Why does Roanoke get hated on?

  1. It’s one of my favorites too. Personally I thought the first half reminded me of the ghost shows I used to watch on tv and the second half was familiar to the blair witch project.

  2. It’s personal preference really, some people are not fans of found footage horror (like me), or they didn’t liked the direction that the show did mid season. I really liked it tho, i think it had the best horror elements next to asylum. The story is pretty good, not perfect but very enjoyable.

  3. I agree with you. Roanoke scared me, When I finished ep9 I was terrorfied. For me I think that the blood and entrails looked to real and that’s what made me scared. Normally horror movies and blood don’t scared me, I’ve watched all the saw movies and that didn’t faze me. So in the end I agree with you that had good horror with asylum being one of my favorite seasons too.

  4. It's a bit baffling to me as it's one of the most gruesome and true horror seasons the show has ever produced. I'd have to guess it's because of the format, but for me it's in the top 3 seasons.

  5. I don't know, maybe they didn't like how gory it was or the switch in the middle that it was a reality show being filmed, I found that a bit odd at first but it was a refreshing new and exciting direction they took it in. Roanoke put the horror back into American Horror Story for me, I loved the creepiness, the ghost story, the whole thing was just amazing after Asylum. I love Freak Show and Hotel too but I think Roanaoke had more gore in it.

  6. was one of the darker seasons, i rlly liked it (exept maybe the interpersonal unnecessary beefs between actors & survivers lol) I think maybe it got hate cuz it was the first season breaking the tradition with the intro & in general felt more like a additional spinoff like ahstories than an actual ahs season. but still one of the best newer seasons then the rest. with new I mean everything after s5.

  7. I personally loved the first half of this season. The second half was kinda meh and I thought the finale nonsense and uninteresting.

  8. My suspicion is that at the time, everyone hates on the format. And newbies are less interested due to all the existed hate.

  9. Too slow in the beginning for me. Also I knew those characters would survive as it was a documentary. In fact, I appreciated the mid-season change where the actors and their real counterparts really take the field. Interesting to see the differences between the documentary and the real events.

  10. I dislike they change the style of the show several times in the same season. It got to me cause it did not tie together as well as I hoped. I think the paranormal activity style filming isn’t exactly the writer’s forte. On top of that I just found the characters bland and cheesy compared to being expressive or dynamic in other seasons

  11. Yeah,I liked the characters but we didn't really see anything personal about them or found out,all of them were centered around the Roanoke house and what happened in it,but any private aspects of their lives and personalities aren't shown,some little pieces are but that's it.But they still felt real and good like in other seasons.

  12. Honestly I think it's because of the first half being just actors, It doesn't really pick up or become scary till the second part as u know the first part is just a TV show, its still in my top 3 though.

  13. i personally didn’t like roanoke because of the whole paranormal tv aspect. i thought they did well with the butcher, but with modern day it just didn’t fit in/ make sense to me. i liked how it talked about the lost colony of roanoke (nc born and raised), but it did seem out there. then again it was just a story and i like how creative they were with it.

  14. I loved Roanoke but was disappointed that Lee was the final character left and the last episode basically revolves around her. No offence to the actress but I found Lee as a character very bland and irritating.

  15. No single reason for me. But I just couldn't get into it, to the point I don't think I ever finished watching it. At some point I will give it a rewatch and finish it just to have the series completed.

  16. I understand what you mean. I do have a few cons about the season it wasnt that long like other seasons and felt confusing at times.

  17. It didn't deliver towards the end. I think it's probably problem for all seasons maybe sans Asylum and Hotel, but I can especially see it in Roanoke. The last two-three episodes were quite a mess for me with bunch of idiots who didn't understand what they're doing. It's still good season though, I'd say great middle of the pack with great horror elements.

  18. Its good, but its a turning point in AHS. It kind of marked the end of being a drama series with horror elements and became kind of a horror show first. It also has an ironic gimmick, and I think the cinematography and direction changed from 1-5 too.

  19. It's the outlier season. Despite the typical American Horror Stories excessess, it makes you work for the story and it's very different in approach, the majority of the characters are unlikable, reality TV, etc

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