Gabourey Sidibe

  1. It was refreshing to see her be a straight on protagonist and not a support/bit player (even if it’s just for an episode), already a formidable final girl in the franchise

  2. Yaas exactly but that was hard to watch it’s one of those movies for me that i can’t rewatch. She wa so authentic in it.

  3. Right? Lol it hit a little close to home with me because I just got a security doorbell camera myself haha

  4. HOW is she 39??? She literally looks like 27 while Max Greenfield be looking his age at 42. Made watching them as a couple so weird to me. Plus they had no chemistry imo but it's okay because of the ending lol

  5. I thought the same thing. I was like "these two have to be 15 years apart at least" and then I looked up their ages on IMDb. I even thought when they showed

  6. I kinda wondered the reasoning on that as well, lol they had no chemistry at all but I agree. It worked out in the end

  7. I had to stop mid episode to come back here and say how great she looks! Also this season of AHStories has improved so much imo

  8. Loved seeing her! The wardrobe was excellent too in this episode, I loved everything she wore. Especially her pajamas, I need some real pajamas

  9. her acting is truly phenomenal. I don’t usually think much of these shows. it’s just entertainment to me but her performance sticks with me.

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