuffed seal he bought me at an aquarium last year to snuggle with. And when I’m out of town he has a stuffed bear he snuggles with. Stuffed animals are comforting at any age ESPECIALLY if they have sentimental value. Your brothers a huge asshole. NTA

  88. NTA I’m 59. The blanket my grandmother made me before my birth is way too fragile to use. Yes, I still have it. But, I have several other blankets, carefully sought out, that have the same texture, and, yes, indeed they are on my bed. I’m making a smaller one, for travel. Why shouldn’t I? I’m an adult, it’s no one’s business but my own, if touching that texture relaxes me. Why shouldn’t this apply to teens?

  89. If at 16 she doesn’t need stuffed animals then I guess send your brother over to clean out my bedroom and storage unit of stuffed animals. I have a few I cuddle every night and my bf adores them. We’re both adults. NTA

  90. NTA There's no harm in what she's doing and it's none of your brother's business. It reminds her of her father and brings her comfort, that's enough.

  91. NTA. Your brother is though. Is it safe to say he never lost his parent at a young age, so he never had to learn how to comfort himself.

  92. NTA if it harms no one, but offers comfort to one, then it is not harmful. However, focing her to get rid of it because your brother is an idiot will harm her, and your relationship with her .

  93. NTA I am 27 and I still have my TWO baby blankets AND a teddy bear my brother got me, when I was crying and he gave it to me to stop crying, when I was 6!

  94. NTA. My 26yo son still sleeps with a stuffed puppy he got for his first birthday. Everyone needs something.

  95. NTA. I'm way older and definitely steal the stuffie from my wife every few nights. It's a fun game and holds an extra level of comfort for us.

  96. Nta I have one specific teddy that I’ve always had and now have a load more. If it’s a comfort for her from her father I don’t see no problem at all! Your brother is the arsehole!

  97. NTA. also, coming from a college student who still sleeps with a stuffed animal, literally no one is going to make fun of her. Not one single person has ever had anything negative to say to me about, and I have plenty of friends who brought stuffed animals to college as well. Brother is just being rude.

  98. I'm 25 and sleep with my ladybug pillow pet I got almost 10 years ago AND have a giant collection of squishmallows. The fact that your daughters stuffed animal also has sentimental value just makes it even more okay than it already is. Sleeping with stuffed animals is comforting!

  99. NTA: You’re daughter is allowed to carry or cuddle anything she wants and your brother is an ass for saying something. Don’t make her feel bad for keeping it with her, as it is a reminder of the dad she lost and a connection to him. Don’t take that away from her.

  100. Please don’t take this from her. I am a 34 year old woman, and I still have the animal I was given at birth. She needs that right now. She’ll slowly lose her need for it.. or maybe she won’t. It doesn’t hurt anyone her having that comfort item.

  101. NTA. I lost my dad when I was 15. there are certain things of his/gifts he gave me that I hold when I miss him and need comfort. Fuck your brother and his judgmental bullshit. also people bring stuffed animals to college. I was friends/roommates with others who lost parents younger than I did that brought stuffed animal comfort items. no one cared or judged. there is nothing to be ashamed of. and if some rare asshole is in the dorm room in the future that says something tell them to leave. also you can tuck it some when making your bed for the day if the judgment of others worries you.

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