Why the coven hate

  1. Because Coven is a departure from the previous format. Coven is less horror, and more camp - the ratio shifted - and so it lost those who enjoyed the horror aspects more.

  2. oh my god exactly.... i LOVE Coven its fantastic its the perfect type of dark humor that anyone who likes horror movies would love and its written very well (for the most part since we all know ahs can get messy if you really analyze things)

  3. Coven hater here 🖐 Ok, I don't HATE it, but it's definitely one of my least favorite seasons. I can appreciate what it did for the show and some of the characters are certainly iconic but to me it's not horror and just a little too silly and on the boring side. I can understand why people love it though.

  4. I binge the show with no discretion. Loved coven when I first watched it but it got such a cult (lmao) following that made me like it so much less as time went on. Then apocalypse came out and it was basically a myrtle snow cordelia circle jerk. Great characters but ffs there are way better characters in the series

  5. There’s quite literally a group of people out there who hate everything. Nothing on earth is exempt from the hatred of a few people with that hatred in common.

  6. I think the first half of coven is great and really entertaining but the second half is a mess and basically just a bunch of cat fights and bitchy one liners. I feel like that doesn’t get talked about enough. It’s where the show started the trend of not knowing the story it was trying to tell and basically never stopped. Like, at some point I caught myself asking what that season was actually about because we went through 5 or 6 different plots that went absolutely nowhere until we got to the supreme stuff. It had the potential to be great but imo it just wasn’t. I think the flaws get masked by the powerhouse acting and the fun aspect that season has though and that’s why people love it.

  7. Even tho I love coven I have to agree with you. It feels like Ryan took every stereotype of witch craft and voodoo and just threw them together without doing any actual research

  8. It is SO much fun. So many iconic characters and scenes, with a fabulous sound track and production value. Unfortunately, for me, this was the season the writing began to take a serious nose dive. Concepts introduced early on like the nothingness of death Madison experienced gets retconned a few episodes later to include everyone’s individual hell. Zoe’s killer Vag. Joan Ramsey, an immensely religious woman dies and comes back to life—yet no comment on her experience with the afterlife or lack there of. Silver bullets being introduced as a sure fire way to kill a witch—queenie shoot’s herself in the head with one in that incredible montage and comes back an ep or two later unscathed. Still one of the best seasons, but for me, the very apparent beginning of decline in storytelling quality.

  9. I completely get this. I think I get caught up in the fun of it—the camp and ridiculousness and the cast—and just sort of went with the over-complexity of the storytelling. It all moves so fast that it’s easy to miss the sort of fizzling but now that you’ve pointed it out, it’s certainly all there

  10. I never understood what Madame Leveau had against torturing LaLaurie's daughter either although I love Coven. She told Papa Legba, "this girl ain't done nothing to me" Leveau was the person who killed her in the first place along with the rest of the family and showed their hanging bodies to LaLaurie to punish her. She hadn't done anything to Marie LeVeau then either so why does she care now? In fact she was also a victim of LaLaurie's abuse.

  11. I love Coven.. papa legba is terrifying. The personal hells?? So scary! I don't like the way it was brought back in the Apocalypse season.

  12. It bastardized so much hoodoo and Voudou and Black folk magic. It made a mockery of Marie and turned Papa Legba into a villain or a devil. That season broke my heart tbh and the horrific relationship between the zombie boy and his mama? Soooo unnecessary. Nan shoulda been the Supreme.

  13. It did witch craft and paganism dirty as well IMO. Tbh between coven (as much as it's one of my favourite AHS seasons) and CAOS I'm sick and tired of people who clearly have no clue about paganism witch craft occultism satanism and voudou/hoodoo trying to use these things in their shows.

  14. Really interesting POV I hadn’t considered. It did send me down the google rabbit hole in search of more history on the subjects… which for me always makes me love something more.

  15. I think just because it’s a lot of peoples favorites people don’t like it as much… anytime something gets popular there inevitably gonna be a groups that says it’s “overrated”

  16. Eh, I don’t hate it, I don’t very much like it as well, I’d say it’s a mid-tier season for me. I didn’t particularly enjoy the season going more comedy and “teen”. Also, I think the plot starts well but rushes in the second half. I used to actually hate it back when it was released, because it came right after Murder House and Asylum (my fav season and almost exactly the opposite of Coven), but looking back now, it’s so much better than some recent seasons they produced

  17. I didn't like Coven that much on my first watch I never even finished it but enjoyed it more the second time when I have it another shot. I think it was because it followed asylum which is my fav because of the gore and horror but I really enjoy coven now too

  18. I didn’t hate Coven, I really enjoyed it. However, I absolutely loved Asylum and because I am only new to AHS I was binging the show and I just think that Coven let me down because of how much I loved Asylum. I’m currently watching 1984 and when I finish this and Double Feature I plan to go back and watch Coven again to be able to appreciate it more.

  19. Coven was the first season I ever watched and I have been hooked on AHS ever since. It is my favourite season as well.

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