Let me just say…EXCEPTIONAL 1st episode! My jaw is on the floor because the ending came so full circle I almost wanted to cry b/c it was so unexpected & so good! 🥹🤦‍♀️👌

  1. I would give it a solid 9 out of 10, which is extremely generous considering how badly I shit on last season. Strong first episode, I really hope they can keep it up. Loved seeing Denis O'Hare again! I wasn't even mad about the added lore. I'm actually excited for the next episode.

  2. Dennis O’Hare was and usually always has been phenomenal! 🖤 I was totally blown away by that ending and I see the connections to AHS:Coven! 🧙‍♀️

  3. I loved the ending!! It also just clicked with me Spalding's weird obsession with dolls in the season of Coven, it all ties in perfectly! They clearly made this episode as Spalding's origin story

  4. Thoroughly impressed by the episode. Solid 8.5/10. Loved the tie in at the end. Was so unexpected, but being a AHS vet I was kicking myself for not making the connection.

  5. Between Coby’s telekinetic powers and all of the French references being thrown around I kept thinking about Coven throughout the episode but still couldn’t have predicted it actually tying back to that season so perfectly.

  6. Yes! Coby’s telekinetic powers did give me coven vibes way before the ending! Coven was a really good season and it’s one I go back to often when I’m not watching a new show.

  7. I really really loved this episode. It was scary and stressful and I was so surprised at the end LOL I was so engrossed I didn’t pick anything up but now it makes so much sense haha

  8. That's what I liked about the ending. It could have easily just ended with her being the doll mum and maybe making a creepy comment about getting him a nanny of sister or something. The witches bit didn't feel like it was the entire point, or that the episode only existed to get to it.

  9. This is as good as it gets for a bite-sized lower-budget AHS. People get mad when we hold AHS to a high standard but many seem to do the same for decidedly less ambitious Stories. Obviously, the more we look, the more flaws we‘ll spot but this was a good ep when everything‘s said and done. Nothing remotely similar to season 1‘s troll fics, novel-ish concept, good acting (including the best use of Denis O‘Hare since Hotel), good connection to OG series… I‘m sure somewhere down the line there will be shit episodes, for now I‘ll enjoy the good one I got.

  10. When i looked up the cast list a few days ago and saw denis’ name and it was about dolls i kind of figured it would have a coven tie in. BUT i Kinda forgot about it til the very end, I think it worked. I wasn’t expecting her to be a witch but, 🤷🏻‍♀️. I hope this season of stories is better, last year started out strong and then the ending ones were so bad. The bro house one just left a horrible taste in my mouth. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  11. I enjoyed it, but it felt predictable. I would give it like a 7/10. It was definitely a step up from the first season and I look forward to the next one.

  12. It was more tasteful tie-in than the entirity of Apocalypse. However, young girl Myrtle with that hairstyle was an overkill. She didn't have it when she was a teen. There was no need for it, we would have recognized her anyway.

  13. It probably wasn’t intended, but it kinda makes her older coven hairstyle feel more symbolic. When she is older, she went back to her childish, frizzy hairstyle, which somewhat coincides with her childish rivalry with Fiona.

  14. Yessss same!!!! And when she told young spalding how she got her powers when she "stoppee being a girl" I knew she was going to have some kinda tie in with witches. However, I'd like to know how the whole transport into dollhouse thing works.

  15. Has anyone mentioned the doll’s outfits? The fact that one of them is a maid like Moira, a clown like Twisty - were these meant to be homage to original AHS? I just can’t figure out the others, the nurse, bride and dirndl? The nurse just gave me Nurse Ratched vibes

  16. I actually gasped and cried a little. I’m so glad that by chance I binged coven a few weeks ago. Otherwise I might have been like: “who’s Spaulding?”

  17. What a fun romp🤗!! As soon as I heard Denis narrating it felt like it would all be okay. And it was creepy and disturbing ( the tests were alittle triggering for me) Looking forward to next episode! Hoping it still focuses on creepy dolls, and doesn’t become a coven prequel, but even if it does that would be cool too.

  18. I thought it was a really good episode. Especially for the season premiere. I LOVED the ending. I felt kinda silly as a AHS fan that I didn’t tie it together sooner but honestly that just shows that i was so involved in the episode.

  19. Me, too! I thought of Coven as soon as Dennis mentioned “The Quarter”, but it wasn’t until AFTER finishing the episode that I remembered Spaulding’s doll fetish! And it was more than an hour later that I remembered Dennis played Spaulding in Coven! I totally need to do a rewatch right away!

  20. my girlfriend just sat here going "OH MY FUCKING GOD, OH MY FUCKING GOD, BABE IM GONNA SHIT" because of the ending

  21. It was def better than last season all together. However I think ppl are only kissing ass so far cause the ending (which seemed thrown together but also kinda expected it halfway threw) (they didn’t use the original academy house, I get it production budgets but if you’re gonna do it and make it a well known location don’t half ass) the acting wasn’t that good either. But I’d say a solid 6/10. Cool story just rushed. I understand it’s a 40min show but also quality over quantity lol

  22. The ending was phenomenal and so unexpected! Even though Coby had some form of powers I did not initially stick with a Coven crossover but once it happened I was so excited.

  23. I swear FX is paying people to post positive reviews. When Red Tie aired everyone was shitting on it. Now this airs and everyone suddenly loves it. Maybe I’m living in an AHS timeline.

  24. It honestly wasn't bad for me. I wish they didn't rewrite the story to have the witch ability/AHS lore as it felt really out of place, but I guess I understand why they did... Even if they shouldn't have...

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