No expectations, no disappointments. I refrain from reading about upcoming seasons so I’m not let down. I have no idea what stories s2 will be about and s11. Anyone else not really enjoy the last 4 seasons of ahs? 🤔

  1. I thought I was going to like it b/c at the time I was really into 80’s horror movies but I did not because it reminded me of all the 80’s movies I was already watching.

  2. I’m only watching through AHS for the first time and I’m up to Season 9 (1984) and I honestly can find something I love about each season. My least favourite so far is Season 5 (Hotel) but Season 7 (Cult) is probably my second favourite after Season 2 (Asylum).

  3. I loved 1984 and Red Tide was nice. Hated Cult. Liked Apocalypse at first but it turned to shit afterwards. I actually really enjoyed Death Valley’s past scenes but the modern part was hor rib le and overall it went nowhere

  4. season 7 was actually good, one of my favorites, 8 was meh, didn’t like it so much, 9 is not bad tbh, and idk about 10, maybe good at first but unfinished, probably should’ve made 1 story instead

  5. The last season I recently enjoyed had to be freakshow. It honestly feels as though, Tate and Violet would be rolling over in murder house graves at how bad this show has gone to shit.

  6. I honestly haven't liked AHS since Hotel (and even that's a stretch because I feel the plot was underdeveloped), but I keep watching hoping they'll turn it back to what it used to be. Roanoke onward seemed like lazy writing and cliche story lines, with no intrigue and vapid characters with even more lazy character development. Absolutely miss Jessica Lange and the life she brought to the show along with her characters.

  7. I’ve been watching since the premiere of season 1. I would load up on hype and basically spoil seasons by being so involved in the AHS community. By the time Apocalypse came around I realized that it was negatively affecting my enjoyment. So since then I just watch it as it comes. Some seasons I rewatch, some I don’t and that’s fine. I love the show, but I’m done overhyping it to set me up for disappointment.

  8. The last 4 seasons haven’t been that bad. I feel as though their endings weren’t as satisfying as I’d hopped but I will admit that I was invested up until the final episodes. After I was disappointed by the ending of apocalypse I stopped keeping up with the bts of the show. You can’t be disappointed by something you don’t know about

  9. Least favorite of the last 4 seasons would be Cult, didn't like all the political stuff they just had to throw into it, with Trump and Hillary.. without the mention of them, and their faces in the intro, it probably would've been a more exciting season.. also Sarah's constant crying, and Ivy's terrible motive just adds to it..

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