Tate did not deserve a happy ending

  1. I like Tate (and a lot of other villains in the show, they are usually the most interesting characters), but I really don't like that Apocalypse told us he was under the influence of the house. I can believe that the house had an influence on the people who lived there -we saw that with many characters in season one as well- but saying that Tate had no agency was such a bad cop-out and made the character boring.

  2. To be fair (and if my brain is working correctly), as soon as Michael got run over by Mallory at the end of the season, everything that happened after would have been erased. So he didn’t get a happy ending, unfortunately that would also mean Moira didn’t go off with her mother into the afterlife either.

  3. But that also means that Constance wouldn't have killed herself and made Moira miserable in the house. Adding onto that if Michael was killed before assuming his role in the apocalypse Ben wouldn't have tried to father him and Vivien, Violet and their ghost baby would've stayed together. Moira would still be like their grandma/godmother figure and the happy ending the Harmons got in the season 1 finale was restored.

  4. Also people who say Violet changed him…that shouldn’t be Violet’s responsibility. In the last episode of Murder House, Violet intervenes between the altercation between Tate and one of the new residents of the house. Tate should have wanted to change for Violet, not have relied on her.

  5. Thank you, I also really hate how they took away all of his agency by saying that none of the bad things we see him doing are really his fault. Obviously this was only done because of his massive amount of fans and atractiveness but to me this only ruins the depth of the character, also can't understand the love that he and Violet as a couple have when dude's a school shooter

  6. i watched murder house when i was 13 too and i thought he was a scum-bag, all my friends thought he was so hot and i just didnt get it (evan peters is very hot tho, i think the justin bieber hair freaked me out) i also think that tate also perpetuates that abusive people are hot and that you “can fix them”, young girls seeing toxic behavior like that is really unsafe, not to mention he always acted like the victim, even when the people HE killed tormented him on halloween, even when he tried to kill that boy in the last episode! his violence never goes away, he never REALLY learns his lesson. i ironically love james patrick march but i think there’s a difference, jpm is so obviously a bad person and i, and i hope others, know that, but with tate the lines really blur into misunderstood. he’s a well written character for sure

  7. you won the teenage years then if you didnt think he was 'so hot.' I unfortunately fell victim to the justin bieber hair cut lol.

  8. People take it so literally. The point is that even the most fucked up people are capable of loving and being loved. Love transcends.

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