Thoughts on American horror stories

  1. I could not stand the video game episode. I am not a fan of that meta shit they did. I am not a fan of meta most of the time. Same with breaking the 4th wall.

  2. Being a huge fan of goosebumps growing up, I really loved the direction of season 2. I didn’t like all of them but 80% were very good and I would rewatch in a few months. To me they’re suppose to be slightly cheesy but in a more mature way.

  3. So far season 2 is miles better than season 1 but those endings need work. If they do a season 3 I hope they stop rushing in twists

  4. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result - and that is me getting excited for a new episode of ahstories thinking it'll be better this time

  5. To me it’s a separate show from AH Story. They’re interesting if you need something else to watch, and I like how they have AH story themes.

  6. I randomly keep having thoughts about it and they’re not positive… Necro popped in my head the other day and I was just like boy I wish I could Unwatch that

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