AITA for refusing to go on vacation

  1. The nieces are not “lesser people” either. Based on OP’s other comments, there seems to be a total of 12 people going on this trip (4 married couples, OP, and 3 nieces). The family is getting 6 hotel rooms. Last I checked, 12 divided by 6 is 2. Two people per room is just common sense. OP is suggesting she should get an entire hotel room (and bathroom) all to herself while the niece should have to share with the other two nieces simply because she is a little younger. But why should 3 people have to share (especially when it is likely a 2-bed room) in order to accommodate one selfish person who likely has an empty available bed in “her” room ? OP is TA! Also, in a delightful bit of irony, if OP spitefully chooses to stay home alone while her family goes on a vacation without her, the niece will likely end up getting a room all to herself, since the family will probably still rent the 6 rooms in question. Karma!

  2. From what OP is saying, it’s two people to every hotel room. She thinks the 14 year-old niece should be placed with her other two nieces so she doesn’t have to “babysit” her. Three people in one hotel room isn’t comfortable; someone in there is going to have less than ideal sleeping arrangements. She doesn’t have to go if the idea of sharing a room with a 14 year-old is so offensive, but she definitely isn’t being treated as “less than” just because she’s single.

  3. Everyone else is sharing rooms too, just with their spouses. She’s the only person demanding a private suite.

  4. No one else is getting their own private space. Seeing as someone else is paying for the trip reducing seperate rooms is a pretty common cost cutting measure.

  5. how old is the kid? And did you pay? Edit: YTA. 14 isn’t a kid, she can take care of herself. This is a mostly free vacation, you’re not forced to go but don’t complain about it.

  6. Depends. You're NTA if you simply don't want to go on a family vacation or if you're willing to go but want to pay for your own room. YTA if you're demanding other people pay for you to have your own "suite."

  7. Well, you don’t have to go, but you sure do sound spoiled demanding your own suite on a trip you’re presumably not paying for. If you want to turn down quality family time and a free vacation because you’re not treated like the Queen of England go ahead. YTA for your attitude.

  8. YTA - hotel rooms usually have one or two beds. Makes sense to share a room. Get over yourself before you blow this trip

  9. Honestly I think your being TA. It’s not a big deal to share a room, all you are going to do in the room is shower and sleep. Literally everyone is sharing a room, why do you feel like you should get one for yourself? YTA.

  10. YTA since you're not the one paying but are making demands. The people who pay get the final say. Paying a small portion doesn't offset the cost for a suite for one person.

  11. YTA. The allocation of two people per room makes perfect sense. Your niece is only 6 years younger than you, which means she is probably closer in age to you than some of your siblings. Quit your bitching, or just don’t go.

  12. YTA and you’re being incredibly privileged. You’re not babysitting. Your niece is 14. Your parents are paying the vast majority of this and you’re throwing a tantrum because you want more. Maturity wise, you’re on par with your would-be 14 year old roommate so it’s far from a mismatch.

  13. YTA- if you just didn’t want to go fair enough - but the “they‘d have to wait for me to get out of college….” Is coming across as a bratty threat to me, my nephew with behavior problems started playing that card at 10-11, now at 13 he‘s upset he missed out on a lot of family stuff because Gma just started saying fine and leaving him behind.

  14. YTA, you're all family and if everyone else is sharing rooms you should not be the only one who doesn't have to because you think of yourself as a queen. As someone else said it sounds entitled. Also saying that your sorority dues cause you to not put up as much for the trip shouldn't be an excuse, college fees yes but you chose to join a sorority.

  15. You don’t have to go on the trip but yeah I think YTA for throwing a fit about sharing a room with someone 6 years younger than you. It sounds like everyone will be 2 to a room and it’s not like you’re paired with a young kid. It would probably be fun to spend time with your niece. This doesn’t read like you’re being mistreated

  16. This strikes me as a 19 year old who is a shiny new adult and mad that she's not being treated with all due importance. It sounds like she's annoyed that she's worried the 14 year old might tattle about her behavior than that she'll be babysitting. The last thing most 14 year olds want is an adult in their business.

  17. Sorority dues, ha. And while you're paying your "dues" and for college......your siblings pay for housing, utilities and raising a family. Just don't go if you don't want to. Easy solution. Stop with the threats.

  18. Info - I can find in the comments that the oldest niece is 14 but how old are the other two? Because 14 doesn’t require a babysitter and sharing a room really wouldn’t be that bad. If the other nieces are younger than her then putting her in with them would, however, essentially force her into a babysitting role. As well as being three people in a hotel room most likely designed for two. I’m inclined towards NAH for now because if OP doesn’t want to share then simply not going is a reasonable choice. It doesn’t seem that unreasonable to ask a 20 year old to share with a 14 year old though. She’s not 10 and in need of supervision.

  19. INFO: How did you bring this up? Because "I am not comfortable sharing a room, so I will stay home, but you guys have fun and I look forward to seeing pictures when you get back" is reasonable, but "I insist on having my own room or else I am not going" is asshole.

  20. YTA, be grateful that your going on a trip. It seems extremely stupid to bail on the trip because you don’t get a suite for yourself, and if it’s such a big deal then pay for it. I’m sure the cost of the suite will be less than the memories you’ll miss out on

  21. YTA. This is mostly paid for by your parents (you even state that you paid les than the couples/other paying family member) and no one else gets a private room.

  22. maybe im not rich enough to say this but usually this happens around me... usually couples get a separate room and the others share their rooms unless they can afford to pay for a separate room themselves. so, this doesn't seem too much of an issue to me considering you are very close with your family.

  23. NAH, You’re not forcing them to give you a suite, you’re bowing out based on the arrangements they’ve made that you’re not comfortable with. If you were trying to make them pay more so that you can have what you want, then you would be.

  24. YWBTA if you went and complained. If nobody has explicitly said that you are babysitting, she is just a roommate that you share space with. If you don't pay for the entire room accommodations, you don't get a say in who your roommate is. Many people your age don't get the opportunity for a free or low cost vacation. If you really want to spend time with your family, you would make this work. It honestly sounds like you have other priorities. Thank your parents for the opportunity and gracefully decline. Nobody really wants to be on a vacation with somebody that's determined to be unhappy.

  25. NTA, don't go if you dont want to. People in this thread are delusional. Why should OP have to be forced to share a room? It's not unreasonable to expect the same level of accomodations as your brothers/sisters. Your parents are very generous, but your siblings, their spouses and kids are already getting multiple rooms per family and costing your parent substantially more money then you are. You asking for one isn't being a being unreasonable, it's being equitable. Just like you, when I was in college we had a huge family trip to Disney world, my parents had their own room, my sister/brother-in-law had their own room, and I had my own room. Every room was 2x queen beds. It was a big family trip with multiple aunts/uncle's and their families. On day 3 of 12 my aunt tried to put my cousin in my room, he was 12 at that time, I was 21. It was a hard no from me. They a got up early, I slept in. My aunts family would of been knocking on my door constantly to get my cousin, etc. It would of turned a vacation into anything but.

  26. Exactly - OP is not creating drama, she just said she won't go as she wouldn't be comfortable. I absolutely get it. If she wanted to hit a bar and come back wasted in the middle of the night, that wouldn't be ok with a 14yo there, not to mention if she brought a date or whatever. Whenever I go for a vacation, I don't want to share a private space with kids or teenagers. NTA.

  27. NTA, I don't see any problem with saying this doesn't work for you. It would be awkward to share a room with a child that isn't yours. I don't think they are AH either because I can see how room set up, everyone shares. As long as you don't demand a single room, or think you are owed it, you are NTA.

  28. Info: do you hate your nieces or something? Don’t go on a trip you don’t want to go on, of course, but it’s hard for me to imagine a situation where I’d rather skip a paid vacation than share a room with one of my niblings of any age, because they’re fun and I enjoy spending time with them.

  29. I enjoy spending time with family too. But I need to be alone or with my wife to have a good night sleep. I would totally pass on a vacation where I had to share a room. I would not get any rest and would not enjoy it.

  30. NTA. Your siblings sharing with their spouses is not the same thing as sharing with someone else's kid. (And 14 is a child, even if it's one that is old enough to take basic care of themselves. They're also old enough to get themselves into trouble.)

  31. NTA. It's not just a matter of "2 people per room". It's 2 people per room that have CHOSEN each other. The married couples chose each other and room together. The children, especially the younger ones, should be with parents.

  32. I’m also wondering why the nieces aren’t with their parents in the parents’ rooms, especially when hotels usually have 2 beds and/or a pull out sofa. The 20 year old could then be in the room with her parents. That cuts down on 2 hotel rooms. As everyone is saying, the rooms are just for sleeping.

  33. So don't go. Or, as you are an adult, you can pay for your own room. Ot you can stop being entitled, suck it up and enjoy a free vacation.

  34. NTA. I can see it both ways. Yes it's two to a room and that seems fair. Your niece is only 6 years younger and if there was no issues prior to this, I don't see the problem staying in a room together. Maybe requesting she hang out with sisters if you need the privacy for a bit.

  35. At 14, all my kids were traveling all over the country with sports teams and staying in hotels with teammates, coaches, and in some cases, a couple of parent chaperones, but all the parents didn’t travel. A 14 year old doesn’t require babysitting, especially if her parents are in a room down the hall in case of emergency. Two people to a room when OPs parents are footing most of the bill is practical and reasonable. OP can decline to go if she chooses but she isn’t being treated unfairly. I don’t know where they’re traveling to but it seems silly to turn down a mostly free trip because you don’t have your own room. Also, time with family is precious but a 20 year old is less likely to care about that. YTA

  36. YTA for your attitude. It sounds like your parents are footing most of the bill, even if everyone is contributing a little. Heck, OP said that even the kids are contributing a bit! (Edit: apparently this last part is not true. Not sure where I got that from.)

  37. NTA. You as an adult want your own space, just like the OTHER adults. The children could all easily share a room.

  38. YTA - a 14 year old is only 6 years younger than you. I'm 42 and I love hanging with my 14 year old nephew and 13 year old niece. I hang out with them, there's no babysitting. Holidays are expensive, hotel rooms are expensive 2 to a room is equal for everyone.

  39. NAH, it doesn't seem too bad to ask you to share a room, especially if you're not paying. You have the right not to go obviously, you're not an adult.

  40. NTA. If all siblings contributed a small portion (same amount), and those siblings have children who cost extra, then the siblings with partners and children cost more for your parents. You don’t have to go, and you can ask for your small portion back. NTA.

  41. YTA. The only person who will be doing any babysitting in that room based on known maturity levels will be the 14 year old who isn't throwing a fit over a free vacation. If you want your own suite pay for your own suite since you're apparently such an independent grown up peer.

  42. NTA. The only ones sharing are the nieces, the couples with their spouses aren’t “sharing”. It’s not fair for OP to be the only adult sharing

  43. How is it fair for OP to get an entire hotel room to herself when a) the current setup has 2 family members in every room and b) OP’s solution of getting a room all to herself would necessitate shoving the niece in with the other two nieces, which would not be fair to the three of them, since most rooms typically have 2 beds.

  44. YTA for starting a fight over this. What's the problem in sharing a room with a 14yo? It's not like they put two infants in your room for you to watch over.

  45. NTA, even if you forget about your own discomfort, they are making the vacation shit for the niece as well. I doubt she wants to be stuck in the room with you (she is 14, let's be real), especially if you're not close.

  46. YTA you're not "stuck in a room" with a 14-year old. It's a family vacation, everyone is 2 in one room. The niece is perfectly old enough to mind herself. Under these conditions with you paying a portion and your parents the lion's share, you accept the room or stay home. Or you pay more and you get your own room. That's how these things work when you're an adult.

  47. I understand why you don't want to share a room with 14yo and being kind of a babysitter. With this said, it is a splurge to get you an extra room when your cousin is a teenager

  48. YTA. Your niece is 14 not a small child she’ll either be with her family or playing on her phone, you’re not going to be babysitting AND you’re paying what seems to be a negligible/symbolic amount towards this trip.

  49. YTA I don't understand the problem with rooming with your 14-year-old cousin. Do you not like her? Is she annoying? I am single too and I've roomed with my mom, aunt, a male cousin, and my friends. (My mom is the worst because she snores really loud.) I have to sort of watch my aunt cause she is elderly. I don't mind though. Your ultimatum is very childish. They would have to stick three girls in one room. Two of the girls will have to share a bed. You get a room with two beds. Or spend money on another room, in which case one girl and you will have their own suite. What a waste of money. They probably should just leave you.

  50. NTA. I think you're right in feeling it's not fair. You should get your own room. You are treated as less as an adult by being put in a room with you niece.

  51. No it doesn’t make you an AH but it makes you foolish to not go on a free trip just because you would share a room with a 14 year old. 14 year olds do not require babysitters so you’re just acting out for no good reason.

  52. Is this a free trip? If so, I’d take it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Qm14 is totally fine to room with! For a free trip? I’d be all girl tell me what’s the hot goss in grade 9 lol 😂

  53. YTA jeez my family can pay for my vacation any day of the year, if the option is that I share with a child fine, it's a paid for vacation I'm in my fifties and still wouldn't mind, they are paying for your trip.

  54. Wouldn't bother me, free holiday, share a room with family, I'd be fine. Only in the room to sleep and wash anyway. If it did bother me I'd be a big boy and pay for my own room.

  55. NTA. I'm an introvert and I can totally relate. I wouldn't want to go on vacation and share a room with anyone that wasn't my hubby, let alone a kid. That just wouldn't be a holiday for me. You are not obligated to go on a vacation you won't enjoy.

  56. Are you having most of the vacation on your suite? Why does it matter that much that your 14 year old niece is in the same room as youm?

  57. She’s sharing with a 14 yea old not an 7 year old a 14 year old can take care of it’s self mostly and they’ll only be at the hotel for sleeping and getting ready it wouldn’t be a vacation if they just stayed at the hotel the entire day

  58. The cost of this holiday sounds like an absolute fortune, where is the gratefulness at getting a free holiday?

  59. NTA. They invited you, they gave you the conditions for their contribution. You are not obligated to accept them. You have the right to say No and stay at home.

  60. YTA, but I hope you stick to your guns and stay home because you'd ruin their trip. Everyone else is sharing a room, so unless you pay the difference for your own room, you don't deserve your own. Your niece does not need babysitting. Your only there to shower & sleep, you're not spending the entire time in the hotel. You don't want to spend any extra time with your niece, this could be a nice bonding experience. Imagine how your making your niece feel that you don't want to spend the littlest of time with her. Just stay home and babysit yourself princess.

  61. YTA. Your other siblings are sharing rooms with their spouses and families. You’re being offered a free vacation and complaining that you have to share with someone. If you want your own room you can pay for your own room.

  62. I mean. You’re turning down a free vacation with your family because you don’t want to risk not being able to sleep in.

  63. YTA. But if you don’t want to go, don’t. Doesn’t make my assessment of assholery any different. You can do what you want as long as you accept that people will see certain behaviors as that of an AH.

  64. Tell me you’re the spoiled baby of the family …. Did you seriously turn down a family vacation for no other reason than you want your own SUITE?? There is less of an age gap between you and your niece than you and your siblings. You are demanding and inflexible. The room is for sleep. You aren’t moving in with her. I truly hope she doesn’t find out that you refused to go because you had to share with her, at 14 she will internalize this. Just how is it fair to her to have to share a bed because you are an “adult”. A true adult will realize that sometimes you have to share. Please stay home so others can enjoy their vacation. YTA for acting like a 14 yr old brat.

  65. YTA man, she's 14!! you will have to do NO babysitting. IF ur siblings would have pawned off a 6yr old or below on u then refusing is understandable. You guys will literally only be sleeping in the same room. that's it. and that's for the few days of vacation wherever you're going. just suck it up man

  66. YTA. You don’t have to spend that much time in your room. Spend that time with your family and then sleep in your room. The 14 year old doesn’t need you to take care of her. It might be different if you were stuck with a 2 year old

  67. NTA for not wanting to go, but YTA for demanding your own room. 14-year-olds don't really need to be babysat and everyone else is sharing. Unless you want to pay for your own room, I don't see why you should get special treatment. Probably also TA for how it was brought up.

  68. Before i was NtA and then i read your comments. YTA. All single people(your nieces) are sharing rooms. You could too. Entitled Brat would be the exact term.

  69. YTA. You can refuse to go if you want, nobody can force a vacation on you, but I don't see the big issue in asking a 20 year old to share a room with a 14 year old.

  70. Everyone saying that the 14 year old should stay with her parents are totally right. Instead, OP should stay with her brother in law while sis watches the kid.

  71. How much time do you spend in your room on a vacation? Just because you share a room with a kid doesn't mean you have to babysit.

  72. What? You are going on a family vacation that luckily you don’t have to pay for and you are furious and refuse to go unless you have your own suite? And how old are you? What an ungrateful person. And it’s not like they are asking you to share with a young child. No one has asked you for babysitting duties and you think your own private suite would stop them from asking? Stay home. I would rather not deal with you when I was on vacation.

  73. YTA - Pay full price for your own single suite if you want to be “mad” about “babysitting” a kid that most likely will dip on you to hang with her cousins lmao 💀

  74. YTA. If you want a private room so badly, cough up the cost. No one else is getting a private room, they’re just being paired up in ways that make the most sense. You being 20 and single means it makes the most sense to pair you with the single 14 year old. It’s not babysitting; she’s old enough to be a babysitter herself. You’re not going to be “stuck” with her—how much time do you spend in a hotel while on vacation?

  75. Info: How many people are in each room? You mention in a comment that you’d be sharing with one older niece and the two other nieces would be sharing with each other; are these typical two queen bed hotel rooms? So is it 2 people per room, like each married couple couple gets a room and all the younger/single people are paired up? Because if that’s the case, YWBTA.

  76. According to OP, it’s two to a room: parents in one, each sibling with their partners in their own rooms, two nieces in one, and OP and the 14 year old niece together.

  77. Yes, YTA. You're acting like a child so it's fitting you get treated like 1. A family vacation is to spend quality time with your family. Appreciate the people you have in your life. I literally stayed in a room with bunk beds and I'm 32 because it just made sense and I actually love and enjoy spending time with my family.

  78. YTA Sharing a room with a 14 yr old is not asking a lot. The adults are sharing a room with spouse. You also said that others are paying for you. Most hotels are set up for double occupancy.

  79. Do people just not understand how families work I don’t understand why people think it’s unreasonable for her to share a room with a family member on a family vacation.

  80. Soft YTA. It’s a family vacation that someone else is paying for. We’ve all bunked up with cousins, siblings, nieces, kids, etc. Most people don’t really spend time in the room on our vacations anyway. And she’s 14! My 14 year-old doesn’t need a babysitter. If this was a vacation with friends or SO, I get it. But you’d rather have no vacation with your family than sleep in a room with someone?

  81. Nope, NTA. If you go it won’t be a vacation for you, since you’ll be the one who is going to end up as the designated babysitter. Also; sleeping with kids in a room is beyond annoying.

  82. NTA for saying “hey actually I’d rather not attend on this occasion but thanks for the offer”. An invitation is not a summons and you are within your rights to turn down this offer for any reason.

  83. NTA because you can choose not to go on vacation for whatever reason you want, but you sound super entitled. Everyone else is sharing a room. Married couples are just inherently sharing one together. You are expecting to get an entire room to yourself, and have it paid for by someone else, or else you refuse to partake.

  84. NTA to demand a suite is a bit much versus a regular room but you don't have to get tossed on the back burner because you aren't married with kids. You're 20 and yes young so you should live your life first. You do have a right to ask for own room for sure.

  85. I’d say it’s always your choice if you’re going to do anything / go anywhere so N T A for that BUT for expecting someone else to pay for a suite for you YTA. If you want it pay for it

  86. NTA. You need to see the real picture here, why they are throwing a hissy fit is because they are trying to press you into the position of being a babysitter, they bought the ticket because they thought they could tell you that you were just going, and then they would have the kid covered so they can get trashed and not have to worry about paying a babysitter cuz they already brought you on the trip.

  87. YTA and it sounds like you expect your own room when literally nobody else gets one. People share rooms on vacations all the time. It sounds to me like you don’t like being lumped in with the kids because you want to be seen as more grown up, but you aren’t acting mature.

  88. I don’t think I count a married couple as “sharing” in the same way as sharing with a niece you obviously are not close with. They are viewed as a unit and are already used to sharing space.

  89. Soft yta. Consider this, your siblings have to share a room too. True, with their life partners. But a 14 and a 20 year old sharing a room should be fine. Why should you get your own room when nobody else does?

  90. YTA. Demanding your own suite instead of sharing with a 14 year old is ridiculous. You’re only 20. Be glad your parents wanted to treat you to a free trip.

  91. Yeah, YTA. Just don't go to this trip because you're not seeing reason at all. EVERYONE is sharing a room, what makes you special to not share? Sounds like there's 2 people per room, (parents together in one, siblings and their spouce per room, two nieces in one, leaves one niece out and you, obviously pair you two together) because you two don't need your own room, and kind of unfair to stick you in your own room completely and make the 3 nieces share. The girl is 14, she likely won't even be in your hair, talk to you, etc. You're acting very entitled about this trip. If you really want your own room, maybe you should send more money to your parents to see if they can book one more and YOU COVER YOUR COST.

  92. YTA. The kid's 14. No babysitting required. Unless they have stated you will ne reaponsible for all the kids, but i see none of that. You could try bonding with your niece instead of complaining.

  93. YTA You are getting an almost free vacation and don't want to have to share with a 14 year old. If you want your own room then pay for it yourself.

  94. YTA - You’re not exactly being fair here. It’s one thing if you just said you’re sorry but can’t go given the circumstances, but it really comes across from what you wrote that you’re insisting on getting your own suite otherwise “they’d have to wait for me to get out of college before [you] go on another one.” Be an adult, cut your losses, and don’t go if you don’t wanna accept the deal you’ve been given, but don’t try to guilt your family who are paying for the trip.

  95. YTA. You should go on the trip and stop throwing a tantrum. You could bond with your niece, spend time with your family, life is short, you don’t need a whole suite to yourself. You have the rest of your life for that.

  96. You are not obligated to go on the vacation but why are you acting like your attendance would be doing them a favor?

  97. NTA for not going. YTA for trying to make demands when someone else is paying the bills. What to be treated like an adult? Then pay for your own room. If you can’t afford it, that’s fine, just don’t have a vacation. This seems like a classic case of cutting your nose off to spite your face.

  98. just don’t go simple as that… your family can go have a good time. nta for not wanting to go. not like your forcing them to spend more money on another room. definitely feel like your a bit entitled though i’ve gone on plenty of family vacations most of the time my room was the living room pull out bed as an adult. when you go on family vacations only rich people get to have separate rooms for everyone. but since your not trying to force them to spend more money on another room and are okay with being left behind nta

  99. Ofc YTA lol ur not babysitting ur literally just sharing a room. Y’all are all on vacation together. Either pay for ur own bed or deal with it. Also why do u have such an issue sharing with ur NIECE? She’s literally related to u.

  100. I think you are entitled and bratty. Why should you get a room to yourself? My single 33 year old sister frequently shared a room with my sons (nephews) on family vacations- despite being a lawyer with a large salary. She would never think to complain- it’s more of what is efficient for the larger group.

  101. YTA, you aren't paying for the trip and it's perfectly reasonable for your parents to not want to pay for an individual room for you, booking travel is expensive. A lot of families can't even afford to go on a trip. I think you need to gain some perspective and grow up a little. You could pay for own hotel room if you object so much to sharing. But you don't get to go on a free trip and then be upset that you have to share your room.

  102. Your n-t-a for not wanting to go... YTA for demanding a suite or you're going to take your ball and go home. Your niece is 14 not 6, wouldn't it be kind of fun to spend some quality time with your 14 year old niece? It's a vacation anyways how much time are you really spending in your room?

  103. Question, are you paying for the room? If yes then NTA. If no, then YTA. Sleeping in a standard hotel room with 2 beds with a 14 y/o is not out of the question or an unreasonable request. I don't see it as babysitting at that age. Just sharing a room.

  104. YTA, you have every right to be the AH but unless your parents are asking you to pay the full cost of the room and then share it, you are the AH if having to share a room is the only reason you aren't going.

  105. Who is paying for this vacation? Did you clarify that you will NOT be the babysitter?? I’m leaning towards YTA at this point….unless you are financially contributing to this vacation! But still clarify about not babysitting!

  106. And why are these under aged children (if the niece is the oldest child, then the others are 13 and under) not in their parents room? Why do they need to share a room with each other instead of booking a room large enough for families to room together?

  107. YTA. It’s literally 2 to a room based on your own comments. You are acting entitled to something you can’t even pay for yourself. You keep saying babysitting but you don’t need to babysit a 14 year old. You just want your own suite, buy one or accept the free vacay.

  108. AUTOMOD Thanks for posting! This comment is a copy of your post so readers can see the original text if your post is edited or removed. This comment is NOT accusing you of copying anything. Read

  109. Do you enjoy being around your nieces? Maybe they could rotate and each spend a night with you so you can bond. Then the remainder of the week you get your room to yourself. Be the fun aunt! Fun Aunt is great. Some teen cousins could be very interesting, cool or weird. This special times can really bring you all closer and as you age it’s wonderful to have fun family you can connect with

  110. YTA - economically sharing a room makes sense as it is cheaper than paying for two individual rooms (as the spare niece will still need a room too). Single person supplements for rooms are also very much a thing, 3 person rooms not quite as common.

  111. I’m not sure why you’re not accepting your judgement from people when you specifically put your problem up lol….. literally just stay home and stop being dramatic/entitled (YTA for that). Btw, just because you paid “a small amount”, doesn’t mean you’re NOT entitled! It’s a whole ass trip! And 14 year olds don’t really need baby sitting?? Will she even know you’re there?

  112. Don't go if you don't want to, but I think you're being a bit precious since everyone is sharing a room with someone else.

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