Plot hole in Dollhouse

  1. It’s not really a plot hole because they never specify his age in Coven and the context clues from the flashbacks indicate that he’s around the same age, which we know because Spalding professes his love for Fiona before cutting off his tongue. Whether or not Denis O’Hare believably passes for a twentysomething in those scenes is another conversation entirely, but Dollhouse doesn’t really contradict what we saw in Coven.

  2. That's what I was referring too, Denis doesn't look 20 in the Coven flashbacks, they should've cast another actor to portray his younger self like they did with Myrtle.

  3. The biggest plot hole is Myrtles hair, she wore a wig that she’d been “buying in bulk for years”. She didn’t have that hair in the young Coven scenes and shouldn’t have it in Dollhouse but I guess they just did it so we recognised her easily. Still annoying though.

  4. Waiting on a house full of witches round the clock, not to mention the unrequited love for possibly one of the most selfish people in the world, might have prematurely aged him. Lol

  5. Yes!! The timeline doesn’t make sense. They should have set Dollhouse back to the 40’s, that would make more sense for when Spaulding would show up to the coven house.

  6. They lost me as soon as the witches arrived tbh. I found myself rolling my eyes like haven’t we recycled this plot 100 times now, Ryan?

  7. How did you not expect that? I knew those bitches were showing up the second she moved that toy car with her mind LOL

  8. I saw the connection coming as soon as they released the doll theme. A friend sent me a screenshot and my response was that Spalding loves dolls.

  9. wait you mean to tell me that episode had a bigger meaning behind it? I thought it was just a weird first doll episode…I started watching ahs from season 6 now I might have to go back

  10. Ok another thing is that in S3 E7 Spalding admits to Zoe that his family has worked for the coven for decades. Did I miss something in Dollhouse? Was his father connected to the coven?

  11. When she is explaining that they will live there now she tells him if anyone asks he’s always lived there like his father and his father before that.

  12. Myrtle never had that hair when she was young! Even in Coven they flashback to her multiple times and she has normal brunette hair. Ridiculous

  13. Myrtle wasn’t a brunette, she had red hair as a teenager in the Coven flashback but it was straight not crimped like that wig in Dollhouse.

  14. Maybe she was trying different styles? Then when she was a teenager looked the way she did in the flashbacks in order to feel more comfortable and to fit in?

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