does anybody else have that one scene in ahs that just makes them turn it off and sit there for a min? after margaret’s death in 1984 i had to just stop for a minute. i feel like there’s at least one of those in every season(except red tide and death valley, fuck red tide and death valley).

  1. asylum, when shelley wakes up without her legs and arden has that line about “clipping her wings”. jesus fucking christ that messed with me

  2. Yes . I had the same reaction . Many of the gory scenes caused me to pause , but nothing gets me like the “true life “ horrors . I honestly get shivers rn just thinking about that scene

  3. When Doris turned into a pale person, and was just abandoned by her family after all that abuse, it really fucking upset me so much.

  4. The impaling scene in Roanoke fucked with me sooo bad. I remember I watched it alone in my then boyfriends apartment in pitch darkness and I almost shit my pants when he came home immediately after that scene.

  5. Asylum had a lot of those scenes- some even made me cry. I've rewatched asylum over 5 times and it still messes with me. And then of course in coven with with kyle and his mom. And then Karen's death in red tide- that left me shattered

  6. Seeing the pure contempt on the real Butcher's ghost face in Roanoke gave me the willies bad enough that i had to fast forward it. Same with seeing the real Scathach that season.

  7. Agree. The found footage/documentary style made Roanoke feel more real and therefore scarier. Honestly that’s why the end scene, where the Roanoke ghosts are walking towards the house where the film crew is working got to me too.

  8. Kyle being raped by his mother. I had to turn it off for a good 10mins. Now fast forward through it. An unimaginable horror worse than any gore or jump scares.

  9. Freak Show - Meep mostly, but all of those horrors devastated me, I have seen the season a total of 1 1/2 times, and I do not plan to ever watch it again.

  10. The nail gun scene in Cult and when the addiction demon rapes the guy in the very beginning of Hotel...I skip through those two every single time.

  11. In Freakshow, Ma Petite's death, and the freak massacre really made me pause. Same goes for when Hypodermic Sally sews herself to the 2 dead people in Hotel.

  12. Gladys and Maria in Murder house… the two nurses. Not only was it acted out well it was horribly realistic. And the fact that it’s the tamer version of what truly happened is horrible. Although there was another murder that I read about that reminded me of the scene and it made me wonder if they took two murder cases and spliced them into one for the scene. In any case I had I sat in completely silence and paused the show when I first saw it right after Maria got stabbed to death.

  13. Matthew Bomer's death in Freakshow. Also Meep's death in Freakshow as well. The human service girl in Apocalypse. The nail gun scene in Roanoke.

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