continuing the break room birds trend

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  2. No badge? No unnecessary safety shoes????? Someone get this bird out of our sight, for he does not carry the Bezos Vision™

  3. We have a pest control company come with a falcon or some sort of bird of prey each week to scare the birds off, pretty awesome to watch

  4. I don’t have a break room bird, I have a fourth floor bird that I’m pretty sure is the same one as the one that lived up there last year since I don’t know how another could get all the way up there as well. Don’t know how he’s been surviving though, can never get that lil guy on camera though.

  5. You're definitely in the south/eastern states 💀 I see these fuckers come nest in the building when we have doors open in winter for cold air

  6. He’s monitoring the yokels who pay $7 for a sandwich and by the end of shift reports back to the vendor about possibly increasing the price even more

  7. At first I thought it was funny but, poor animal He was probably seeking to stay out of the heat

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