ATL2 Walkout

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  2. This is day shift organizing this. But I’m guessing it has something to do with losing an hour of UPT for being a few minutes late.

  3. And us fellow workers that stand is solidarity will applaud them as their efforts are not wasted. The labour movement lives on and they pumped it's heart for a day.

  4. I could get behind a longer break... but why better benefits? Honestly, the benefits they offer are the best I've ever had. I don't mind my pay either... but then again I don't entirely NEED the job. I just do it so I can buy what I want and help my husband by taking care of the bills. He pays the mortgage, the car, and the internet and I pay all the other utilities. I could also get behind no rates, lol, and no favoritism. But favoritism is literally every where. Granted, they could be more discreet about it, but I just go in to do my job and go home.

  5. Sounds like you are probably in good health and don't need the benefits as much. Maybe the union can negotiate an equitable plan that offers more benefits to those that need/want it and less benefits for those that don't need it/don't want it.

  6. Well you want be a robot? Or you wanted to be treated humanly? Pretty much sums it up there point. Shouldn’t let companies get away with stuff like this otherwise more will be follow suit. I’ll be damned if Target starts mimicking Amazon and we ain’t even a union. I’m pretty satisfied for my pay $29hr with your same stupid benefits your company brags about.

  7. i work at sort center and i feel like most of these problems are at fullment centers. and working at sort center has been sooo easy, it is so casual. i can't relate to most of the complaints here but i can see why many people hate everything and want the union.. those rate expectations sound like they really mess with people's heads.

  8. My FC can't even get their act together to offer a very standard provider for our area. Because of this, my health care benefits through Walmart of all fucking places were very noticeably better than what I have now. The only thing that saves it is my family's doctor is in network - every other aspect has been either bog standard or shit.

  9. Hilarious that every post shitting on Amazon gets up voted here, but now that there's mention of a union the shills are out in force.

  10. I firmly believe Amazon needs performance based bonuses and 8 hr shifts. I work 10 times harder than most, yes I know I’m an idiot, and we get paid the same. My body cannot handle 10 hour shifts. I could do 8 without my knees screaming a me.

  11. 8hr shifts should be optional, not the standard. 10hr shifts are absolutely incredible, very few companies allow 10hr shifts and I'll take that over working 5 8hr work days and one of the few reasons I stay with Amazon.

  12. Fr my old job had performance based raises highest i got was like $1.50 in 6 months and it was every 6 months but they were understaffed so i left i was making $23/hr might even consider going back now lol

  13. I wonder when Amazon will have to raise the pay to stay competitive there's already a massive labor shortage and insane turnover and peak is coming up,

  14. Bro the target dc next door to my building pays 24.10 an hour. I've been at my site for 2 weeks shy of a year and after those 2 weeks ill be making 16.30. Maybe not a 0 rate expectancy and 30$ but give me a reasonable expectancy and 24$ an hour and I'll be perfectly happy to work 6 days a week

  15. I'm pretty sure unions don't stop you from bitching about your coworkers ppl. So how about we vote them in, continue working are asses off. Use our hard work and new found political strength to get a head and then bitch about our coworkers when we have more protections, more money and more power throughout society. (Being apart of a union has benefits outside the workplace).

  16. I'm 50 years old so I'm of the generation that if you aren't 15 minutes early, you're already late. That being said.. I feel like them giving UPT in minutes and taking it in 15,30,45 or 60 minute blocks is just a bit unfair. While I'm certain Amazon has one of the best time off policies on the planet, this one in particular is stupid.

  17. Maybe UPT should be used only for time off, including leaving early, and not for being late. Punctuality should be enforced. I bet that will wake people up to being more responsible with their time.

  18. I just want them to stack UPT more than 80 or have it convert to PTO or something I never use upt unless emergencies

  19. Whoa whoa whoa I’m ok with everything on this list except the No upt. Unless ur talking about taking the upt and changing all of it into pto then yes I’m all for it. Other wise why get rid of it? It’s a nice back up in case of emergency’s when ur out of pto or vacation

  20. My experience with Amazon was the same here in Canada. That said things could be better. I wanted to be able to exchange shifts (as in take other ppls shifts that needed a day off) and take on more hours. That's something a union would have been useful for. Also would have been useful for gaining accomodations come school time.

  21. I started at ATL2 so I can understand this a little bit. Traffic in stone mountain is a pain in the ass not to mention people blocking the parking standing around talking which upsets punctual people such as myself. And as far as those rates? They send you pods already over packed then get on you for not putting at least 3 items in a pod or they get on you for skipping pods.

  22. I see some ppl on here don’t want better. Ok, Amazon is ok, but, they can be better. Longer breaks and at least a damn seat at your station isn’t so bad to ask. I work 3 12 hour shifts and 1 5 and half shift. 1 30 min lunch break and 3 15 min breaks. I wouldn’t mind bumping those 15 min breaks to 25 mins and adding another unpaid 30 break.

  23. I actually looked for a job on the portal for being an internet shill. No such thing. I would totally talk shit about unions for money.

  24. Unions will make sure that everyone is doing their fair share and managers can’t just assigned they’re “Familiars” to the gray positions, i.e. “No Favoritism”.

  25. Amazon is about to be the largest corporation in the americas if not the world and y'all don't want a smidgen of a say in how its run? Its crazy countries like norway don't even have a minimum wage because union membership is so high that they just dictate their own wages. Yeah amazon isn't the worst job I've worked but its definitely not the best either. Our entire economy is based off exploiting you for profit. I'm not going to give them a pass just because they use lube before raw dogging me.

  26. Fuck just go back to the points system instead of UPT at least it reset every 30 days if I remember correctly take the shift off gain 1 point if you go over 6 then your fired UPT go negative get fired

  27. As a PIT driver, I tend to get mad not at Amazon, but at Associates complaining about safety problems. My 2nd biggest peeve (jiffy queens will always be #1) is how no one ever respects the 8 foot or 20 foot rules and I have to blare my horn and break eardrums to get mfers to move.

  28. People pointing out the time given is mute.. yea the time is given but it doesn't even out when you've gotta deal with such toxic work conditions. Why do you think majority of people burn through so much time? They are tired of hearing about "business needs" coming before their workers needs.

  29. They Should pay us more. With the amount of energy it takes to work there, and meet their rates it's hard to find the energy to work another job, and we aren't paid enough to live off of. Point. Blank.

  30. im in career choice, and that program is honestly getting better and better. they constantly adapt it to make it easier for people. they changed the limits, they just changed no longer needing vouchers etc. a union didn't do that..

  31. Bruh, these benefits are really good, what are you on? You guys need to work some shittier places and realize Amazon is actually not as bad.

  32. Alot of amazon warehouses are in wierd spots that for most people is the only warehouse job they will ever work and it's so funny how people shit on Amazon....hell when I started working I'd love to get upt,pto, that amszon health insurance etc etc ....Amazon so big and it needs hundreds of thousands if not millions of people working so they made that shit working there so simple and easy a teenager could do it ....yea 15.00 bucks sucks but some people just don't know. Lol

  33. You realize I get the same benefits you do at Amazon. Casinos give you free food ( breakfast, lunch, dinner) and $0 dollars copay on medical. Pensions. 401k matching. This isn’t new dude and you all act like Amazon benefits are the best in the country it just shows the job searching effort in people has diminished and big companies prey on saps like you to eat up there bullshit. Hell I work at target and we ain’t a union but we get paid near twice your sorry pay for the same work.

  34. So no attendance policy, no accountability, and $30 an hour for an unskilled job that anyone can do? Good luck with that. You want to know who the favorites are? People who actually do their jobs.

  35. They pay this much at Target DCs most at least start at 21hr. Mine starts at 24hr to 29hr max. We ain’t even a union. Idk wat to say about Amazon, we ain’t as big or profitable but as long as they pay a reasonable wage and just as good benefits as you. I’m fine good luck with the union you guys

  36. Goodluck to my brothers and sisters down in Georgia, I hope there's a massive turnout and the building unionizes. Cheers from baltimore....we next to do this.

  37. This is inspiring, I'm gonna look into contacting some unions. I'm in Texas so its basically pointless. Still worth a shot.

  38. I've only heard awful things about the AR facilities. Half of my building came from one about an hour away. They say our management might be garbage here but nothing in comparison to their OG site. I can't imagine what that must be like.

  39. I don't like this. Amazon is a life saver, giving us jobs and health insurance when nobody else would, I guess some people are just entitled and ungrateful or can just get a job anywhere apparently. I just hope they don't ruin it for the rest of us who are positive and happy to be employed in the first place.

  40. Amazon is a choice for most of their employees. Meaning they have other employment options. I'm sorry if Amazon is the only job with benefits that would hire YOU. Way to bootlick🤦🏿‍♀️

  41. Probably the dumbest thing I've read. Once you walk out don't bitch when your ID won't work coming in. There's enough people out there to be replaced with

  42. We’ll I tell you dis if ya really do it and I mean all ya fuckers better do it at ATL2 it’ll work and it’ll start a chain reaction if ya really united

  43. That’s true never heard of any company helping with school. Pfftt. These guys below definitely don’t assist with school.

  44. Not sure which locations you guys are at, but Amazon is ten times safer than UPS where I live. I do agree with longer breaks though, at least 45 minutes for lunch.

  45. Amazon is a cake walk. UPT is way better than a point system. Thinking you’re going to get paid more that $15 an hour for unskilled labor is a pipe dream.


  47. If yoi're planning it, it's not a walkout. It's a halfassed strike. Act accordingly and don't halfass it. Walkouts are for when you come into work and something unexpected appalls you.

  48. I'm curious how this will turn out. JFK8 did it too and people are flying outta that place faster than they can hire. Haven't heard anything positive about it.

  49. No UPT is a stupid request. I agree with asking for it to be deducted by the minute instead of the hour though. Time should not be manipulated

  50. People simply don't get why Amazon does that. Imagine it was designed to be minute deduction. Do you think it would have been set at 80 hours? Probably not. It'd probably have maxed at 40


  52. Shit I've been working at my facility for 2 years and almost 2 months. I haven't even got my 2 year $1 raise yet..

  53. I’m not gonna lie, a lot of this is FC to FC as far as respect etc goes. I got sick last week and HR gave me accommodations, no upt or pto needed. My last FC would have laughed at me even asking. So it definitely isn’t company wide for most issues, my FC now is definitely better than most from the posts I’ve seen.

  54. If amazon is paying for education, benefits, & they give a good mix of UPT,PTO, & Vacation and a lot of VET opportunities why tf are you guys complaining? if you’re unhappy with your job fucking leave no one is holding a gun to your head. There is better jobs that have better pay but it’s on you to go find them don’t try and trade off our UPT for other BS.

  55. This is an honest question, I’m not trying to be demeaning. Can someone tell me what part of your building is unsafe? Meaning that management has knowledge that they are putting you in imminent danger and make a decision have you perform work that puts you in danger.

  56. Update on this I work at this amazon and there was literally 25 people out of about 2k that walked out..... this was a joke and they made racist and bigoted comments and basically begged for people to "donate to the cause" for a protest fund

  57. Barely anyone walked out from what I was told from several people. Unfortunately that means those that did walk out now have a target on their backs

  58. I’m sorry but Amazon workers simply cannot coordinate a proper strike for shit. Likely what will happen is like 20 people will walk out and risk being unemployed. All whom will just be replaced the next day

  59. I loved Amazon when I worked there! Insurance from day 1, 10 hours of PTO and 20 hours of UPT! Now for those who never worked there PTO can be nickel and dimed (5 minutes here; 10 minutes there) UPT is a different story! If you’re late 5 minutes it still takes an hour, but it won’t pull from UPT until you’re out of PTO. People used to use their PTO to leave early or come in late then when they really got sick they were screwed! The only reason why I quit was because I was pulling a cart filled with water. It was so heavy I had to walk backwards and pull it finally had good momentum and I ran it into a parked cart someone had put at my station. I busted a vein that blew my hand up like a golf ball. The medical area refused to let me get it x-rayed. I pretty much decided right then I was done.

  60. Told my wife about ATL2. She asked who was gonna be in it and what the plot of the sequel would be...🤣

  61. There’s a reason that the average employment span of an Amazon employee is shorter that the average employment span of an NFL football player (3 years on average). Hard work, no benefits, and an equity-door that only swings one-way. It’s a sadly unsustainable work model - but it doesn’t have to be.

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