i finished all of ahs, here’s the rankings!!

  1. you have very unique tastes my friend, putting cult so high and asylum so low is gonna trigger a lot of folks lol

  2. yeah, asylum was just too hard to follow in my opinion— so many unanswered questions lol.

  3. honestly, the season was pretty confusing, at least to me. it felt like there were too many viewpoints, and for the first half of the season, i enjoyed it, but was a bit unsure, but around the anne frank episode, it went downhill for me. they kinda just left off on the aliens, the plot and storyline was confusing, etc.... i might try rewatching it in the future.

  4. ouch. i liked it so much because it was really the first plot that i could follow and keep track of, and i loved the character development in ally. evan peters did a great job playing kai, which i think is his best role, and i just liked the idea of it overall.

  5. for me, roanoke was the scarist— the extra gore, the real ghosts, etc... especially the chen sisters.

  6. Cult scared the living crap out of me since it seemed so real and plausible unfortunately. Agreed that it's the scariest season for me since it's the realest but coven will always be my fav!

  7. it was more of a psychological horror, and the acting by sarah, evan, billie, etc... was fanominal. i liked the more realer aspect of it, and the idea that it could happen irl.

  8. honestly think that Cult is getting more popular after a couple of years went by the 2016 election.

  9. Yeah I think I agree with most of this, especially the one about Asylum. My friend who used to watch AHS loves that season and for some reason I can never find myself to love it or completely understand it. The only episode I loved or cared for was The Name Game cause of y'know....The Name Game lmao. Might give it a rewatch at some point like you said you would

  10. i also agree, one of the only things keeping me going was getting to the name game episode. i also cant understand the hype for it— i had to force myself to finish it. it sucked ngl

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